Golden State Mint Reviews

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Taking action to protect your financial future should start ASAP. But where does one find the perfect investment broker?

There are plenty of available precious metal brokers you could open a gold IRA account with, and if you’re not careful, you may end up dealing with the wrong one. Make sure to read this Golden State Mint Review to learn more about this notable company!

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Background on Golden State Mint

The Golden State Mint has been refining and minting various precious metals since 1974. With almost 50 years of industry experience, the Golden State Mint is on the list of the most reputable private mint companies in the United States. It is a family-owned enterprise that takes pride in customer service and artistry.

One of their objectives is to meet all clients’ minting needs and deliver total confidence and reliability. The Golden State Mint has a high-volume production of precious metals to provide investors with the fastest deliveries and the most competitive pricing in the industry.

The company’s gold, silver, and copper creations are brand new and shipped directly from Golden State Mint. They do not sell second-hand Golden State Mint commodities which have been in market circulation already.

According to the Golden State Mint website, their products come with 100% satisfaction assurance. They are one of the sources of minting new coins, rounds, and bars. Whether a client is a seasoned investor or just a beginner, this gold IRA company may be the best broker to consider, especially with their reliable Golden State Mint custodians.

Golden State Mint Products

As mentioned, the Golden State Mint has a large production of investment grade precious metals from silver and gold categories. This section carries what investors can expect from Golden State Mint.

Below are some of the most popular IRA approved precious metals from this gold IRA company:

Gold Coins

Gold coins are one of the most adored gold forms by investors. Fortunately, Golden State Mint trades a range of gold coins, including the South African Krugerrand, Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, Gold Australian Kangaroo, Gold American Buffalo, and American Gold Eagle.

Every Golden State Mint coin is IRA-approved and certified. In addition, all successful purchases over 199 USD are for free!

Silver Coins

Like gold coins, silver coins are also the most preferred precious metal asset ever since. Golden State Mint deals with silver coins, including the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf, Silver American Eagle, and Chinese Panda.

The company assures all silver coins are authentic and IRA-approved. Also, Golden State Mint’s silver coins are available in different designs, ensuring clients find something they surely appreciate.

Gold Bars

Owning bars of gold is an excellent example of luxury. Golden State Mint is proud of having a huge catalog of various designs and sizes of gold bullions.

As a reputable bullion dealer, the company sells bars ranging from 1 gram to 1 ounce. They have the Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar, the Argos-Heraeus Year of the Tiger Gold Bar, and PAMP Suisse Cast Gold Bar.

Silver Bars

Golden State Mint provides clients with bars of silver with the finest cuts and highly-detailed designs. Similar to gold bars, the company also markets a wide range of silver bars from 1 gram to 1 ounce.

They have Den of Thieves Silver Bar, Aztec Calendar Silver Bar, and Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar. Check their online catalog to see the long list of silver bars available. 

Gold Rounds

Golden State Mints has offered exclusive gold round designs through the years. These are also genuine, IRA-certified, and approved with free shipping on all successful orders.

Bitcoin Gold Bullion Round, Gold Wearable Wealth Bullion Bracelet, and GSM Gold Eagle Bullion Round are some of Golden State Mint’s top gold round products.

Silver Rounds

Golden State Mint offers silver masterpieces like rounds with highly exclusive and detailed designs. Silver collectors can choose between 1 to 5 ounces, including the 500-piece monster box. 

The top silver round products from the company are the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary, 9/11 Remembrance Silver Round, and Bankster Justice BU Silver Round.

Golden State Mint Collections

Aside from precious metals coins, the collections in the Golden State Mint are one to watch out for. They offer a wide range of unique designs not easily found in other precious metal companies. 

Grouped into fun and historical themes, Golden State Mint clients are in for a treat. Each collection consists of 0.9999 refined gold and silver bullion proofs and rounds. In addition, all commodities are processed by hand, giving a beautifully aged appearance.

For reference, the list below talks about the Golden State Mint Collections.

Antiqued Silver

The Golden State Mint silver products are iconic as well. The Antiqued Silver Collection comprises silver rounds and coins made by hand to form a worn antique look to each metal. This collection includes Year of the Dog Antiqued Silver Round, Pieces of Eight Antiqued Silver Round, and Frazetta Death Dealer Antiqued Silver.


Golden State Mint offers bitcoins made of gold, copper, and silver coins, unlike other companies. This one may be new to many gold and silver collectors — how unusual is it to possess a legit precious metal asset created in cryptocurrency, right?

Crypto coins offered by Golden State Mint include Bitcoin Gold Bullion Round, Ethereum Copper Round, and Litecoin Gold Bullion Round.

Second Amendment | Right to Bear Arms

Golden State Mint gives its clients the liberty of celebrating and merging their Right to Bear Arms with actual money. This collection comprises different coins in honor of everyone who has sacrificed everything to serve and protect the freedom of American citizens. 

