Brazil Gold 20,000 Reis

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Brazil Gold 20,000 Reis

Brazil Gold 20,000 Reis coins were first minted in Brazil during the reign of King Pedro II. These coins boasted more than half an ounce of gold in each coin and were struck at a variety of mints around Brazil. Despite this, there were rarely more than 50,000 of these coins minted in any single year. Their history and relative scarcity have helped them to become a favorite staple of investors in world gold coins.

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Brazil Gold 20,000 Reis Background and History

Pedro II was born in Rio de Janeiro on December 2, 1825. When his father abdicated the throne in 1831, he became the king of Brazil at the age of six years old. Ten years later, he has crowned the Emperor of Brazil. Pedro II was an absolute monarch who ruled Brazil for 49 long years. He provided the country with peace and prosperity, and technological progress that lasted up until his death in 1889.

Under his rule, the first paved roads were constructed, stamps became a staple of life for Brazilians, and he was also thought to be the first Brazilian on telephones. He had outlawed slavery after seeing how it affected people in other countries and built colleges around Brazil with universities alongside them too.

The king spent much time eradicating illiteracy throughout the land while taking care, not neglecting poverty. Without education, there is no way out from being poor or having illnesses that lead back into further impoverishment. King Dom Pedro II died loved by all who knew him due to everything that this nobleman accomplished during his reign- including paving new paths for our country’s future ahead.

The coins with his face on them were a great contribution to the country from this Queen Victoria-styled king. He mints these gold 20,000 Reis coins in 1851 and 1889 – because he was so enlightened. With over half an ounce of gold content, they are among some of the larger world-sized $10 Liberty American Gold Coins during that time period.

Despite being minted less than 50,000 coins in most years, the lion’s share of these have been melted down or lost to make them even rarer. This helps explain their scarcity which can lead to greater premiums over spot gold when there is high demand.

Brazil Gold 20,000 Reis Physical Characteristics

Coin Design

The Brazil Gold 20,000 Reis coins are a sight to see. The obverse features an image of King Pedro II with his left side facing towards the viewer and a Latin inscription that translates into “Peter II by Grace of God,” which is below his bust according to the date on the coin.

The reverse side of Brazilian Gold coins is the powerful image that changes how people conquer in life. These 20,000 Reis coins have a unique design on their backside with an Imperial coat-of-arms and Latin phrase made famous by Emperor Constantine The Great, which translates to “In this sign, you will conquer.” A minor alteration was done for 1853, where the king’s bust grew larger.


While the Brazilian mints also issue 10,000 Reis coins, the Brazil Gold 20,000 Reis were struck in only one size and denomination. The standard specifications of this coin are as follows:

  • Mass: 17.9296 grams
  • Thickness: 1.7 mm
  • Diameter: 30.4 mm
  • Gold Content: 0.5286 troy oz
  • Purity: 91.67% gold fineness

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Can IRA Accounts Contain Brazil Gold 20,000 Reis?

Brazil Gold coins are no longer legal tender, and this may concern you if you’re thinking of buying them for your precious metals IRA account. The Internal Revenue Service is the only one who can decide whether or not they’ll accept these Brazil gold bullion coins into a retirement plan like an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

They look at the gold purity and the collectors’ premiums for these coins. The gold must be 99.5% or higher, and there is a low collectors’ premium.

Before you can open this account, $5,000 in IRS-sanctioned gold or silver coins or bars must be purchased and then delivered to your account. After that happens, you can buy more at any time for only $1,000 increments. You can move money from other traditional IRAs to a new one or transfer over the assets in your old IRA to an existing account. Your new and current administrator will handle most of the work, but you’ll need to provide information about what you want to be done.

The IRS insists that the gold purity be at least 99.5% in order to include it within your self-directed IRA. Still, these historic and interesting Brazilian Gold 20,000 Reis pieces only contain 91.67%. Despite their rarity, they are also rejected by the IRS for collectability and additional premiums over spot gold prices. Even though these coins cannot be held in an IRS-approved retirement account, they are a great choice for investments and can make a valuable addition to your portfolio.

If you are frustrated by the lack of financial privacy in more modern gold bullion pieces, then contact a reliable dealer that trades world coins to find out how they can help.

Brazil Gold 20,000 Reis Pricing

Brazil Gold 20,000 Reis coins used to be the legal tender of Imperial Brazil. As Brazilian currency now is called the Real, these are no longer spendable today. Despite this, the intrinsic value of the gold they contain is worth over $550. This comes from the spot price of gold and because these coins were minted in a variety of cities around Brazil (not to mention their historical nature).

The gold content and the collectible premium together make up the market value of a coin. Collectible coins have more value in a collection or portfolio than they do if you sell them on their own.

Prices of gold go up and down every day of the week, including Sundays for gold markets. Gold trade on international precious metals exchange centers is found in London, New York, Chicago, Singapore, Hong Kong, Zurich, and other cities.

Buying Brazil 20,000 Reis Gold Coins

The Brazilian 20,000 reis gold coins are recommended because they’re in Very Fine to Extra Fine (VF-XF) condition and thus a better alternative for bulk buyers of modern bullion.

For collectors looking for a high-value coin that looks like an antique, these Brazil 20K reis coins are perfect. With more than half an ounce of pure gold and intricate designs on the front and back alike, they’re both valuable in weight & eye appeal.

The design features a bust of Emperor Pedro II on the obverse and the Imperial Arms of Brazil on the coin. An enlightened monarch often compared to Queen Victoria, Pedro II reigned as Emperor for 49 years. Beloved by people, he fought poverty and illiteracy with education initiatives that built schools across his country; brought about industrial reform while abolishing slavery in 1888 when it was still legal around most parts of Europe.

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The Brazilian 20,000 Reis coin is a favorite among world Gold coin investors because it has a rich history. It was used heavily in commerce until the 1920s and today is rarely found outside of Brazil. This makes them incredibly scarce and valuable to collectors looking for something that stands out from the rest.

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