Schiff Gold

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Schiff Gold

If you’re like most people, you’ve possibly heard of Schiff Gold. But what exactly is it? And more importantly, is it something you should invest in? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Schiff Gold and see how it stacks up against other investment options. We’ll also talk about the pros and cons of investing in this company so that you can make a knowledgeable decision about whether or not it’s right for you. So let’s get started!

Is Schiff Gold Legit or a Scam?

Who is Schiff Gold?

Schiff Gold is a company that gets rid of precious metals. Investors can buy silver and gold from them. They also have vaults that are very safe to keep your metals in.

Peter Schiff founded a company called Schiff Gold in 2010. Before 2014, it was called Euro Pacific Precious Metals. His goal when starting the company was to give people access to bullion. People always want to buy real gold or silver. They don’t want fakes. They can trust that they are getting the real thing because of guarantees. People will pay a fair price for their metals based on weight and current market prices.

Peter is honest when he deals with people. He gives people advice about investing in precious metals. This has saved many people from losing all of their money because investing in rare metals can give your portfolio more stability.

Schiff Gold is a company that has fair prices. They want to give you a good deal. Other companies might try to take advantage of you because they think that people don’t know what they are doing, but Schiff Gold does not do this.

Management Team

Peter Schiff is the founder of SchiffGold, but there are many others who help him. There are two Administrative Directors: Jonathan Sosnay and Matt Malleo, and a Director of Technology: Fabian Gambino. Those three people are all Senior Precious Metals Specialists, as are River Allen and Joel Bauman. Valeria Alikakos is the Staff Accountant.

Schiff Gold Products and Services

Schiff Gold is a company that helps people buy and sell precious metals. This includes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The company Gold offers many services for these precious metals, including storage, investments in the metal of your choice, buying back your gold to create an even higher value for you, and more!

Precious Metals Purchasing and Sales

They are an excellent place to go if you are buying gold for the first time. They will give advice and help you with making decisions. You should also go to Schiff Gold if you want to sell the gold that you already have. They will buy your precious metal, no matter where you bought it from. They may discourage you from buying coins since they can be hard to sell compared with other types of metal that are easier to sell.

Precious Metal IRAs

With SchiffGold, you can put your money into gold and silver. These are similar to regular IRAs, but they are for money that is for gold and silver. You could also put your old IRA into a new one or roll it over. You can turn your 401(k) from work into a precious metals IRA. Just make sure you have the right advisors around because you might get on the IRS’ bad side.

Safe Storage

If you possess precious metals as part of your IRA, the IRS does not want you to keep them at home. This is for safety reasons. Storage in a vault is safest for your precious metals. Schiff Gold has partnerships with professionals who make sure your gold is safe. They work in your area, even if you live across the world.

Home Safes

It’s best to keep your gold and silver in a place where it is very safe. You can keep them at home if you want, but you will need to find somewhere that is very safe. Gold is worth a lot. But you are also required to keep it safe! If you want help, talk to SchiffGold, and they can find the right safe for your gold. And make sure that it is safe and in a secret place.

Researching and Analyzing

Gold and other precious metals have been around for a long time, but new things are always happening with them. Resources like Schiff Gold help you stay up-to-date with the news about gold and other precious metals. Follow their social network accounts so you can discern real-time updates, old commentaries, and questions.

Schiff Gold: How to Get Started Buying Gold and Silver

Gold and silver have been harnessed as money for thousands of years. Gold’s scarcity and finite quantity make it a stable way to store wealth. In today’s world, gold is still a good choice because it is one of the most stable commodities to buy. Central banks can change the interest rates and print more money. This can make things like inflation worse. But gold continues to be worth the same.

Today, it is easier than ever to make gold and silver part of your portfolio. SchiffGold’s experts will show you how to buy gold and where to buy silver. Gold and silver are good for storing money. The team at Schiff Gold will take the time to understand what you want and then tell you how to buy gold or silver.

