Best Gold IRA Companies

A gold IRA (individual retirement account) is a tax-advantaged retirement account and an investment vehicle. There are many benefits of having a gold IRA and we will go over the best gold IRA companies so you can decide which company is the best for you.

Our process for rating these companies are customer reviews, fees, price of gold, and customer service experience.







Augusta Precious Metals

4.9 Star Rating


Excellent – and up to 10 years fees paid


American Hartford Gold Group

4.8 Star Rating


Great Price



4.6 Star Rating


Great – 10K Free Silver*


Birch Gold Group

4.5 Star Rating



Augusta Precious Metals

Rank #1

4.9 Star Rating


Excellent – and up to 10 years fees paid

American Hartford Gold

Rank #2

4.8 Star Rating


Great Price


Rank #3

4.6 Star Rating


Great – 10K Free Silver*

Birch Gold Group

Rank #4

4.5 Star Rating



Best Gold IRA Companies Reviews

There are many precious metals IRA companies out there to invest with, so to narrow down your search a little bit, here are the top 4 best gold IRA companies:

Augusta Precious Metals: Editor’s Choice – Top Precious Metals IRA Company (4.9/5)

Augusta Precious Metals


  • Preserve Gold takes pride in its flawless record with a history of zero complaints from satisfied customers.
  • The company has secured an impressive A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), demonstrating their unwavering commitment to excellence.
  • They offer a transparent, low-cost fee structure, ensuring clients are fully aware of all costs involved.
  • Customers can explore a diverse range of gold and silver coins, presenting excellent opportunities for portfolio diversification.
  • Preserve Gold prioritizes customer education, offering valuable resources and data to help clients make informed investment decisions.
  • The company’s expert team simplifies the process of opening an IRA by guiding clients through the necessary paperwork.
  • Clients can benefit from a special promotion that waives fees for the first ten years, maximizing returns without any hidden expenses.


  • The options for investing in palladium and platinum are somewhat limited.
  • Currently, the company does not offer shipping options for international orders.

Precious Metals Available

  • Silver
  • Palladium
  • Platinum
  • Gold

Minimum Investment

  • $50,000

Company Background

Augusta Precious Metals IRA stands out as a reputable company dedicated to assisting investors diversify their retirement savings via a Precious Metals Individual Retirement Account (IRA). They demystify financial complexities and enlighten investors about the advantages of precious metals IRA accounts and the best gold IRAs, offering peace of mind for retirement planning.

By partnering with Augusta, investors receive guidance from a committed team of gold and silver specialists, providing the necessary resources to effectively diversify their savings. Augusta positions itself not just as a seller of gold and silver products, but as a personal ally throughout this journey.

With frequent updates on economic news and exclusive offers, Augusta places a high value on customer education and informed decision-making. They work hand in hand with some of the best gold IRA companies, ensuring a seamless process backed by industry expertise.

Augusta’s educational department, spearheaded by a Harvard-educated economic analyst, illustrates how their IRA adds diversity and stability to your savings. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their stellar ratings on platforms like Trustpilot, BBB, Google, and Consumer Affairs.

The leadership team at Augusta includes visionary Isaac Nuriani, strategic thinker Devlyn Steele, and trusted advisor Howard Smith. Their combined efforts inspire confidence and trust.

At its core, Augusta champions transparency, simplicity, and superior service. They offer clear information, streamline the process, and provide tailored support. Augusta is dedicated to empowering clients to confidently navigate the realm of precious metals investment.

Consider Augusta Precious Metals IRA Company for a trusted partner that provides expertise, resources, and personalized assistance in precious metals investing and retirement planning.

American Hartford Gold: Runner up – Best Price for Bullion (4.8/5)

American Hartford Gold


  • The company offers highly competitive prices on gold and silver bullion, especially during their special promotions.
  • They provide free and fast shipping on all purchases.
  • Customers can receive up to $10,000 worth of complimentary silver when opening eligible accounts.
  • For an additional fee, they offer storage in a secure depository.
  • Their website is a treasure trove of useful instructional resources for investors.
  • The entry point for investment is low, making it accessible for many.


  • Transaction waiting times can be longer than expected.
  • Pricing information is not readily available online.
  • Currently, they do not offer shipping services outside the United States.

