Wheaton Precious Metals Review

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Wheaton Precious Metals Corporation is a mining company engaged in the sales of most precious metals & cobalt production. They operate through the following segments: Gold, Silver, Palladium, Cobalt, and Others. Their focus on the following precious metals streams: Salobo, Penasquito, Antamina, Constancia, Stillwater, San Dimas, Sudhury, Zinkgruvan, Yauliyacu, Neves-Corvo, Pascua-Lama, Rosemont, Voisey’s Bay, and others.

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Wheaton Precious Metal Goal

Wheaton’s primary goal is to provide value to investors, partners, and stakeholders by delivering low-risk diversified exposure and opportunities to grow as a precious metals investor. This precious metals streaming company’s business model aims to increase investor and partner value by acquiring new precious metal streams, improving dividend yield with growth potential and spreading out mining operation exploration within the parameters of current contracts. Wheaton can provide these benefits while mitigating traditional mining companies’ risks by forecasting operating costs in the coming years.


  • You can store your precious metals when you invest with Wheaton.
  • The business offers excellent digital tools.
  • Wheaton Precious Metals is one of the biggest in the precious metals sector.
  • It currently has contracts with 24 mining companies.
  • The company has a significant number of assets, a high operating cash flow, and is presently worth more than $20 billion.
  • It has proved to be a good business for precious metals investments.
  • Streaming companies often have predictable costs, which makes them an attractive investment option.
  • Wheaton Precious Metals receives a steady stream of income.
  • It has received mostly positive customer reviews.


  • Wheaton Corp’s revenue is based on the activities of affiliated mining companies.
  • Investing in a streaming organization like Wheaton Precious Metals does not directly offer the security of investments in precious metals.
  • Volatility in the precious metals sector may expose you to risks.
  • Price fluctuations and geopolitical aspects influence the company’s success.

Understanding Wheaton Precious Metals Corp

Wheaton Precious Metals International Ltd. is a precious American metal streaming company. It is based in Vancouver, Canada, and has mining operations. Acquires precious metal streams from mining operators by paying upfront for a fixed amount of metal produced. The metals are sold at market price or slightly above to generate a profit without taking ownership or running operations. Wheaton’s partners are financing and operating their respective precious metal mines, from which Wheaton can purchase metal streams. Wheaton Cobalt International Inc., which has partnerships with leading cobalt producers worldwide, also operates a cobalt streaming business.

Acquiring New Income Streams

Wheaton’s business strategy revolves around acquiring new precious metal streams, increasing yield, and expanding mining operations while adhering to the terms of their existing contracts. Over the years, they have developed many new precious metal streams, including a recent streaming interest in Silver Wheaton Corp., a significant silver producer with plans to expand its gold portfolio. It also continues to increase its dividend yield to shareholders by acquiring and renewing existing contracts for a better return. Wheaton’s expansion initiatives are assisting it in broadening its precious metal portfolio and providing investors with higher returns.

Wheaton Precious Metals is an industry leader in mining and precious metals streaming. Working in the sector since 2004, it provides its partners with reliable, long-term financial stability and access to the latest technology to experience modern browser-based operations.

Market Cap of Over $20 Billion

Wheaton Precious Metals’ value has risen over time and has a market capitalization of $ 20.099 billion. They currently have multiple revenue streams and a large market capitalization, as seen on exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

These income streams are obtained by paying a one-time fee and receiving additional payments once the metal has been received. The company has lofty ambitions to become the world’s largest ‘precious metals investment vehicle.’ The Franco-Nevada Corporation currently holds this title.

Reason Why Wheaton Is Better?

Leading Company

Wheaton Precious Metals Corp is regarded as one of the world’s leading precious metals streaming firms. They boast a diverse and high-quality portfolio of low-cost, long-life assets. The company’s business model leverages commodity values and exploration upside but with a lower risk profile than a traditional mining company.

Wheaton has one of the highest cash operating margins in the mining industry, allowing it to pay a very competitive dividend and continue to grow through accretive acquisitions. As a result, the company consistently outperforms silver, gold, and other mining investments. Wheaton Precious Metals creates long-term value through streaming.

The company has streaming contracts for twenty-four operating mines and eight development-stage projects. The company’s production profile is motivated by a variety of long-life, low-cost assets, including a silver stream on Newmont’s Penasquito mine and Glencore’s Antamina, as well as a gold stream on Vale’s Salobo mine.

No Direct Daily Expenses or Cost

Wheaton is only concerned with arranging, coordinating, and carrying out these streaming and royalty deals, not with the day-to-day operations of its chosen mines. That, except for increasing the capital required to fund the transactions, Wheaton has the lowest overhead expenses.

