Noble Gold Reviews

Noble Gold Reviews

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Are you asking if Noble Gold is legit? The answer is a resounding YES. According to Noble Gold reviews, investing retirement funds with the company is risk-free. They highlight the company’s years of collective experience in precious metals IRAs .

Noble Gold provides excellent customer service and a wide range of investment options. The BBB awarded the company an A+ rating.

Along with the variety of investments, Noble Gold offers different investment levels and options for receiving and storing your gold, silver, and other precious metals.

They have been in the precious metals market for years and have used the expertise of people monitoring gold versus paper currency for decades.

To learn more about this company and gold investing, carefully check out this noble gold review!

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Overview of Noble Gold Company

noble goldNoble Gold Investments, co-founded by Collin Plume and Charles Thorgren, is one of the full-service gold IRA companies specializing in gold IRA and precious metals. The company’s founders started this company in 2017 upon realizing there was a need to overhaul the way precious-metal firms conduct their business.

At that time, buyers complained about how these firms were not being transparent. Buyers also claimed that these businesses were more inclined on the profit side and less on the side of helping their clients build value over their investments.

Thinking that the latter provides more value to customers, the founders set up a goal with the buyer in mind – client education and protection for their investments. Today, this is still the goal/mission that guides Noble Gold.

Education and Customer Satisfaction

These two key areas are the cornerstones of Noble Gold’s operations. The company is committed to client education with its unique and specialized pedagogical approach.

At first, a new client receives an investment kit from the company. Free and downloadable, it helps investors become clever and astute in investing their money. To get a sense of what it means to get such an education, go to their website and download their free gold guide.

So, what sets Noble Gold apart? It is the company’s commitment to building a clientele base of well-informed and well-educated investors who, at the same time, are people who are 100% satisfied with their investment decisions.


Noble Gold is a top-notch service that puts a premium on education and customer satisfaction. Along with these, the company also highlights its low yearly fees and minimum investments.

Notable advantages with this company include:

  • Quick application process: Noble Gold has a rollover process that is one of the easiest to complete. There is no phone call to make to initiate the application. Neither one does have to complete a tiresome PDF application. With this company, the applicant fills up a form one can complete in less than 10 minutes.
  • Low investment amount: The company also has the lowest requirement for the initial investment amount. By comparison, other companies require twice as more than them, as in the case of Regal Assets. Competitors like Goldco and Advantage Gold require a minimum investment that is five to six times higher.
  • Annual fees: Noble Gold offers competitive annual fees for a precious metals investment. By contrast, Advantage Gold requires an initial investment that is higher than their investment amount, which when satisfied, effectively waives annual charges for the first year of the account.

Here is a summary of advantages at a glance:

  • Fast sign-up process
  • Access to expert advisors
  • Top-quality customer service
  • Low investment minimums
  • Segregated storage
  • Flat fees


For clients who are interested in trying out precious metals investing, Noble Gold only comes with minor disadvantages:

  • Fairly young: The company is new in the industry, with only four years of operations since its inception. However, with the A+ rating it received from TrustLink and BBB, Noble Gold currently gets an influx of investments.
  • No overseas storage options: They have only storage locations in Texas and Delaware at the moment, with an eye on forming partnerships with international depositories soon.

Alongside investment education/training, which guarantees that you make appropriate investments within your portfolio, you can also take advantage of their buyback program, which is especially helpful when personal circumstances make ending your investment the only viable option.

Just inform the company that you no longer wish to hold on to your precious metals. When that time comes, Noble Gold will buy back all the precious metals you have in your account, no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

BBB Reviews


Noble Gold Investments Products

Customers can buy precious metals, precious coins, and silver and gold bars from Noble Gold. They can also buy IRA-sanctioned platinum and palladium bars and coins, along with a wide array of rare, collectible coins. The company offers fast delivery of metals and has connections with a wide network of suppliers. This helps keep costs low.

Reliable companies like Noble Gold offer products and services that support the following:

  • Portfolio diversification: The company provides investment opportunities that allow clients to move some of their retirement money out of a possible stock-heavy portfolio.
  • Storing of value: Precious metals hold their value over time. These investments have been proven to stand the test of time.
  • Hedge against inflation: Precious metals are the go-to hedge against inflation.
  • Security: Precious metals are a tangible investment. They are real versus the money that is a little more than electronic data in an online account.

Silver IRAs

noble gold - silver ira

Noble Gold encourages investors to invest in silver. The advantage with silver is its current demand is soaring while global supplies are slipping. On that account, many see this precious metal as the precious metal of promise.

For silver investments, Noble Gold offers the best prices. Their access to a wide array of suppliers allows them to come up with competitive pricing and offer the best deals on the market.

Noble Gold secures your silver IRA investment by placing your precious metals in a vault. Once you are ready to cash out, the silver metals are delivered right to your doorstep. It functions similarly to a regular IRA. However, instead of owning paper assets, you hold physical bullion coins or bars.