Precious Metals Available

  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Palladium
  • Gold

Minimum Investment

  • $10,000

Company Background

Meet American Hartford Gold, your reliable partner in the world of precious metals investments. They offer the flexibility of purchasing precious metals for physical delivery or including them in your retirement accounts like IRAs, 401Ks, and TSPs. With an impressive A+ rating from the BBB and recognition as the #1 Gold Company by Inc. 5000, they stand behind their promise of satisfaction.

American Hartford Gold, the country’s largest retailer of gold and silver, has successfully delivered over $2 billion in precious metals since 2015.

Their focus on educating clients and promoting portfolio diversification has led to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Recently, they’ve seen a remarkable 400% increase in sales.

CEO Sanford Mann proudly states, “AHG is thrilled to surpass the $2 billion mark in delivering precious metals. They continue to cater to the escalating demand for safe-haven assets and protect retirement funds amidst economic uncertainty. As an industry leader, AHG is ready to expand its market share with superior products, a robust brand, and a skilled team.”

Their Services:

  • Customized Solutions: As one of the best gold IRA companies, they offer Precious Metals IRAs, Gold and Silver IRA Rollovers, and Physical Delivery.
  • Stay Informed: Gain access to live precious metals charts, compare prices, and keep in touch with an account representative.

Their Commitment:

  • Dedicated Service: Their Product Specialists and Client Service Staff are always ready to assist you.
  • Transparent Pricing: Enjoy competitive rates, updated in real-time.
  • Market Knowledge: Leverage expert insights for informed investment decisions.
  • Buyback Commitment: Benefit from a straightforward liquidation process with no hidden fees.
  • Quality Shipping: They ensure the integrity of metals during transit.
  • Privacy Assurance: Expect discreet shipping and non-disclosure of purchases or sales.
  • Clarity: Experience transparent costs and fees, along with a personalized confirmation process.

Invest with confidence. Choose American Hartford Gold, one of the best gold IRA companies, for a secure future with a precious metals IRA company.

Goldco: Best and Most Trusted Gold IRA Company Overall (4.6/5)


Here’s what we like most about Goldco:

  • We’re big fans of Goldco’s eco-friendly, paperless account opening feature.
  • With 4,499 five-star reviews, the success of Goldco is clear for everyone to see.
  • The company boasts a significant achievement – sales exceeding $1 billion in precious metals IRA.
  • There’s an exciting opportunity at Goldco: open a qualifying account and you might just land yourself $10,000 in free silver.
  • A vast array of high-quality gold bars and coins await you at Goldco, offering a diverse selection for investors.
  • If you need help with gold IRA rollovers, Goldco has got you covered.
  • High-profile endorsements for Goldco come from none other than Chuck Norris, Ben Stein, and Sean Hannity.

Precious Metals Available

  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Silver
  • Gold

Minimum Investment

  • $25,000

Company Background

When it comes to gold IRA services, Goldco stands out as a top choice. With more than 15 years of experience, they’ve successfully helped customers transition their existing IRAs and 401(k)s into gold via a precious metals IRA company.

Affordable Fee Structure

Starting a gold IRA account with Goldco requires a minimum investment of $25,000. Goldco’s chosen Custodian charges an annual account fee of $300, which covers a one-time IRA setup fee of $50 and a wiring charge of $30. The yearly storage cost is $100, and there’s an additional annual maintenance fee of $100.

Broad Product Selection

Goldco offers a wide array of choices. Their portfolio includes gold coins and bars, silver coins and bars, platinum, and palladium. For gold enthusiasts, popular picks include American Gold Eagles, Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, and US gold coins. Silver investors often favor American Silver Eagles or Canadian Silver Maple Leafs.

Tax Benefits

With a gold IRA from Goldco, one of the best gold IRA companies, you can enjoy the tax benefits of a conventional IRA while investing in tangible gold and silver. Your contributions could potentially be tax-deductible, and the growth of your gold investments won’t be taxed until you start taking distributions in retirement. Goldco takes care of all the paperwork, ensuring that your rollover and annual IRA contributions are in line with IRS guidelines.

Superior Customer Service

Goldco distinguishes itself by providing clear, educational customer service. Their aim is to enlighten clients about the advantages of incorporating precious metals into their IRAs and to make the process as straightforward as possible. As a client, you’ll have a devoted account representative to guide you at every stage and assist you in choosing products that align with your financial aspirations.