However, there is only a single design for these coins. Customers may choose between silver, antiqued silver, or copper. The Right to Bear Arms coin is also available in 1 or 2 ounces.

Incuse Indians

Bela Lyon Pratt designed and sculpted the 5 USD and 2.50 USD Indian Head coins. The incuse style is sunken instead of raised. And the benefit of this type of design is its protection from wear.

Golden State Mint clients can get Indian designs in 0.999 refined copper and silver and 0.9999 gold rounds.

Setting Up a Precious Metals IRA

Golden State Mint is one of the top dealers for precious metals IRAs. Luckily, their offered services extend to providing precious metal individual retirement accounts (IRAs) — they help investors easily open their accounts.

Customers must set up a self-directed IRA with their preferred custodian and fund it with either cash or rollover. After funding the account through specific payment methods, clients may purchase precious metals from the company and have them shipped to their houses or an IRA custodian.

Here is a more detailed process for setting up an IRA account with Golden State Mint based on their website:

  1. Finish the precious metals IRA process application packet.
  2. Make the necessary contributions.
  3. Work with a Golden State Mint representative to know which specific gold or silver the IRA must purchase.
  4. Submit a request for an IRA purchase.
  5. All precious metals are bound to be inside an IRS-approved depository during the purchase request.
  6. Time to check the account and check the status of the investments, including the earnings.

Why Put Gold in Your IRA?

The simple answer would be wealth protection and appreciation. Putting gold (like the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf) or any precious metals in an IRA provides more financial security than traditional investments like bonds and stocks.

Every investor must include an asset that is reliable and appreciated, especially in national and worldwide economic struggles. What better way to accomplish this than add precious metal IRAs to the portfolio mix?

These particular accounts allow investors to set aside tax-protected savings they can use in the future. It is highly recommended for investors who prefer to diversify their savings and, at the same time, create a hedge against market crashes and inflation.

Risks are always present in every investment. However, with the long-term benefits of individual retirement accounts, investors can freely cross “worries” on their financial concerns when the retirement date comes.

Buying Silver & Gold for IRA

After setting up the precious metals IRA, investors can already purchase their preferred gold and silver commodities. Fortunately, Golden State Mint has a wide variety of products ideal for anyone’s IRA.

Take note that not all precious metals are identical. When purchasing gold or silver for the IRA, one should remember that some products may bear a premium over their spot cost. This applies to rounds and coins.

On the other hand, other precious metal products like bars may be cheaper. This is because they are not collectibles, unlike coins and rounds. 

Investors who want to ensure the legitimacy of the products offered by Golden State Mint can check the IRA certification page. This contains all available information regarding how to set up an IRA account and buy silver and gold for IRAs.


Although precious metals are better alternatives for stock and bond investments, their values also fluctuate from time to time. This is why it is vital to monitor the market thoroughly.

Golden State Mint has different tools to help investors stay updated on the latest precious metal prices. With the accessible Price Tracker Tool, clients get notified about price alerts or whenever the market moves.

Additionally, the company has a Price Chart. On the other hand, this tool allows investors to observe how silver and gold prices fluctuate over time. The prices are available for viewing daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Ordering Process

The Golden State Mint provides a hassle-free ordering and delivery process for all orders. You can add the commodities to the shopping cart and check out.

What’s more interesting is that all orders over 99 USD are eligible for free shipping. However, if the orders do not meet the free shipping requirements, clients may still choose other shipping options to match their needs. 

Golden State Mint also provides a protected payment gateway for clients to know that their private information is safe. In addition, they accept all kinds of major cards, bank wire transfers, and PayPal.

For additional security and peace of mind, all clients can track their orders to stay updated on their status.

Shipping Policy

All precious metal products traded in the Golden State Mint are fully insured before shipment to ensure everything is safe and well-protected. 

Clients outside the United States may rejoice since Golden State Mint allows international shipments for most of their products. Don’t hesitate to contact Golden State Mint’s customer service department for further assistance.

There are three shipping options for all orders delivered within the United States.

1. Standard Shipping

This first shipping option ensures the products arrive in approximately 4 to 7 business days. It is deemed practical for investors who are not in a rush for their orders.

2. Expedited Shipping

This ensures the precious metal orders arrive safely at their destination within 2 to 3 business days.

3. Overnight Shipping

Investors hurrying to get their orders may opt for this shipping option. This one reaches the destination on the next business day. 

The processing of all orders is within one to two business days. Once the company ships the order, the client receives a shipping confirmation email, including the tracking information.

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Pros and Cons

A company review without pros and cons is incomplete. Below is the list of advantages and disadvantages a client may expect when teaming up with the Golden State Mint.

