Best Gold Affiliate Programs

Best Gold Affiliate Programs

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Nowadays, there is no need to become an economist to understand the true potential of gold affiliate programs. Being the most sought-after material in the world for the past century, it isn’t surprising to know that gold is incredibly valuable. Its value partly stems from its scarcity.

With the global economy also suffering nowadays, more and more people are turning to gold and other precious metals to evade inflation and protect their assets. The growing interest in gold is excellent news for gold affiliate marketers.

With that said, here are the best gold affiliate programs to consider for those planning to save up for retirement and invest in gold.

Augusta Precious Metals: Editor’s Choice – Great Buyback Program (4.9/5)

Star Rating

Augusta is one of the highest-rated gold IRA companies in the precious metals industry. Augusta’s almost perfect rating at Better Business Bureau, Google My Business, Trust Link, and other widely-known rating agencies confirms its status as a leading precious metals investment firm.

Specifically, this company takes extra pride in its process simplicity, exceptional service, and transparency.

Augusta has a solid reputation and is well-known and trusted by investors around the country. This company has been around since 2012 and is famous for its services involving precious metals — as its company name implies and suggests.

Augusta Precious Metals is another gold IRA company that helps protect people’s retirement funds by investing in gold and silver coins and bullion. The company aims to take that thought and turn it into reality.

Augusta is the gold IRA company that strives to make economics and precious metals investment as easy as possible. It does so by giving its customers access to its financial professionals to aid them in acquiring the benefits of a gold account.

Additionally, the company has a cutting-edge affiliate marketer portal and a robust compliance department.

The company’s program allows its affiliates to promote gold and silver IRAs offered by Augusta. Their affiliate team receives commissions based on the gold product type and quantities they successfully sold.

The best part is that once an individual is accredited with the commission, they wouldn’t need to worry about other extra charges or fees.

What Does the Augusta Precious Metals Affiliate Program Offer?

Augusta has one of the best affiliate programs among gold IRA companies. The firm will offer its affiliates a 3% commission on every non-bullion sale.

While it’s less than the commissions of other programs, it’s still enough to cover quite a bit of Augusta’s inventory.

The company’s referral program allows its affiliates to refer not only to website visitors but also to their colleagues and friends. They will receive the commission if the referred customer mentions the affiliate’s name in their application.

Augusta’s affiliate program operates in-house, with the sign-ups done via the onsite form. It provides a 90-day cookie window and pays lifetime commissions on transactions done by qualified leads.

Though, note that Augusta Precious Metals has a strict and thorough approval process. They refuse to accept just anyone to their program.

Potential affiliates will undergo a comprehensive application process, including going through a 30-minute call with their CEO and affiliate director, where they will interview them about their experience and promotional plans.

Signing up for the affiliate program is simple enough. There is no need for technological prowess, exceptional skills, or special qualifications to be considered. The steps to follow are:

  1. Fill out the application form for the Augusta Precious Metals referral program, which is available on their official website.
  2. Submit it, along with the other necessary documentation needed.
  3. Wait for a confirmation email.
  4. Click the attached link in the email to activate the new CRM account.
  5. Start referring people to Augusta Precious Metals through the website and in real life.
  6. Earn the 3% commissions for the qualified transactions.

The approval process, while strict, takes little time. Anyone willing to work as an affiliate marketer at Augusta Precious Metals can try their luck in applying.

Once accepted, the new affiliate can access Augusta’s customer relationship management software and marketing tools. Using these will make keeping track of and maintaining relationships with their referred customers much more manageable.

Commission Rate and Payout time

As one of the best gold affiliate programs in the country, Augusta offers a highly generous commission rate both per sale (investing in gold IRAs) and per lead ($165-$200). The gold IRA company offers an 8-10% commission rate for every trade.

An average gold IRA trade in Augusta is around $200,000. That means an affiliate can earn a whopping $20,000 in commissions for a single transaction.

On top of that, they can pocket a $200 qualified lead and an additional 1% on sales by gold affiliates they referred to the company.