In summary, Goldco has earned its reputation as one of the best gold IRA companies, thanks to its competitive pricing, varied investment options, tax benefits, and exemplary customer service. Given these attributes, they confidently recommend Goldco for your gold IRA requirements.

Birch Gold Corporation: Great Staff Overall (4.5/5)

Birch Gold


  • Offers a wide range of gold IRA custodian and depository services.
  • Features a clear and straightforward fee structure.
  • Provides special focus on palladium and platinum investments.
  • The flat-fee pricing model is beneficial for regular bulk buyers.


  • The minimum purchase requirement might pose an entry barrier for some investors.
  • Offers unique coins that might not cater to all investors’ preferences.
  • Lacks options for traditional IRA investments.

Precious Metals Available

  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Gold
  • Silver

Minimum Investment

  • $10,000

Company Background

Birch Gold sets itself apart with a seasoned team of professionals. They pride themselves on having experts in a range of fields including precious metals IRA, finance, investments, and retirement planning. Their executive and advisory teams bring decades of experience to the table, offering guidance to clients looking to transition their 401ks and IRAs into gold IRA and other precious metals IRA.

The dynamic team at Birch Gold is a key factor in their standing among the best gold IRA companies. They take the time to understand each client’s unique financial circumstances and goals. Their advisors carefully navigate you through the rollover process, managing paperwork, and ensuring a smooth transfer of funds from your 401k to a gold IRA account. Their support continues even after the rollover is complete, providing ongoing advice for your retirement portfolio.

Further enhancing their credibility, key members of the Birch Gold team hold esteemed certifications such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS), and Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP). These designations attest to their comprehensive knowledge and expertise in retirement planning, investments, and gold IRAs. Moreover, Birch Gold’s A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau reaffirms their commitment to customer satisfaction throughout their operational history.

With their extensive experience, reputable credentials, and steadfast commitment to outstanding customer service, you can rest assured that your 401k to gold IRA rollover is in competent hands with Birch Gold.

Their experts will guide you every step of the way, handle the paperwork, and ensure a seamless transfer of your funds, all while offering invaluable advice to diversify your retirement portfolio with physical precious metals IRA.

What is a Gold IRA?

A gold IRA is a unique, self-directed individual retirement account specifically crafted for the purpose of holding precious metals. Much like its traditional counterpart, a gold IRA allows you to make contributions before taxes. The returns on these investments can grow while taxes are deferred, and the income and contribution limits are akin to those of a standard IRA. It’s essential to understand that you don’t physically hold the gold; it’s securely stored in a depository. The IRS has specific “fineness” standards that dictate whether gold or silver, in bullion or coin form, qualify for inclusion in a gold IRA. This attention to detail and security is part of why they are often hailed as one of the best gold IRA companies.

What Are the Costs Associated with a Gold IRA?

Typically, a gold IRA comes with three different types of fees. Firstly, there’s a one-time account setup fee which can range anywhere from $50 to $150. Secondly, an annual administrative or custodial fee is levied, which can be between $50 and $150 depending on the size of the account.

Lastly, the depository charges an annual storage fee, which can be anywhere from $50 to $300 based on the amount of gold stored. It’s important to note that the dealer, custodian, and depository may each bill their fees separately, rather than combining them into a single account fee.

For instance, your gold IRA custodian might charge a comprehensive fee based on the total assets under management, plus additional processing and other fees. Therefore, before transferring assets into a gold IRA, one of the best gold IRAs, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the fee structure imposed by all parties involved.

Should I Invest in Gold Bullion or Gold Coins?

The worth of both bullion and coins fundamentally boils down to the same factor—the per-ounce spot price of gold. However, choosing sovereign coins may be a wiser decision. Well-known sovereign coins such as the American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf are generally more recognizable and easier to trade, often commanding higher premiums compared to bullion bars. On the other hand, smaller bullion bars (1 oz) can pose more challenges when it comes to reselling, and they typically come with larger markups. This is an important consideration when looking at the best gold IRAs.

Where is the Ideal Place to Store My Gold?

The gold that’s part of a gold IRA needs to be safeguarded in a depository that has the stamp of approval from the IRS. It’s important to remember that you can’t just store it in a safety deposit box, home safe, or even under your bed.