Gold IRAs

noble gold - gold ira

Converting your IRA to physical gold comes with many benefits. The first is that you get to have control over this new IRA, so you have the final decision on your retirement funds.

Next is: you also get to enjoy tax-deferment. This means you do not pay taxes on your precious metals for the time being. You will only pay the taxes required when you withdraw them from your account.

Noble Gold also gives clients two options for moving their funds to their new gold IRA accounts.

  • Transfer
  • Rollover

With a transfer, there is nothing much that the clients have to do. It only involves moving one’s assets from the old custodian without the investor taking receipt of the funds.

Noble Gold will work with New Direction IRA to have the funds transferred quickly. The transfer takes around 3 to 7 days to process. After which, the funds will be put into an FDIC money market account. The client will then receive a call from his account representative.

A rollover, on the other hand, involves taking the receipt of someone’s funds. A client has 60 days to reinvest the money in a new retirement investment. He will then receive a mail with a physical check from his existing IRA account service provider.

The client should then mail the check to Noble Gold. As long as he has deposited his funds into his new Gold IRA within 60 days, there will be no tax penalties.

Noble Gold offers a flat fee structure for clients and has limited options for highly sought-after metal products. With their years of experience in the business, the company can secure low-priced products to help their clients grow their portfolios fast.

Metal Coins

Noble Gold offers five options under the coin category:
  • Gold coins
  • Silver coins
  • Palladium coins
  • Platinum coins
  • Rare coins

Check out their 4-piece set of Gold American Eagle coins. Each coin in the package makes a priceless collectible for those that invest in the gold bullion market. However, the combination of four different Gold Eagle denominations makes this set an extremely-valuable catch.

Noble Gold follows the standards set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regarding acceptable coins for investment. The agency has approved the following gold coins:

  • American Gold Eagle (proof coins and bullion coins)
  • American Gold Buffalo (uncirculated coins)
  • Australian Kangaroo coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins

IRS-approved sizes available for these coins are:

  • One-tenth ounce
  • One quarter
  • One half
  • One ounce

Rare Coins and Collectibles

noble gold - rare coins

Noble Gold offers graded and certified rare coins. The agencies that certified and graded these coins are:

  • Numismatic Guarantee Corporation
  • Professional Coin Grading Service

These certifications guarantee that investors receive high-quality products in exchange for their hard-earned money.

Of particular value are the Indian coins, which are coins minted first in the early 1900s. These coins are available in denominations of $2.5, $5, $10, and $20. When you buy rare coins from Noble Gold, ask if they can give you one of their special collector boxes for free.

Aside from precious metals coins, other available items under this category include:

  • Morgan Silver Dollars
  • 1854 Kellogg $20 Coins
  • St. Gauden Set

These coins are steeped-rich with history and each coin carries its own unique story.

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Service costs vary from product to product. Noble Gold charges a recurring annual fee of $80 for Gold IRAs. For those who store their assets in a facility located in Texas or Delaware, the company charges $150 for this special storage.

Silver IRA storage, on the other hand, is charged with a yearly fee of $225. This fee is $25 less than the $250 charged for silver IRA storage in Texas.

The amounts cited here include insurance coverage fees and 24/7 online access to the investor’s account.

Noble Gold Products and Services

Reliable companies like Noble Gold offer products and services that support the following:

  • Portfolio diversification: The company provides investment opportunities that allow clients to move some of their retirement money out of a possible stock-heavy portfolio.
  • Storing of value: Precious metals hold their value over time. These investments have been proven to stand the test of time.
  • Hedge against inflation: Precious metals are the go-to hedge against inflation.
  • Security: Precious metals are a tangible investment. They are real versus the money that is a little more than electronic data in an online account.

What Makes Noble Gold Investments Unique?

Noble Gold offers a wide selection of precious metal coins and bars for purchase. These are insured investment options that are delivered securely to the client’s chosen storage location. The company ensures compliance with IRS requirements, so you can also be sure that you have a strong company overall to make business with.

Outstanding features for Noble Gold include:

Free Gold IRA Guide

This guide teaches investors on:

  • How precious metals offer financial protection from a collapse of the stock market
  • The ease of processing a retirement account into a precious metals IRA
  • How to reduce their tax liability concerning their precious-metal investments
  • How to regain true control of their future finances

First and Only Texas Storage

Noble Gold is exceptionally pleased to have secured a partnership with the International Depository Services (IDS) in Dallas. This partnership allows the company to offer the first and only gold depository in the south to their clients.

Up until now, there has been only one choice for Noble Gold – the depository in Delaware. With the new depository in Texas, Noble Gold investors are assured of high-level protection for their retirement investment.

The facility in Texas is one of the most highly-protected and fully-guarded facilities in the United States.

