The American Gold Eagle Coin

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The American Gold Eagle Coin

Do you want to invest in gold? The American Gold Eagle is the official coin of the United States and one of the most favored bullion coins when it comes to Precious Metals IRA investing. The coin has a high purity level, which meets IRS requirements for IRA investing. For more information on The American Gold Eagle Coin and how to invest in them, keep reading!

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Development, Introduction, and History

American Eagle coins are official legal tender that is authorized by Congress and deemed an acceptable currency for Americans to trade-in. There are three main metals used for American Eagle coins: gold, silver, and platinum.

There have been many gold coins minted by the United States government, starting with the original $10 “Eagle” coins in 1775.

The American Gold Eagle was created in 1985 and released in 1986. There are a lot of rules about these coins because they need to be mined in the United States, and they must meet all the same rules as the United States Mint. The law was meant for people who want to invest in gold coins from America instead of other countries.

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American Eagle coins come in two versions. One is made for collectors, and one is not. The proof version has a shiny, more polished look, and it’s for people who want to collect the coin as a souvenir. It looks better than the regular bullion version, but they are otherwise identical.

The US Mint started making uncirculated coins with their American Eagle series in 2006 and has since continued to release these collectible items. These are different from the bullion coins that were first made by the mint, but they both sport a similar look when viewed up close. The name “uncirculated” refers to how this coin is not meant for use as legal tender- so it can only be used for collecting or investing purposes.

The Gold Eagle is one of the world’s most popular bullion investments, with 12 million coins sold since 1986.

American Gold Eagle Physical Characteristics

Coin Design

The US Mint’s American Eagle Coins are created through a specialized minting process that ensures the coin maintains an even appearance. The standards set by the US Mint guarantees the purity and weight of each coin and provides all packaged coins with official Certificates of Authenticity before being sold to customers who purchase coins

them for themselves or others in their lives.

Proof coins are made with a shiny surface and intricate detail. The US Mint selects different images for each coin they produce, including Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ depiction of Liberty on American Eagle Gold Coins.

This is the same image found on the $20 double eagle coin from 1907-1933. This design was selected by Theodore Roosevelt, who sought to replicate the look of Ancient Greek and Roman gold currency.

The coin has an inscription of the word ‘Liberty,’ the date it was issued, and a mintmark.

The backside of the gold coin features a bald eagle, which is America’s national animal. The eagle carries an olive branch in its beak and has flown back to where its mate awaits it at their nest with “The United States of America,” “E Pluribus Unum” (Latin for ‘Out Of Many One’), and In God, We Trust inscribed onto the bird’s body.

American Eagle Uncirculated Coins are physically close to regular American Eagle Gold coins. The only identifying mark made on an Uncirculated Coin is a ‘mint mark,’ which indicates the production facility for these beautifully crafted, pristine pieces of gold.


There are four different weights of American Eagle Gold Bullion coins.

The one-tenth ounce is worth $5; a one-quarter ounce is worth $10; one-half ounce is worth $25, up to the 1-ounce coin that’s valued at fifty grand.

All Eagle Gold coins are composed of an alloy that uses 22 karat gold (91.6% gold). Hints of silver and copper are added to the alloy to increase “wear resistance.”

The 22 karat constitution has been the standard for gold coinage dating back to the British Empire, which used 22 karat gold for its sovereign bullion.

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American Gold Eagle Bullion Coins

The American Gold Eagles are the world’s leading gold bullion coins, and they’ll continue to be so for years. Whether you’re seeking investment or just want more of these wonderful pieces in your collection, high quality is guaranteed by this coin.

Certified Gold American Eagles

The third-party grading services that were started by PCGS and NGC based on the Sheldon Scale are now used worldwide. The scale spans from 1 to 70, with a higher number being better than a lower number in terms of coin condition.

It is vital to consider that there are many factors in determining a coin’s worth. For example, Mint State 69’s coins are considered “near-perfect,” while MS70 has been given the perfect score by third-party grading services and may carry higher buy/sell premiums as well.