Schiff Gold Selling Precious Metals

There are a few firms that offer to buy precious metals from customers who need to sell their assets quickly. Schiff Gold will buy any precious metals, whether they were purchased through its firm or not.

If you want to sell something that Schiff Gold does not have in its marketplace, you may contact a sales representative and inquire about whether the firm will accept it.

Steps to Sell Your Metals

The initial step is to contact the firm about what you have to sell. You may reach out to them by email, using the live chat function, or calling the toll-free number.

You’ll be connected with a company employee who can assist you through the process. They’ll provide you an estimate for the metals you’re offering, or they’ll inform you that the firm isn’t able to purchase them at this time.

The following step is to wrap the metals and send them. It’s a smart idea to insure the package, so you’re not left out of pocket if it gets lost in the mail. You may also select to pick up your metals at one of several national and international drop-off locations.

After the precious metals have been delivered, the firm will send you a check or bank wire transfer for the agreed-upon price.

Schiff Gold Pros and Cons


  • Buyback program
  • Storage options, including vaults and home safes
  • Prices are competitive


  • The process for condemning an existing IRA into precious metals seems difficult
  • Zero reviews online from customers
  • You can’t buy metals online

Schiff Gold Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints

People couldn’t find a lot of reviews about SchiffGold. They have a high-status reputation, thanks to Peter Schiff. If he places his name behind something, many people discern it as a mark of quality. Their business exercises, such as offering especially low rates on precious metals, also make them look good.

They are concerned about the lack of reviews. It is important to learn about a company from what real customers have to say. When you make a big decision, it is important to find out what other people think about the company. Schiff Gold has no reviews on Google, BBB, or Trust Pilot sites.

People can understand a company with a few dozen reviews, but people will not know about the company if there are no reviews.

This doesn’t signify that they are a bad company, but we cannot understand investing in them when we can’t find any reviews from people who actually bought their products.


Augusta Precious Metals

star rating

Star Rating

Augusta Precious Metals is a group of people who are really smart. Anyone can ask them what they want to know about gold, silver, and other metals. They will answer in a way that makes someone understand it. Although customers may buy non-IRA gold and silver, the company focuses on Gold IRAs. This is different from other precious metals IRA providers who just offer precious metals IRAs as one of many alternatives.

There are many useful materials at low prices that you can get for free. It is quick and easy. Some people like this field because of the repeat business they get. This company is honest and tells customers about their ratings on popular sites. They also show what people say about them.

American Hartford Gold

4.8 star

Star Rating

The American Hartford Gold Group is a company that has two leaders: Scott Gerlis and Sanford Mann.

This company is based in Los Angeles. It was established in 2015, and it helps people to diversify their portfolios by investing in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium.

The company offers customers the tools they need to help them save money for retirement. The company has experts, customer service, a website, and publications that can help people save.

They sell a wide range of goods. They specialize in the sale of gold, silver, and platinum in the form of coins and bullion.



4.5 star

Star Rating

Goldco provides a lot of services to people in the area. Goldco follows all IRS requirements and also buys back your gold or lets you sell it on the market once you start using their distribution system.

This company does not provide custodian or storage services. But they work with other companies that do. So if you need a place to store your stuff, they can help you find it.

The company has been accepted as one of the fastest-growing businesses in its field because it has a lot of reasons that make it grow.

Goldco’s precious metals IRA is easy to open and only takes a few minutes. You can either conclude it online or over the phone. Once you’ve done it, you’ll need personal identifying information, such as your social security number. During the selection, they will give you a list of different precious metal IRAs that are open to you. If necessary, they should walk through the process step by step with you.


If you’re looking to invest in precious metals, Peter Schiff’s company may be a good place for you. The only services they offer are gold and silver bullion. They have an extensive range of products available with competitive prices on the market today. One thing to keep in mind is that there aren’t a lot of customer reviews online about this company, so it can be hard to tell if their fees are low or not.

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