With this commission rate, it isn’t surprising that top affiliates in Augusta can earn six figures a month. Moreover, Augusta Precious Metals offers an invite-only premier program for its top-tier affiliates.

It provides the same features as their standard affiliate program but with additional perks.


  • Free one-on-one web session
  • Harvard-trained economists among their staff and team
  • Prioritizes customer training and education
  • Assists customers and affiliates every step of the way


  • Premium gold and silver coins have higher mark-ups
  • High minimum investment

American Hartford Gold: Runner up – Best Price for Bullion (4.8/5)

Star Rating

American Hartford Gold is a reputable, privately-owned precious metals company in Los Angeles. They help customers invest in gold and silver bullion, coins, and bars. That’s not all — they also have other precious metals, like platinum, in their extensive product list.

It is an A-plus company that helps its clients achieve better security for their gold/silver IRA and gives them the option and chance to diversify their investment portfolios. They guarantee customer satisfaction by offering their clients only top-grade and world-class gold and silver products at competitive prices.

To offer better service, American Hartford Gold frequently offers promotional deals where clients can buy gold and silver at certain amounts and receive a no-account maintenance fee for a specified amount of time.

They also have hard-working and exceptional customer service that provides a 24-hour service to address their clients and potential investors’ concerns and needs.

Everyone in American Hartford Gold, from the Executive Leaders to the Product Specialists and Client Service Representatives, work hard to make the gold investment experience quick and easy.

What Does the American Hartford Gold Affiliate Program Offer?

American Hartford Gold’s positive reputation isn’t limited to its precious metals investment services. Their program is considered one of the country’s best precious metals affiliate programs.

The gold company offers two options — an affiliate marketer can sign up to get paid on a cost per acquisition (CPA) or per qualified lead (CPQL).

Some affiliates under the company prefer to get paid upfront per lead. Affiliate payments can be negotiable with the affiliate manager.

The other option, the CPA, means that the affiliate marketer does not get paid for sending a qualified lead. Instead, they are paid if the lead makes a successful purchase.

American Hartford Gold has affiliates starting at a 3% commission on sales. This percentage is negotiable and may increase if the affiliate sends more business to the company.

A unique feature of this gold affiliate program that might not be present in most gold affiliate programs is that the company pays its affiliate on all sales.

Other affiliates only pay their affiliate marketers on the sale of their premium products, like the American Eagle Proof Coins and Canadian Gold Maple Leafs. They refuse to pay affiliates for selling gold bullion coins and bars.

American Hartford Gold Affiliate.

Commission Rate and Payout Time

American Hartford Gold commissions and payouts are as follow:

Offers 3% commission rates on sales beyond $5,000 (the rate is negotiable with the affiliate manager)
2% on second-tier affiliate sales (earn from their sales and recruit affiliates)
No commission for sales that are below $5,000


  1. Several promotions — from free sales to waived fees
  2. Great selection of gold and silver bullion and coins
  3. Hundreds of positive reviews and feedback online
  4. Price match guarantee and buyback commitment


  1. Pricing is not transparent on their website
  2. No palladium and platinum products are listed.

Goldco: Best and Most Trusted Gold IRA Company Overall (4.6/5)

Star Rating

Goldco is currently one of the leading companies in the precious metals industry. With over a decade of professional experience, Goldco continuously and successfully helped customers around the country protect their retirement savings.

It has a solidly crafted and built reputation that paints it as a great company with exceptional customer service and high-quality products.

This gold company is highly and positively-rated across rating agencies, including an AAA in the Business Consumer Alliance and an A+ in BBB (Better Business Bureau). It also has been featured in well-known media outlets.

Goldco is also endorsed by one of the foremost financial professionals in the country, Sean Hannity of Fox News.

The company specializes in gold and silver bullion, as well as in platinum and palladium coins. It offers direct sales of physical gold plus silver bullion coins and bars. Goldco assists its clients in purchasing gold and other precious metals to include in their IRA or as regular investments.

If the reviews from the rating agencies are anything to go by, the company delivers what it claims and promises. It makes its affiliate programs the perfect fit for a seasoned gold broker or those that want to earn money online.