In the first quarter, the company only reported $7.9 million in administrative and general costs, along with $6.4 million in interest costs. $14 million in available corporate costing, as opposed to $198 million in reportable precious metals sales, is a meager ratio compared to conventional mining firms. One of the many reasons Wheaton has the highest marginal rates in the industry.

Multiple Streaming and Royalty Deals

Adding to the foundation, the company has many royalty and streaming partners, indicating that the manufacturing woes at one mine will not cripple its bottom or top line. Furthermore, many deals suggest that they will be completed in stages rather than all at once.

For example, Primero Mining’s San Dimas mine was closed due to a strike from the second week of February to the second week of April. San Dimas is regarded as one of the company’s many silver-producing mines. Even though the strike only lasted 120 days, it impacted the company’s Q1 silver production. On the other hand, the Vales Sudbury mine provides a significant increase in gold production with a 91% ratio, and the Salobo mine offers a substantial increase in gold production with a 38% ratio. In addition to high realized values, having many deals in places allows the company to avoid being burdened by low output at a single mine.

Enhanced Diversity Production

Another feature that investors are likely to appreciate is that this company has improved and diversified its manufacturing in recent years. Wheaton expects to make slightly more than half of its profit this year from selling precious metals such as silver. Previously, this figure would have been much higher. On the other hand, Wheaton has recently filled the void by producing gold.

Community Involvement of Wheaton

The company is committed to employing a diverse workforce and fostering a respectful and safe work environment. Officers and staff are treated equally regardless of race, age, gender, sex, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, political beliefs, or color. Wheaton promised to foster an environment that encourages diversity to increase efficiency and effectiveness. They also offer job and advancement opportunities based on performance and capability in their recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, compensation, and termination processes.

Environmental Sustainability

Mining operations are harmful to the environment. However, the company is committed to being a carbon-neutral streaming company, which is a practical and hands-on approach to reducing its environmental footprint. They also generate climate change data and greenhouse gas reports through the CDP or Carbon Disclosure Project. They have aligned sustainability reporting with the recommendations of TCFD or the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures.

The company also believes that energy production and mining are critical factors that may influence climate change, which is the company’s primary focus areas. Knowing that evaluating climate risks is essential for mining streaming operations, the company searches for potential hazards related to its mining agreements. Wheaton works to mitigate the environmental impacts of business-related climate change by enacting policy changes where feasible and necessary. Before entering new contracts, the company employs various techniques to identify and evaluate short- and long-term climate risks.

Waste management is a persistent local and international environmental issue in the mining industry. Tailings, the waste product left over after extracting precious metals from raw materials, must be appropriately disposed of due to the long-term toxic hazard of water and ground contamination. The company takes a harsh approach to waste management. It researches to ensure that any potential design threats or issues at tailings facilities are identified and resolved by outside and in-house professionals.

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Wheaton Precious Metals Corporation Financials Data

Examining a company’s financial data is an excellent way to determine whether it is wise to invest in it. Fortunately, Wheaton Precious Metals has an impressive market cap and shows promising investment returns.

The company pays out regular dividends. It has a market capitalization of $20.099 billion, an EPS rate of $1.28, and a price-earnings (P/E) ratio of 34.97. In terms of liquidity, the daily average number of shares traded is 2,054,300, allowing most investors to enter and exit this business quickly.

Its 52-week trading range is $34.85 to $57.89, implying that some volatility is to be expected. It’s also worth noting that the organization pays a set price for metals. As a result, any increase in metal prices results in an immediate increase in revenue and earnings.

What Products Does Wheaton Precious Metals Receive from Mining Companies?

Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. receives metals and other assets from its mining partners. Metals such as gold, palladium, platinum, copper, and silver are examples. Wheaton Corp. also invests in zinc and cobalt mines, among other things.

The mining company engages with Wheaton Precious Metal. It exposes investors to the financial benefits of metal prices through its portfolio of streams and royalties on some of the world’s most prolific mines.

Trading and Buying Wheaton Precious Metals

Metal producers can also directly buy and sell precious metals, with prices set by the manufacturers or trade associations. Rare or expensive metals are not publicly traded and are obtained through personal and exclusive arrangements with the metal manufacturer.

Remember that a streaming company’s stock price is based on its expected performance, not its precious metals.


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Final Thought – Wheaton Precious Metal Review

Wheaton Precious Metals Corporation is a long-standing player in the precious metals industry and has provided customers with metal streaming services for many years. Wheaton generates revenue from fixed payments on metal sales, providing investors with a consistent income stream. Wheaton also offers digital tools to customers and has an impressive asset base, significant operating cash flow, and a market capitalization of more than $20 billion. Wheaton has consistently received positive customer feedback, demonstrating its dedication to quality and service.

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