Golden State Mint Pros

  • Orders over 99 USD are eligible for a free shipping discount
  • Outstanding customer service assistance
  • A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Secure and flexible payment methods
  • It has an easy-to-navigate website, perfect for both beginners and seasoned investors.

Golden State Mint Cons

  • The product choices could be better
  • Unavailability of palladium

Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints

Most Golden State Mint Reviews are positive. The company earns recognition for its wide selection of precious metal products, secure payment gateways, and free shipping discounts for orders over 99 USD.

For the past years, Golden State Mint only has had one complaint. Client complaints include difficulty in reaching customer service and a lack of live chat support. However, the website now has live chat support where clients can ask queries and get the answers in real-time.

Critiques and reviewers naturally seem satisfied with the Golden State Mint products and services. Additionally, they recommend others to do business with them since they are a legitimate business.


The global precious metals industry has been partaking in the investment market. This is the time to hop into the trend and invest in precious metal IRA. However, choosing the best IRA broker will depend mainly on the client’s financial needs.

While there are many options, four precious metal dealers have been making names in the industry. And that includes the following:

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals

star rating

Star Rating

Augusta Precious Metals could be the perfect investment ally for opening or diversifying an individual retirement portfolio. This company commits to assisting clients in navigating the investment process — from setting up the account to the time of asset liquidation.

In addition, Augusta comprises a well-trained staff who devotes their time and effort to helping clients achieve their monetary and retirement goals. With proper expert guidance comes long-term trust and confidence between clients and the company.


  • Endorsement from the famous former Quarterback Joe Montana
  • Several positive critiques from different financial analysts
  • With interactive live webinars
  • Accessible IRS-approved depositories nationwide


  • The minimum initial payment seems too costly for most investors
  • Limited bullion options
  • The company website needs an update regarding the products and services offered.

American Hartford Gold

Star Rating

The American Hartford Gold has been at its peak of success despite being a newbie compared to other investment companies. This company monster delivers tailor-fitted investment plans to families and individuals looking to buy gold and silver for their IRAs.

Further, the American Hartford Gold acknowledges that education is one of the keys to success. This is why all customers can access the firm’s Data Center, which has a live chart. 


  • The starting investment amount is perfect for investors on a strict budget.
  • The company has gained the trust of Rudy Giuliani and Bill O’Reilly.
  • They are one of America’s fastest-growing private investment companies.
  • The company has outstanding customer reviews online.


  • No available option for international delivery
  • The website does not have a complete price list of products and services.


Star Rating

Goldco Precious Metals, simply Goldco, specializes in silver and gold individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Over the years since its foundation in 2006, the company has been part of the top-ranking investment enterprises that manage wealth and asset protection in the United States.

This California-based firm helps individuals and families shield their retirement funds by 401(k) plans, rolling over an IRA, or 403(b) plans to a precious metals-backed retirement account. In addition, it already has 16 years of financial expertise and still serves American retirement investors.

Goldco was a part of the American Business Awards as one of the top-performing financial service providers in 2021. With this recognition alone, clients may consider Goldco as their investment broker. 


  • All financial staff have long-term investment backgrounds and expertise.
  • New clients may avail of special promos.
  • Well-known personalities like Sean Hannity and Ben Stein recommend Goldco.
  • Prices are transparent and highly competitive to its competitors.


  • The initial base deposit could still be expensive for some investors.
  • There are no available palladium and platinum assets in the IRA category.

Birch Gold

Birch Gold

Star Rating

Birch Gold Group has established a trustworthy reputation for more than two decades, handling authentic precious metal investments. The crew also tests its skills by supporting individuals with portfolio diversification using silver, palladium, gold, and platinum.

With its long-term industry expertise, Birch Gold is prepared to deliver customers the finest investment plan. Anyone wishing to have their IRAs assured should consider partnering with Birch Gold Group.


  • The set minimum amount is a reasonable price for an initial investment.
  • The 17 years of investment expertise is one to consider.
  • Ben Shapiro vouches for this company.
  • IRS-certified depositories are available in several countries nationwide.


  • The company does not offer live webinars for its customers.
  • The website needs an update.

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Final Thoughts – Golden State Mint Reviews

Golden State Mint has already dedicated more than 45 years to pouring the best quality precious metal investments delivered to every client nationwide. And like most Golden State Mint reviews online, their most exciting advantage is their unique precious metal designs.

The Golden State company is a legitimate investment firm offering free shipping on orders of 99 USD and more. This is cheaper compared to most investment companies.

However, despite all the positive reviews on the metal designs and the vast catalog to choose from, they lack power on the IRA side. Investors looking for precious metal dealers for their IRAs may search for other brokers to deal with them.

On the brighter side, the Golden State Mint is perfect for investors seeking unique designs on the market. Aside from that, the company also sells supplies and accessories to keep the metals clean and antique-looking!

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