Nick Woodman Net Worth

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While surfing in Australia and Indonesia, Nick Woodman experienced a “light-bulb” moment of inspiration that led to the development of the GoPro. Since its introduction in 2002, the action camera from the tech company has been utilized for entertainment and sporting activities. In 2015, Woodman had amassed a billion-dollar fortune in technology and appeared as a “guest shark” on ABC’s Shark Tank. Sadly, since then, the value of GoPro’s stock has drastically decreased.

The team at Sophisticated Investor decided to respond to the query, “How much is Nick Woodman worth?” They created a profile on Woodman utilizing all information that was openly accessible.

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They employed all the resources at their disposal to estimate the likely range of Mr. Woodman’s net worth, but all of the figures supplied are estimations and only partially dependable.

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What is Nick Woodman’s Net Worth?

Research suggests that Nick Woodman will have a net worth of almost $900 million in 2021. This estimate fits what experts believe to be plausible and is based on publicly available appraisals.

Woodman reportedly had a net worth of $1.75 billion in 2015 and held 36% of the shares of GoPro. The stock price was higher back then than in 2021, and Forbes said that Woodman had left the list of billionaires by 2016.

Nick Woodman Biography

Nicholas Woodman was born on June 24, 1975, in Menlo Park and Atherton, California. He is the offspring of the late Dean Woodman, an investment banker in Silicon Valley and a co-founder of the financial services company Robertson Stephens. Nick earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, San Diego, in 1997.

After graduating, he tried his hand at two business enterprises, but they failed. He got the idea for the GoPro camera while on a protracted surfing tour to Australia and Indonesia. After realizing there was a market for a lightweight camera to capture action photography, Woodman developed a prototype with a strap that could be attached to anything, including human bodies.

His father gave him $200,000 in 2002 to start Woodman Labs Inc., subsequently known as GoPro. When it went public in June 2014, it raised nearly $427 million for $24 per share and had a market value of $2.95 billion, making Woodman a billionaire in 2015. As a result, he was invited to participate as a guest shark on Shark Tank, an ABC show in its sixth season. However, the show’s revenues declined within a year, and its stock price fell dramatically.

How Did Nick Woodman Build His Wealth?

Nick Woodman owns almost a third of the shares of GoPro, which is where much of his fortune comes from. Despite a history of poor performance, the company has recently experienced spectacular growth due to rising stock prices.

ReelSteady, a firm that creates picture stabilization software, was purchased by GoPro in March 2020.

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How is Nick Woodman’s Net Worth Calculated?

It is generally possible to determine Woodman’s net worth because most of his money depends on GoPro’s success. As a publicly traded company, GoPro is required to report its financial information in compliance with SEC guidelines. A celebrity’s fortune often consists mainly of publicly reported share ownership, used to estimate their net worth.

The available assets of the individual (such as homes, yachts, and aircraft) are added to these disclosures, and any publicly disclosed debts are deducted from the total to get an approximation. This is how Nick Woodman’s estimated net worth of $900 million came to be.

Who Else Invest Like Nick Woodman?

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Want to Invest Like Nick Woodman?

For most investors, achieving a net worth comparable to Nick Woodman’s may be an impossible dream. However, you may still get started with aggressive investing by diversifying your portfolio with non-stock market assets.

By opening a self-directed IRA, you can build a portfolio that increases in value on a tax-exempt or deferred tax basis. Doing so allows you to invest in several asset types with substantial upsides that aren’t accessible through standard brokerage accounts. Read our assessments of the Bitcoin and precious metals IRAs for further details on accumulating long-term tax-free riches.

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Pros and Cons of Nick Woodman’s Net Worth


  • Reputation for developing successful business empires.
  • Multiple asset classes and a highly diversified portfolio.
  • Chance to invest in alternatives with significant upside that aren’t accessible through traditional brokerage accounts.
  • The ability to use a self-directed IRA to build long-term, tax-free wealth.


  • Sizable initial commitment and financial skills.
  • Risk of losing money on investments because of market volatility.

Final Thought – Nick Woodman Net Worth

To have the same level of financial success as Nick Woodman, one must have a thorough grasp of the investment environment, a reliable risk-management plan, and a diversified portfolio comprising many asset classes. However, with careful planning and wise investing, anyone can develop long-term tax-free wealth, like Nick Woodman.

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