Abigail Johnson Net Worth

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Abigail Johnson’s connection to investing and finance runs deep; her grandfather founded Fidelity Investments, and Johnson became the company’s Chairman, President, and CEO in 2016. Johnson is reported to own 24.5% of the privately held giant, which manages over $4.2 trillion in assets. According to Forbes, this has made her one of America’s wealthiest women, placing #85 on the list of billionaires for 2021 and #27 on its “Forbes 400” list.

Her vision leads Fidelity Investments – making Bitcoin and Ethereum available to customers as an asset in 2018 – which has solidified its status as an industry leader. Nevertheless, her net worth remains a subject of speculation; here, we provide a probable range based on publicly available assessments. These values are estimations.

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What is Abigail Johnson Net Worth?

Abigail Johnson’s net worth is estimated at around $25.1 billion, a figure cited in a November 2021 Forbes profile as her “real-time net worth” and likely accurate. This considerable wealth is derived from her 24.5% stake in Fidelity Investments, combined with the company’s overall valuation.

Abigail Johnson Biography

Abigail Johnson was born on December 19, 1961. She got a BA in art history from William Smith College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

In 1988, she joined the family business that her grandpa, Ed Johnson II, had started 42 years earlier. She quickly increased the company ranks, becoming Chairman, President, and CEO of Fidelity Investments in 2016.

She is already a part of history. Forbes put her at #9 on its “Power Women” list and called her “The Richest Person in America’s 50 Largest Cities” for 2016.

How Did Abigail Johnson Build Her Wealth?

Most of Abigail Johnson’s money comes from the massive success of Fidelity Investments, a family-owned business in which she and her family own 49% and she holds 24.5%. In its profile, Bloomberg points out that this business is in charge of assets worth a whopping $3.8 trillion.

How is Abigail Johnson Net-Worth Calculated?

To figure out how much Abigail Johnson is worth, take her assets and remove her debts. She owns 24.5% of Fidelity Investments, one of the world’s most prominent retirement fund managers, and makes tens of billions of dollars in revenue every year.

It’s important to remember, though, that the USD 25.1 billion number used to estimate her net worth is just a guess and may not accurately reflect her wealth.

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Who Else Invests Like Abigail Johnson?

Not every investment is the same. Check out these profiles of investors like Abigail Johnson to see how they compare:

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Want to Invest Like Abigail Johnson?

Most investors won’t be able to reach a net worth like Abigail Johnson’s, but you can still spend aggressively to build your wealth intelligently. To protect your portfolio from market volatility, you should invest in valuable metals or cryptocurrencies that have nothing to do with the stock market. Check out our reviews of Precious Metals IRA companies and Bitcoin IRA companies to learn more about what’s available in this space.

Pros and Cons of Abigail Johnson Net Wort


  • Abigail Johnson’s diversified portfolio allows her to take advantage of multiple investment opportunities.
  • She has access to top financial advisors and experienced stockbrokers who can help guide her in the right direction toward success.
  • She is a savvy investor who can make wise decisions regarding her investments.
  • Abigail Johnson is highly educated about investments, finance, and the stock market.


  • Her portfolio may be susceptible to market volatility and could lose value.
  • Certain risks are associated with investing, such as not correctly diversifying or investing in too many high-risk investments.
  • Her net worth may be exposed to legal or tax issues that could negatively impact her wealth.

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Final Thought – Abigail Johnson Net Worth

Abigail Johnson is an experienced and savvy investor with the potential to be successful. However, she needs to make wise decisions, properly diversify her investments, and understand the risks associated with investing to maximize her net worth. With guidance from financial advisors and stockbrokers, she can ensure that her hard-earned money is managed responsibly and efficiently. With the right strategies, Abigail Johnson can continue to grow her wealth and build a solid financial future. Thank you for reading!

This article shows that investing is risky but can be done successfully with advice and cautious decision-making.

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