The main objective of a gold IRA company is to provide assistance in setting up the IRA and procuring the gold coins or bullion. Nonetheless, the onus remains on the investor to select a reliable custodian and a secure depository for their gold. It’s not uncommon for many gold IRA companies to have collaborations with a custodian, and the choice of a depository may fall to either the custodian or the gold IRA company. So, when it comes to your gold IRA accounts, it’s vital to understand these nuances.

What Alternative Do I Have Besides a Gold IRA?

If you’re keen on reaping the portfolio benefits that come with holding gold, but don’t want to deal with physical gold, there are financial market tools that can grant you this exposure. Gold and precious metals ETFs provide similar hedging characteristics and can be conveniently incorporated into a regular IRA through a conventional brokerage. There are also other avenues for exposure, such as investing in gold miners or dealing with futures and options.

Can I Trust Gold IRA Companies?

While the comparatively lenient regulations around precious metals might attract certain dubious entities, it’s vital to remember that every industry harbors both trustworthy and untrustworthy firms. A typical gold IRA company is a collective of three separate entities: a gold IRA custodian, a dealer, and a depository. They may be connected but operate independently, each with their own procedures and gold IRA fees.

The reputation of these companies is pivotal when initiating and maintaining a gold IRA account. This is why they stress the importance of BBB ratings and sustained presence in the industry. Disclosure standards in this sector aren’t as stringent as in other industries, leading to some borderline practices like offering freebies to attract customers or using high-pressure sales tactics. Sales agents working on commission often employ ambiguous titles like metals specialist or financial service agent.

The trustworthiness of a gold IRA company, when employing these strategies, is subjective. Hence, it’s always advised to peruse gold IRA company reviews, investigate the best gold IRAs and top gold IRA companies, and judiciously consider your precious metals investments.

How Does a Gold IRA Work?

Investing in a gold IRA opens up an exciting avenue for investors to own physical gold, a deviation from the traditional investment assets like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. However, it’s crucial to remember that these two types of accounts – a conventional IRA and a gold IRA – cannot be merged, and must be managed independently. If you’re considering this investment route, make sure to connect with a recognized financial institution that offers the services of a gold IRA custodian.

Furthermore, setting up a gold IRA involves establishing a third-party depository, which must hold the IRS’s stamp of approval. Upon securing this depository, you’re free to buy gold from a precious metals dealer. The purchased gold is then safely transported to your depository, ensuring its security and proper documentation for tax-related matters. The worth of your gold IRA will ebb and flow with the fluctuations in the gold market.

As you embark on this journey, don’t forget to do your homework – read through gold IRA company reviews, look into the best gold investment companies, and familiarize yourself with the associated gold IRA fees. This due diligence will help you make informed decisions about your precious metals investments.

Does Fidelity Offer a Gold IRA?

Fidelity indeed offers a gold IRA option for those investors who wish to diversify their retirement portfolio with this precious metal. However, it’s important to be aware of certain constraints. Federal rules and restrictions only allow investors to add Gold American Eagle and Gold American Buffalo coins to their Fidelity Gold IRA.

It’s essential to understand that the gold in your Fidelity Gold IRA is safely stored with a third-party custodian, FideliTrade, ensuring its secure preservation. The decision to go for a gold IRA should be based on your investment objectives and your risk tolerance level.

As you navigate this process, remember to do your due diligence – review gold IRA company feedback, get familiar with gold IRA fees, and compare top gold investment companies. This groundwork will guide you in making informed decisions about your precious metals investments.

How We Ranked the Top Gold IRA Companies

To curate this list of premier gold IRA companies, they considered an array of factors. The marketplace is teeming with gold investment companies, but not all are created equal. The standout firms on this list have earned their stripes through a solid reputation, extensive market experience, and consistently positive feedback from their clients.

Reputation and Reviews

It’s not uncommon for gold investment companies offering gold IRAs to boast endorsements from celebrities or well-known finance figures. However, the opinions of regular investors can be equally insightful.

Are their agents seemingly more focused on a quick sale? Do they employ high-pressure sales tactics? Do they show an interest in your needs? Do they guide you through the paperwork or simply pursue their own interests? How do they respond when issues arise?

Each of the gold IRA companies on our list has been rated by actual users and received glowing customer testimonials. Impressively, each firm has also secured an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
If a company’s high-profile endorsements or media coverage caught your attention, that’s perfectly fine. These companies have earned their good reputations and are worth your consideration.