Aside from allowing investors to buy gold, the company also offers cryptocurrency through its Coin IRA program. While Goldco provides about 20% in direct sales and diversified portfolios, these are only available within the United States.

What Does the Goldco Affiliate Program Offer?

Goldco also runs its gold affiliate program in-house. Customers and clients can sign up for free.

The chances of gaining approval depend on the affiliate’s marketing skills and experience. Additionally, those interested need to have a good grasp and understanding of affiliate and online marketing.

More so than other gold companies, Goldco is primarily interested in experienced affiliate marketers. Specifically, it has pretty strict demands for all new Goldco affiliates:

  • Required to meet the company’s strict promotional policies
  • Have verified and relevant affiliate experience in a financial niche
  • Submit affiliate websites, landing pages, and marketing tools or materials to be subjected for review.

Based on those requirements alone, the Goldco affiliate program is mainly suited for seasoned affiliate marketers rather than aspiring ones. Goldco wouldn’t consider a total newcomer to affiliate marketing with no proven track record.

Goldco affiliate program is a consistent and thorough program that can help an affiliate marketer earn a good amount of monthly money. The company has generous terms.

Specifically, a marketer can acquire a minimum lead pay of $165 bounty on qualified leads. Goldco has no cap when it comes to the profit its affiliates make. For instance, a top-ranking affiliate can make more than $150,000 to its affiliates every month — which could grow as time goes on.

Goldco Affiliate

Another massive bonus about working with Goldco is that a lot of marketing is made and done for its clients. There are various creative marketing materials with messages that they can use through their marketing channels, including:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) landing pages
  • Social media postings
  • Email campaigns
  • Paid search ads

That shows that Goldco offers its affiliates the freedom to choose their preferred means of affiliate marketing or digital marketing. For those that prefer to create their affiliate marketing materials, Goldco emphasizes that they do not require their affiliates to use their pre-existing content exclusively.

The company even encourages people to use their own marketing tools to promote and earn money.

An affiliate can be a graphic designer, writer, or another creative marketing job. The company allows creative pursuit and freedom.

Just keep in mind that there is still a need to acquire the approval of the company’s affiliate manager before using particular marketing material. It is to ensure that all information included is correct, that nothing will cause any liability, and that everything complies with the affiliate marketing guidelines.

Goldco practices this kind of creative freedom to encourage and broaden its affiliates’ skills and talents. While other affiliate programs ask their people to use their pre-approved tools strictly, it could be disheartening for some affiliates with strength that lies in creative marketing.

The 15th is the date on which affiliate payouts are processed. Since the site cookies work for 30 days, the affiliate will earn the commission if customers purchase within 30 days of visiting their website through their affiliate link.

New affiliates also have access to mentorship and guidance from the company’s experienced affiliates. They will share their successes, discuss tips that would work, and list the pitfalls to avoid.

Commission Rate and Payout Time

Goldco affiliate commissions and payouts are as follows:

  • 3 — 8% for every qualified investment
  • $165 for every qualified lead
  • Goldco organizes payouts every 15th of the month

Affiliates can earn a commission rate of up to 10% if they’re high-ranking. With a Goldco order that averages $52,000, an affiliate can make a solid $3,000 as a gold broker for the Gold Company.


  • A broad range of gold and silver coins
  • Allows customers to open gold IRAs and purchase physical gold and silver
  • Offers new customers several benefits
  • Has many positive testimonials from specialists and clients in the field


  • Other precious metals (platinum and palladium) are not readily available
  • The precious metals and fee pricing are not publicly available

Birch Gold Corporation: Great Staff Overall (4.5/5)

Star Rating

Birch Gold Group is another precious metals company with one of the most amazing gold affiliate programs. Having been around since 2003, it is to no one’s surprise that Birch Gold has established itself as a reputable and trusted gold investment company.

According to their website, Birch Gold Group helped over 10,000 clients protect their retirement savings and add physical gold and other precious metals to their portfolios.