Buyback Program

If you have opened a gold or silver IRA account with Noble Gold, and later changed your mind, the company will buy back your precious metals. If you decide to sell your investment but cannot find a buyer, do not worry. Noble Gold will make sure that you can sell your precious metals with them as the buyer.

Royal Survival Packs

Noble Gold’s survival packs mix in one package the most common coins and/or bullion. You have the option of choosing a set that you can personally handpick.

Your survival pack will be delivered to you, or you can have it sent to their storage location and forwarded to you at a future date. In both of these options, Noble Gold assures clients of utmost privacy and confidentiality.

Stellar Education

Noble Gold puts high-quality client education at the forefront of its business. They offer a free educational guide to help investors find the right investment options and counsel them throughout the entire investment process.

When you are ready to set up an account with the company, they will help you every step of the way.

Fill out their application form, and once your form is complete, Noble Gold’s account team will put together the required paperwork. Then they will work with your existing custodian to move your funds into your new precious-metal IRA account.

Storage and Delivery Options

Noble Gold has two storage and delivery options. You can either have your package shipped straight to your home or have it held in a secure depository facility.

For survival kits (Noble Express and Noble Fortress):

  • The Noble Gold Express kit is delivered to the client’s house within five days of purchase.
  • The Noble Gold Fortress kit is stored in a high-security depository.

Security and confidentiality are guaranteed. When you choose to store in a depository, your holdings are placed in segregated storage.

The company will provide you with the necessary authentication papers that show your full legal ownership of the holdings and allow you to withdraw your precious metals on-demand – in part or whole.

While the company does not recommend storing precious metals in homes due to security reasons, Noble Gold ships its products to a client’s door if requested. Delivered packages arrive plain-wrapped and require clients’ signatures for receipt.

Noble Gold warns clients about the risks involved with storing precious metals at home. When natural disasters strike, these metals may be lost or damaged. The home storage option also comes with the additional costs of having your precious metals insured.

Bank storage is another good option but it also comes with its inconveniences, one of which is constrained accessibility. Your precious metals are only accessible during the bank’s operating hours. In contrast, Noble Gold depositories are accessible via an online channel 24/7.

Noble Gold IRA Fees and Policies

Noble Gold prioritizes the needs of their client. This is evident through the fees they charge on gold IRA investments. The annual payment for having an account is only $80, and for gold IRA storage services, they charge only $150 per year.

The storage fee covers insurance and housing your metals separately from those of other investors. As for delivery, they do it fast and take only five days for your precious metals to be protected within a certified pool of gold IRAs.

New investors also get a bonus offer that changes every month. In some months, they offer a bonus of free 5 ounces of silver.


Checking out this business on the BBB website, Noble Gold has received 0 complaints so far. Further, it received a 5/5 rating from all the customer reviews posted on the BBB site. Noble Gold is listed on BBB as a precious metal dealer accredited since January 22, 2017.

Some of the common complaints on other precious metal dealers include:

  • Cancelled items due to out-of-stock issues
  • Late deliveries
  • Missing items discovered upon receipt of delivery

While Noble Gold has received 0 complaints, other companies received more than 50 complaints and this is particularly true with one company having 56 complaints received. The company in question has been operating for 21 years which is significantly longer than Noble Gold’s 4 years.


While Noble Gold is a highly-recommended business to invest one’s hard-earned wealth with, it is still essential for you to be aware of other companies with similar services.

Check out these other alternatives:

American Hartford Gold

Star Rating

This company also offers a free guide for new investors, but they do not have eBooks like Goldco. Gold and silver IRAs and coin items (including silver coins) are available on this site. Still, Noble Gold has more offerings in terms of precious metal coins because they have rare coins and collectibles on their shelves. American Hartford Gold also does not allow the option of home storage and like Goldco, investors can only get physical ownership of their assets upon reaching the age of 59½ years old.


Star Rating

Just like Noble Gold, this company also offers a free downloadable guide for anyone interested, which probably means they are also committed to guiding their clients through the process. Additionally, they offer eBooks for investors to read.These books were written by professionals working in this company or by external partners perhaps.

One significant difference is that they do not allow physical possession of precious metals by their investors. Investors can take physical ownership of their invested assets without penalties only when they turn 59½ years old. Also, a quick check on the Goldco website tells you they have limited offerings. They offer only Gold and Silver IRA investments, which are limited, compared to the products of Noble Gold.

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If you are looking at investing your retirement safely and securely, Noble Gold is one of the best places to go. You can invest your money, either as a gold IRA, or a silver IRA or as precious metal coins.

Investing with Noble Gold is a good investment solution because of:

  • Low fees and low minimum requirements (perhaps the lowest in the industry)
  • Easier portfolio diversification (wide range of available investment options, especially
  • Noble Gold coins and physical precious metals)
  • Ability to hold physical possession of assets if preferred

Visit Noble Gold’s website today so you can dig deeper as you aim to know more about them and start your Noble Gold account. Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two in this Noble Gold Investments Reviews.

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