Ease of Setup

Building a substantial retirement fund is crucial for your future, as it ensures you can live comfortably once your working days are over. A well-stocked retirement fund can provide you with peace of mind and financial stability. However, this doesn’t imply that you need to invest a significant amount of time in planning.

The gold investment companies featured in our catalog streamline the process of setting up a gold IRA. Representatives from these companies are available to guide you through every step, whether you initiate the process online or over the phone. Their expert advice and assistance ensure that you can invest confidently, knowing your investment is being handled professionally.

While the process might not be simple, each of these companies prioritizes security. They protect their interests, yours, and your gold IRA by adhering strictly to IRS standards, ensuring a safe and compliant investment environment.

Costs and Fees

Understanding the costs and fees associated with gold investment companies can be challenging. However, these companies are not withholding information. Instead, they prioritize clarity about their costs and fees. Given the rapid fluctuations in the prices of precious metals, these companies avoid displaying outdated gold prices on their websites or elsewhere. They prefer providing you with the most recent information through their representatives.

Despite extensive research, obtaining detailed information on the charges levied by different gold IRA companies can be difficult. However, here are some general price ranges you could anticipate:

Setup Fees

When you start a new gold IRA account, the firm will usually assess a one-time setup fee. This means that your fee will most probably be less than $200.

Storage Fees

The depository that safeguards your precious metals charges an annual fee. You will pay this fee through your gold IRA company. The charge is about $300 each year.

Maintenance Fees

With gold investment companies, you should anticipate an annual account maintenance fee of around $300.

It’s true that most of these companies don’t have readily accessible fee structures on their websites. However, your account representative should be upfront about all fees. They’ve chosen companies for our list that are known for their transparency. If you encounter a firm unwilling to disclose their charges, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Bear in mind, these costs might fluctuate based on the size of your investment. Some companies run promotional offers, waiving setup fees or offering free storage for the initial year.

Where are the Precious Metals Inside Your Gold IRA Stored?

Gold investments need to be stored in a particular way. You will not be able to keep them in a regular safe.

The IRS has specific regulations about how you must store any physical gold, silver, platinum, or palladium that backs an IRA.

The IRS says that you can keep your precious metals safe by storing them in a federally insured bank, credit union, savings, loan, or other pre-approved facilities. These entities can treat the metals as a single, shared fund or detailed individual assets.

A custodian may pick a private depository that is endorsed by a commodities exchange. If the administrator is not a bank, it must prove to the IRS that it will follow all the accounting, security, and auditing rules.

To be an acceptable storage entity, the facility must have high-level security features. This includes devices that pick up sound, movement, and even slight vibrations. The facility should also have high-tech timed locks that automatically relock. These features often provide 24/7 monitoring.

In addition to top-level security, these storage facilities have insurance policies of up to $1 billion.

Any company recommended for a gold IRA has a great reputation. If a company suggests storing your metals in an alternative way that seems shady, like keeping them yourself, it’s a huge red flag. If you store physical gold without getting approval from the IRS, your IRA will be disqualified.

Goldco provides storage options for gold IRA investors in Delaware, Utah, and Texas. These locations have cutting-edge security features to protect your investment.

Augusta Precious Metals has depository locations in many states, from the West Coast to the East Coast. The company also has locations in major cities, such as Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, New York, Wilmington, and Birch Gold Group utilizes the Delaware Depository, which has two locations: Seal Beach, California, and Wilmington, Delaware. It also uses Brinks Global Services, which is a very popular company with many locations, including Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and New York.

Regal Assets wealth partners now offers storage for people’s IRA precious metals in North America and Singapore. It also works with Brinks, which gives people a lot of options for storing their gold investments in different parts of the world.

The best gold investment companies use approved storage locations that have security features to protect your precious metal investment. These locations also have insurance in case something unexpected happens.

If you have any inquiries about storage, you should ask your gold IRA representative. But in the end, you will make the final decision.

What is a Gold IRA Rollover?

A gold IRA rollover is when you convey money from a traditional retirement account to a gold IRA.

You can move money from a traditional or Roth IRA without penalty at any time.

When you choose a company to help you with your gold IRA, you will complete an application and a transfer request form. You will never own the funds, so the rollover will be a direct transfer from your existing IRA to your gold IRA account. The process of buying precious metals will usually take up to two weeks. After that, your representative will help you buy the metals.

