First National Bullion

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First National Bullion

First National Bullion is a company that has been in the business of buying and selling gold and silver since 2009. They are one of the most reputable companies in the industry, and they offer some of the best prices around. This blog post will discuss First National Bullion’s history, its products, and why you should consider doing business with them.

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Precious Metals Investing In First National Bullion – Everything You Need to Know

What is the First National Bullion?

First National Bullion is a company that sells precious metals. The professionals at this company make sure that all the needs of their clients and investors are met.

First National Bullion always puts importance on giving its clients information. This company assures that its clients are always up-to-date with the current market and helps them make decisions that are best for them.

A Reputable Gold Dealer in Good Standing

People choose to do business with First National Bullion because they have experts who know about gold and silver. They have people who have worked for ten years in the industry.

The team has bought and sold over $100 million in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

The best company in the gold and silver industry is considered the leader. It has relationships with many governments and private mints across the globe.

Private Client Investors can contact their Account Executive any time of the day or night. If you buy gold or silver, they will ship it, and they will also give your insurance.

You can borrow cash against your precious metals holdings without selling them. This company has a good grade with the Better Business Bureau.

First National Bullion Products and Services

Precious Metals (Bullion)

First National Bullion provides quality precious metals that can help investors diversify their investment portfolios and protect their money. You can buy precious metals through First National Bullion’s website.
Selling your precious metals.

If you want to sell your precious metals, you can get offers from First National Bullion. However, if you are not happy with the offers you receive, First National Bullion can help you find a place to sell your precious metals.

If you want to sell your precious metal coins, you can consider First National Bullion. A company usually will come and give you an offer to buy all your coins. But, if you do not like the offer, they will tell you about other companies that will buy your coins.

Rare Numismatic Coins

Apart from gold and silver bullion, First National Bullion also sells rare numismatic coins. This will be exciting news for coin collectors. If you’re not familiar with them, these kinds of coins have a history of being profitable. So do your research before buying any!

People who collect coins can benefit from the numismatic coins offered by First National Bullion. These coins are more profitable than other types of coins. Before you purchase them, you might want to learn about their history and value.

Price/Market Information and Notification

The First National Bullion Company values education. That is why it updates its customers on the price of precious metals and what is happening in the market. With this information, investors will know when to buy precious metals.

If you want to know how the prices of precious metals have been doing in the past day, week, or month, you can find that information on First National Bullion LLC’s website.

You can choose a certain price for gold and have First National Bullion LLC let you know when that price is reached. This will assist you in deciding if it is time to buy or sell your precious metals.

The Retirement Center

In addition to information, First National Bullion has a retirement center. People can fill out an online form, and they will be able to gain access.

Here, people can learn about precious metals, especially gold. They will learn why these metals are important and how they can help with investment portfolios.

First National Bullion offers a retirement center. You can access it by filling out some online forms. Here, you will learn how precious metals can help improve your retirement investment outlook. You will have enough information to make a decision about whether you want to put gold in your retirement portfolio.

How Can You Invest Your Money with this Company?

There are three main ways to start investing in First National Bullion. Here they are.

Gold IRA

Yes, I was right. If you are looking for Gold IRAs, First National Bullion offers them. You can contact the company, and an employee or professional will help you throughout the whole process!

You can transfer your money from other accounts to a new First National Bullion IRA account. You can make money from Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, 401(b), 401(k), etc.

If you don’t want to do that, then open an account and deposit at least $3500.

Brinks Secure Storage

In order to store and protect your precious metals, First National Bullion offers Brinks Secure Storage.

Buying Precious Metals

You can order from the First National Bullion website. They can help you if you have any questions.

All of your orders are insured and shipped for free. This means that your precious metals will be safe. They are packaged under security cameras to make sure that nothing happens to them.

When you order something, they check that you have the right amount of products. When it is shipped, they check to make sure that you have what you ordered.

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The Pros and Cons of First National Bullion


  • Free shipping and insurance
  • BBB accredited with an A+ rating
  • Offers good products and services, including IRA


  • No information about the company’s product prices and fees
  • There is only one rating (BBB) known online

Trust Ratings and Reviews

Is First National Bullion LLC a Scam or Legit and Genuine?

First National Bullion is NOT A SCAM. It is a real company that has been in the business for a long time, and you can trust its service and products. Moreover, it has had an A+ rating on the BBB since 2007 and has been accredited by them.

Yes. This company is 100% genuine. You can trust it to deliver a wide range of services, including the purchase and sale of coins. It offers coins like these:

  • American Gold Eagle
  • American Silver Eagle
  • Gold Maple Leaf
  • Silver Maple Leaf
  • Gold Bars
  • Silver Bars

This company is a BBB accredited business. This means that it meets the quality set by the Better Business Bureau. The company has an A+ rating, which shows that it is a trustworthy and professional business.


Augusta Precious Metals

star rating

Star Rating

Augusta Precious Metals is a precious metals dealer that offers a number of helpful services to people concerned about diversifying their retirement fund through alternative assets: actual gold and silver coins and bars.

The website of Augusta offers consumers an easy method to buy gold and silver. Even before the purchase was complete, the business stated that it would assist American retirement savers in finding hard-to-find data about the economy to help them make better financial decisions.

Customers are continuously informed as they go through their account’s entire lifespan, from the moment they sign up to the time they cancel it.

The firm has processes in place to make purchasing gold and silver in an IRA or outside of an IRA simple, quick, and straightforward once a consumer decides on gold and silver from Augusta.

American Hartford Gold

4.8 star

Star Rating

One of the most popular precious metals investment providers is American Hartford Gold.

The firm, founded in 1997, is a family-owned business with more than two decades of experience in the gold and silver markets. They want to assist both novice and seasoned investors in achieving their financial goals.

They promise investors that they will only receive the highest grade of gold and silver, with a guarantee of complete customer satisfaction. They’re here to help you whether this is your first business or not.

They assist individuals in overcoming economic difficulties by providing a secure storage location for their money. This way, they’ll have a lot of cash on hand if and when they need it. Bars and coins are available in gold, silver, and platinum.

An investment advisor’s main goal is to aid investors in buying a variety of gold, silver, and other metals to diversify their investments, invest in gold IRA accounts, and establish an economic refuge for the future.



4.5 star

Star Rating

Goldco self-directed gold and silver IRAs are excellent for investors seeking hands-off investment diversification. Even though these IRAs are limited to a single asset class, they enable investors to safeguard themselves against paper assets by investing in precious metals.

When it comes to precious metals IRA investments, you don’t have to spend time researching the market; this is exactly the same as when you invest in equities, bonds, or mutual funds. Instead, select from Goldco’s range of gold and silver bullion to fill your account. Investors may invest in Goldco’s precious metals IRAs in the same way as other types of IRA accounts, providing a tax-advantaged retirement savings vehicle.


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First National Bullion is a trustworthy company that can provide you with sound investment advice when it comes to precious metals. With the latest market conditions, investing in gold and silver may be a wise decision for your portfolio. If you are interested in learning more about this company or its services, please visit their website or contact them directly.

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