The company is high profile, as it partners with Ben Shapiro, a political commentator, and podcaster. Not to mention that Birch Gold Group also has been featured on various major news outlets.

That gives the company loads of brand awareness and attention — some of the extremely valuable marketing materials and factors an affiliate can ask for.

Birch Gold Group is truly a gold IRA specialist. It is one of the better precious metals companies that offer one of the best gold affiliate programs in the gold market.

It’s been in business for almost two decades and is highly recommended for new and novice investors planning to invest in gold.

They have a great relationship with various storage facilities, a significant gold investing team, and exceptional reviews across the web. Working with Birch Gold Group can help investors make the best financial decisions related to their IRAs and precious metals investments.

Since the company works with self-directed IRAs, its business mainly focuses on the United States. Approximately 80% of their income came from precious metals IRA sales and purchases, while the remaining 20% were from investors diversifying their portfolios.

What Does the Birch Gold Group Affiliate Program Offer?

Birch Gold Group has one of the best gold affiliate programs in the industry. The company allows its affiliates to make commissions on sales and purchases.

The company’s gold affiliate program has been recently relaunched and redesigned to keep up with other top gold affiliate programs.

Birch Gold’s affiliate program now has more perks and benefits with more transparent terms than the first one. Birch will pay its gold affiliates a flat sum for any qualified lead they generate. While the $25 might not seem much, it does pass as good extra pocket money.

Since Birch has such a firm policy about customer satisfaction and care, it is easy for the clicks on an affiliate link or referral link to turn into commissions. The commission ranges from 2 – 5 %, depending mainly on the purchase size.

One of Birch’s trademarks is its low investment threshold. The company only needs an investment of $10,000 to use its precious metals IRAs and services.

So, while their overall commissions for purchase might be low, their company is open to more people.

Birch Gold employs a wide variety of industry experts — including tax experts, economical professionals, and precious metals specialists. They strive to create and manage positive relationships with people.

Many investors choose to make additional purchases, and since an affiliate has lifetime commissions, they will earn quite a hefty sum on all of them.

Birch Gold Affiliate

Commission Rate and Payout Time

As with several gold affiliate programs on the list, Birch Gold also has a wide range of commissions:

  • Qualified lead falls on $25
  • Sales of below $10,000 get a 2% commission
  • Sales of $10,000 – $50,000 get a 3% commission
  • Sales at $50,000 get a 4% commission
  • Sales at $250,000 get a 5% commission

The qualified lead cookie duration is not disclosed information. Affiliates will need to reach out to the company to know.


  • Offers investors access to various precious metals products
  • Hard-asset precious metal IRA availability
  • Deep-rooted history that earned the public’s trust
  • Comprehensive educational resources


  • Limited physical bars and coins
  • Only caters to investors in the US

Final Thoughts – Best Gold Affiliate Programs

The gold market is highly volatile and valuable. Accordingly, gold affiliates can bring in loads of money. Though that is the case, it is essential to become realistic.

The niche of gold affiliate programs is immensely competitive, and the net margin is crazy tight. That makes special offers and discounts hard to come by — closing the deal in gold affiliates is much more complicated than in other affiliates and niches.

Despite those, it can’t be argued that joining an affiliate program is one of the most exemplary ways to earn money online. With top-ranked affiliates earning hundreds of thousands a month, those with skill and determination can make this a full-time hustle.

For those looking for the best affiliate program in the market, then Augusta Precious Metals is undoubtedly the leading option. It tops the list of the best programs that gold affiliates can join.
With the remarkable earning and money-making potential for affiliates with high traffic, it is not surprising that Augusta’s affiliate program is top-tier.

Moreover, Augusta Precious Metals also has one of the highest commission rates in the industry. Since the initial buy-in is pricey, an affiliate can earn thousands of dollars on their first purchase alone. Additionally, they have lifetime commissions on every purchase made.

For other noteworthy programs not included in the list, novice affiliate marketers can also consider Regal Assets and American Bullion Affiliate Program. They have above-average programs that are a touch better than other affiliates in the industry.

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