Golden eagles are checked by a third party. After this, certified coins that meet the standard of MS69 or greater are then put in defensive plastic cases that cannot be opened without extreme force. This protects your coin in the long run and prevents any potential tampering with the coin or quality of it.

Proof Gold Eagle Coins

Proof coins are like a work of art, and BU (bullion) coins are just the way people make their money. Proof strikes show off details in the minute detail from your gold coin. Just think about how much patience it takes to create such meticulous designs with remarkable finishes.

The Proof American Gold Eagle Coins are one of the most popular choices for collectors and investors alike. The only noticeable difference in their design is that they have a mint mark, which distinguishes them from other versions, such as bullion coins or uncirculated coins. The mint mark on this coin is usually a “W,” which stands for the West Point Mint facility that strikes most US Mint bullion coins.

The other major difference between the proof and uncirculated coin is their finish. When a mint creates a proof coin, they create an additional process that leaves it with a much more beautiful “mirror-like” finish than its corresponding uncirculated counterpart.

American Gold Eagle Pricing

The American Eagle Bullion is a precious, valuable coin with its unique monetary value.

The value of American Gold Eagles is usually much greater than the listed face value. This means that while technically legal tender, these values are largely symbolic and can be used to demonstrate your allegiance with a specific political ideology or event in world history.

The face value of a coin is irrelevant to the intrinsic value or worth, determined by the price of gold.

Gold is a commodity that fluctuates daily, so it’s important to know the current price. Newspapers report gold prices each day and can be used as an easy way to monitor your investment value over time.

The value of the metal is usually higher because there is a cost to make coins and distribute them. The intrinsic value is the value that American Eagle coin investments use in their portfolio.

Buy American Gold Eagle Coins

American Gold Eagles are one of the most known gold coins today. The United States Mint first produced this coin in 1986. The design features a classic image of Lady Liberty holding an olive branch and torch, designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Tucked away on the corner is Mount Rushmore on the coin’s obverse side with its name inscribed at the bottom left-hand corner.

The outline on the back of this coin is famously designed by Miley Busiek and features a male bald eagle guarding his family. The weight and value are also inscribed on the reverse side of the coin.

There are two types of American Gold Eagle coins available on the market. The most common type is the brilliant uncirculated version, but proof versions can be found too! If you’re looking to buy a coin for yourself or someone else as an investment, it’s important that they know what kind of gold eagle they’re getting. Proof and BU coins have different values, so make sure you’re not paying more than you need to by checking beforehand.

Investing in American Gold Eagle Coins Through an IRA

The American Gold Eagle coin is a popular gold bullion investment, and it has been authorized for addition in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) since its establishment.

Gold is often used to diversify an investment portfolio that includes stocks and bonds without the fluctuations associated with traditional assets.

The Internal Revenue Service says you can put gold in an IRA. This is a particular type of IRA that people usually call a “precious metals IRA.” The only thing you can put in this type of IRA is IRS-approved bullion, such as American Eagle coins.

All American Eagle coins are assured by the United States Mint to meet minimum purity requirements in order to be included in an IRA. The required minimum purchase amount is $5,000, and all subsequent purchases must at least be $1,000.

During your purchase of gold, the IRS mandates that you must store it in a ‘depository’ responsible for the safety and maintenance of the coin.

Alternatively, for those with existing IRAs, the funds can be transferring or rolling over funds shifted into a Precious Metals IRA.

American Gold Eagle coins are not available for direct purchase from the United States Mint. Rather, American Gold Eagle coins are sold, in bulk, to qualifying institutions at a small premium.

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The American Gold Eagle coin is one of the most recognizable world government minted coins, and the desire for this coin has increased consistently over time since its release. This gold bullion stack’s value retention rate is extremely high, so you can’t go wrong with adding it to your portfolio.

While multiple factors determine if a particular investment in gold or silver will be successful, buying an American Gold Eagle Coin means you’re investing in something backed by the United States Government.

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