Rosland Capital

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Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital is a company that deals with gold investments and retirement planning. They are a reliable company with a long history of success. If you’re looking for a way to invest in gold or retire securely, Rosland Capital is a great option. They offer many different products and services, so they can meet the needs of any investor.

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Rosland Capital Review: Here’s What You Need to Find Out

In the world of finance, there are some companies that are considered to be safe bets. As with all safety, there is a cost. 

Who is Rosland Capital?

Rosland Capital offers a variety of investment options for those interested in Precious Metal Assets (PMAs) to customers around North America.  They are also heavily invested in the gold mining industry and have supplied much of the gold that has been used to create the paper that the United States Government is made of. With this sort of volume, they have an influence that is sometimes used to help their customers. What you need to know is that Rosland Capital is one of the most well-known precious metal asset managers out there.

About Rosland Capital  

Rosland Capital is one of the most well-known financial services companies in America, and it all starts with a man who wants to help others succeed. The company’s headquarters are located just outside Los Angeles where you can find movie sets for actors like William Devane. 

Marin Aleksov founded the company in 2008 and serves as CEO, specializing in gold sales. The business also offers precious metal-backed IRAs to invest your money more wisely by purchasing shares of an IRA worth up to $200 per ounce or kilo of gold. 

In addition, the company manages several different types of accounts for its clients to buy, sell, save, and give gold as gifts. With several IRA options, as well as several different types of non-IRA accounts, Rosland Capital caters to the needs of both beginning and experienced investors who want to get the most out of their money.

What Does Rosland Capital Offer?

In this section, we will go over all of the different services and products that Rosland Capital offers.

Coins and Bullion

Like any good investment company, Rosland Capital invests in coins and bullion, and it is through this business that the company sources most of its revenue. Although the prices of gold and silver are volatile, the industry has been fairly stable over the past 10 to 20 years. 

Currently, the most popular coins being produced are those minted by the United States Government. They are known for their high content of gold and silver and are the primary reason why the United States has been the global reserve currency for so long.


Gold is one of the Rosland Capital has to offer, and it comes in the form of the familiar yellow bar, as well as small round nuggets. The purity of the gold determines the value, with lower purity levels indicating greater value. 


Silver, like gold, is also available to Rosland Capital. The value of a silver bar is based on the same principle; the higher the silver content, the greater the value.

Silver is good to invest in because it is a proven commodity, and it has been used in technology for many years. Some industries find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having to use silver in their processes, so it is in limited supply.

Rosland Capital Services

As stated above, Rosland Capital offers a variety of services to its clients.

Precious Metals

Rosland Capital manages a vast collection of gold and silver bullion, and it can be sold to interested buyers in the form of coins or bars. Bullion can be sold in as little as one gram to those who do not require large quantities. Bulk purchases, meanwhile, are welcomed by the company. 

The company’s clients can view the holdings at any time, by scheduling an appointment with one of the company’s certified gemologists. 

Precious Metals-backed IRAs

Rosland Capital also offers a very unique service to its clients: the ability to buy an “IRA” (individual retirement account) in precious metals. 

The process is very simple. The client would open an IRA with a bank of their choice, and the money would be invested in bullion. The funds in the account would grow at a steady rate and would be contributed to the client’s employer upon reaching a certain age.

Advantage and disadvantage of Choosing Rosland Capital

As with all investment options, there are advantages and disadvantages to using Rosland Capital.      


  • Low transaction costs
  • Wide range of investment options
  • One-stop shop for all of your financial needs


  • Only invest in stable and high-yielding assets
  • No access to the stock market 
  • No access to other asset classes

Rosland Capital – IRA Fees

Initial Setup Fees

The initial setup fee is $50, and the annual administration fee varies depending on your needs – from just $225 annually to as high as 4% of all transactions made. We found conflicting information about whether or not storage fees are included in that amount though so make sure you ask before committing! 

This cost includes an initial consultation with a company representative to discuss your specific needs and a one-time setup fee of $50. This also includes an inventory of your holdings and an audit of your financial situation. 

Annual Admin Fees

You have the option to either pay an annual fee for an IRA account ($225 – $1,100) or a percentage of your total assets each month ($25 per month – $100 per month). 

In addition, there is a service fee of 1.5% of each transaction, which is deducted from the sale of your assets.  

Minimum Purchase Amount

The minimum purchase amount is $5000. You may purchase more than one safe in a single transaction, just be sure to contact us before doing so.

Annual Storage Fees

For an additional fee of $225, you can have an additional safe stored at Rosland Capital. 

You should expect to spend about $50 on annual storage, and that’s it!

Preferred Depository

You may choose to use a financial institution of your choice. Or you may choose to use our preferred depositor – which will save you 3% on this and all subsequent transactions.

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Rosland Capital Consumer Trust + Reviews

Rosland Capital has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. While consumer reviews on their site are few, they are worth noting because of how they average out at just 1 star per review – not even close to what’s expected for such a high-standing company!


Augusta Precious Metals

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A “boutique” bullion dealer, they offer a wide variety of top-quality bullion products. They pride themselves on offering competitive prices, superior customer service, and a “non-pressured” buying experience. 

They view themselves as an “industrial” rather than a “commercial” company. 

This means that they are able to provide unique products that are not always in high demand.

American Hartford Gold

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The American Hartford is one of the oldest and most trusted bullion dealers in the US. They have been in the precious metals business for many years. As an independent, privately-owned firm, they have the ability to provide you with top quality bullion at the best price.


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Goldco works directly with investors using the highest quality gold and silver. You send in your requirements, and we guarantee that your coins will match the quality you see in the pictures.  

Goldco also offers their own “private” physical storage of your coins, which is completely insured against loss and theft. In addition to this, you can also purchase “magnets” from them, which are small, highly-detailed, silver medallions. We feel that Goldco is the perfect way to buy and store your bullion! 

Birch Gold

Birch Gold

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Providing a direct-to-consumer purchasing experience, Birch Gold is one of the fastest-growing gold retailers in the nation. They offer a wide range of gold and silver products, from loose bar metal to coins, to intricate gold and silver jewelry. 

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Rosland is an excellent way to buy and store your precious metals. For years, the firm has consistently provided an honest, no-pressure way to buy gold and silver. 

This is why it has remained the largest independent precious metals dealer in the world. 

The firm can provide you with a wide variety of bullion and financial products. This allows you to leverage the price difference between the precious metals and the financial assets.

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