Furthermore, you can also do a gold IRA rollover if you don’t work for the company that provided your 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), or Thrift Savings Plan account. If you are still employed, you may do a partial rollover if you meet certain age requirements.

When you use a direct transfer, the existing custodian will send a check to your gold IRA company. This will help the company buy the precious metals you want.

If you receive a check in your name from the transfer, you will need to deposit the funds and then send them to your gold IRA company within 60 days. If you don’t put the money in your account by the deadline, and you’re not 59.5 years old yet, you will have to pay a 10% tax on the money you take out.

Benefits of a Gold IRA Company

There are many benefits that come with a gold IRA. These include, but are not limited to:

The Rising Price of Gold

Gold, often considered a secure asset and a store of value, has become an attractive investment opportunity for many. If you’re striving to make prudent financial decisions for your retirement, a gold Individual Retirement Account (IRA) should be on your radar, if it isn’t already.

Numerous gold investment companies provide gold IRAs, necessitating careful research before settling on one. Ensure the company you choose is reputable, upholds high ethical standards, and offers reasonable buy-back prices for gold. It’s also crucial that the selected company stores your gold in an IRS-approved depository, guaranteeing the safety of your IRA. Some companies even facilitate cash purchases and offer delivery services.

Long-term Safeguard and Protection of Your Money

It’s common knowledge that the worth of paper currency is perpetually in decline due to its ever-increasing circulation within the economy. Gold, however, typically sees a gradual increase in value over time and isn’t something that can be spontaneously generated. It’s for this reason that numerous financial advisors are recommending their clients to invest in gold as a means of future financial security.

This underscores why it may be worthwhile for you to seriously think about setting up a gold Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with one of the many reliable gold investment companies. Regardless of how modest your initial investment might be, the prospective benefits could prove substantial in the future, especially when you factor in the element of time.


If you are investing in gold, consider also purchasing some mining stocks. Owning both gives you extra protection because if a few investment decisions falter, the other might pick up the slack. However, both of these investments have the same risk factor: they can be wiped out completely by a massive depression.

If you’re looking for something that has a little more safety, go with treasury bonds or government treasury bills. These are low-risk choices that tend to hold their value even during a depression.

Tax Benefits

Any gains you make from your gold IRA are either tax-deferred or tax-free, depending on the specific type of IRA (Traditional, Roth, etc.).

Be sure to follow all the rules of your IRA (just like any other IRA). Your gold provider will introduce you to a gold IRA custodian, who by law must administer your precious metals account to help you follow the rules.

Things to Be Aware of Before Opening a Gold IRA

If you want to start investing in gold, there are a few things you should be aware of before you make a decision.

Fees and Expenses

Understand what you are actually paying for with your gold IRA. Unnecessarily expensive fees can add up and eat into your profits if you’re not careful. The charges should be competitive in the industry. The lower the expenses, the more you will actually save.

The management fees associated with each company were taken into account when rating these companies, including customer reviews, fees, price of gold, and customer service experience.

Buyer’s Guide to Investing in a Gold IRA

Establish and Fund the IRA

You can convert some or all of the money that is in another type of retirement account to a precious metals IRA also known as gold retirement account or gold 401k rollover. You can also start with a lump sum payment or contribute on a regular basis, such as monthly. Some companies may even allow you to do a combination of both.

At this point, you should look into how your investment works so you can decide if it is right for your circumstances.

Investing in Precious Metals Via the IRA

At this point, you are ready to actually put money into the IRA. The process will be different depending on which company you are working with but they should all provide you with guidelines at this point detailing what to do next.

Most of the time, this involves putting an order in for a specific amount of precious metals with a specific purity from a list of approved dealers. This is then stored in your retirement account and it is up to you to keep track of any changes in value each year.

Final Thought -Best Gold IRA Companies

Opening a gold IRA can seem like an overwhelming process for a first-time investor, but the most important thing is to get the information you need, ask a lot of questions and stay confident in your decision. Think about why you’re investing and consider what you hope to accomplish. Are you doing this to make money, or do you want some extra security? You should have a goal in mind before starting.

After you’ve decided what type of metals you’re interested in, the next step is looking into potential companies. There are many dealers out there, but not all of them will be reliable. We hope this article helps you get started, but you’ll still have much more homework to do. If you would like to skip directly to the company we chose as our top choice, Augusta Precious Metals.

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