Best Gold Coin Investments

best gold coin investments

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Collecting gold coins as a unique investment is a stellar way to diversify one’s portfolio. Aside from being a great hedge against inflation, gold coins are also something that an investor can hold in their hands.

To those fearing an economic crisis, it would be helpful to know the best gold coin investments in the market!

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Best Companies to Invest Gold Coins In

It is undeniably an enormous struggle to find a company to trust regarding one’s hard-earned savings. That burden tends to increase twice if that savings are for retirement. To help ease that particular hardship, here are the best gold IRA companies that accept gold coin investments.

Augusta Precious Metals: Editor’s Choice – Great Buyback Program (4.9/5)

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Augusta Precious Metals is a premiere and top-quality gold IRA company with a long-standing history of giving one of the most secure precious metals for IRA accounts. Working with thousands of clients and investors allowed Augusta to build its excellent reputation and name.

The company prides itself in taking the hassle out of setting up accounts and navigating through its clients’ long list of requirements. They help customers focus mainly on acquiring gold for their accounts.

Augusta assists and guides its clients effortlessly in opening and managing accounts. Their professional team and specialists also aid gold IRA customers with creating IRS-approved precious metals selections for their IRA accounts. The company offers premium silver and gold coins in various weights.

Moreover, Augusta is not one to leave its customers in the dark. The company offers high-quality, informative video content to help customers better comprehend and understand the gold investment world. Aside from featuring content made by Harvard-created economists, they also provide each client with a gold professional to assist them in every step of the purchasing process.


  • Excellent customer service with over a thousand positive ratings
  • The company offers free education resource
  • Augusta practices transparency
  • Account lifetime service


  • High minimum investment fee
  • Higher markups on premium coins

American Hartford Gold: Runner up – Best Price for Bullion (4.8/5)

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American Hartford Gold is a famous family-owned gold IRA company that made it its sole mission to help individuals invest in precious metals. It includes coins, bars, and bullion in gold, silver, and platinum. They embody customer dedication, quality customer service, and fair pricing.

This company aspires to help its clients achieve greater security for their retirement savings by adding ‘safe haven’ assets to their investment portfolio. Through their expertise, they offer the latest market information to empower experienced and beginner investors.

Another thing that makes American Hartford Gold appealing to its customers is its low minimum investment ($10,000). While they have one of the lowest in the industry, they’re not to be brushed off!

They still provide some of the country’s most outstanding services and products. They are not just one of the best in name but also in practice and execution.


  • Opening an account online takes only a matter of minutes
  • The customer buyback feature is available
  • Excellent customer service
  • Online education for clients


  • The company’s online catalog does not display its pricing
  • No international shipping

Goldco: Best and Most Trusted Gold IRA Company Overall (4.6/5)

Star Rating

Goldco is a well-established and highly-accomplished company where clients can purchase and invest gold coins. It is an industry leader that is a definite contender for the best gold IRA company in the world. Goldco is a big-name industry veteran, having been around for over a decade.

This company earned a solid A+ from the Better Business Bureau and an AAA from Business Consumer Alliance — a massive feat for any company in any industry. Goldco wins its clients with quality customer service, ethical business practices, and dependability.

Goldco offers a wide range of gold IRA-approved precious metals products, including gold coins. The company allows its customers to purchase metal assets and invest them in IRA accounts. They also assist in protecting retirement savings by helping customers convert their existing accounts to a secure gold IRA.

Aside from selling precious metals and account rollovers, Goldco also takes enormous pride in its vast educational resource library. They focus on educating their clients and giving them everything they need about gold IRA investment.


  • Helpful and extensive educational resources
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Stellar ratings, including an A+ rating from BBB
  • Positive public reputation supported by mountains of good reviews


  • High minimum investment requirement
  • A flat rate fee is pricier for lower balances

Birch Gold Corporation: Great Staff Overall (4.5/5)

Star Rating

Birch Gold is an excellent choice for those who want to settle with an ideal gold investment company. The firm allows its clients to invest in various precious metals, including gold.

Investing in precious metal assets is a viable way to create financial protection for oneself. Precious metals, like gold coins, serve as a great portfolio diversifier against inflation.

The best part about Birth Gold is its ability to help and guide its clients in setting up precious metal IRAs that could work exceptionally well for them in retirement. Depending on their preference, they can also purchase various types of metals from the company – including a wide selection of gold coins!

During its 19 years in the industry, Birch Gold remains one of the best and most recognizable names. Much of their success lies in their belief to empower and educate.

Birch Gold has an executive team of former financial advisors, wealth managers, and commodity brokers that have helped many Americans diversify their accounts and savings with precious metals.


  • Two long decades in the industry
  • Wide range of precious metal selections for IRAs
  • Excellent ratings and reviews
  • Low minimum investment


  • Limited hours of customer service
  • Higher fees compared to other competitors

The Prices of Gold Coins Explained

Gold coins have been a universal currency for over 5,000 years. Various government mints actively mint legal gold coins worldwide to create a form of money and a store of actual value. Gold coins are still the top form of cash and currency floating around.

Gold bullion coins have also been specifically made to mark a special one-off event, like the 50 oz. Krugerrand. These tend to be precious and more valuable. Gold coins can have a high resale value and liquidity if kept or restored to good condition.

The price of gold coins can be determined using various factors. Some of the ones mainly considered are the coin size, type, and grade. Sometimes, heritage and mintage are also factored in.

Gold prices are immensely based on supply and demand. Unlike paper money, gold coins have limited availability. Furthermore, its demand tends to outweigh its supply greatly. That and its ability to maintain value make it incredibly sought-after by many investors and sellers.

Today, various enterprises can use these coins to manufacture electronics or medical devices. It is also something that is used well in jewelry and investment! With its demand seeing no downright turn anytime soon, gold coins will undoubtedly remain one of the most valuable physical precious metals assets.

Understanding Gold Coins

Gold has a long history of being used as a medium of exchange, an agreed payment form for services and goods. It’s what one can consider as the ‘original’ money back in the day. As people know it today, money originated from recognizing and accepting gold as a precious commodity.

The first instance that gold coins were used as a form of money was in 600 B.C., under King Alyattes in the Kingdom of Lydia. The first gold bullion coin was made of less than 50% gold content and was stamped with various pictures to denote different denominations. That marked the first coinage in history.

Carthage, Ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire were the ones to establish the usage of gold coins in Europe. That jump-started the use of it, and soon after, every other civilization used gold coins to settle debts, procure goods, and finance wars. Gold coins have evolved leaps since then.

With the increasing demand for gold coins, it is expected to see a spike in their significant rates. It’s not just gold, either. Other precious metals, namely silver, platinum, and palladium, are all becoming increasingly popular – especially in the investment world.

Several honest and reputable coin dealers today are available. They help investors and collectors buy gold bullion coins at fair and reasonable market prices.

Unfortunately, there are also many scammers and fraud dealers loitering around. They aim to defraud the uninformed and offer overpriced gold coins to unsuspecting customers.

Understanding Bullion Vs. Collector Coins

The industry of precious metals is split somewhat in the middle, with one half preferring gold and the other half silver or other precious metals. Most of these Buyers and Investors Purchase American Gold Eagles because they are easier to sell and Invest in. With coins, there are two types available in the market — bullion and numismatic (collectors).

Investors need to be aware of the difference between bullion and collector coins. Bullion, for starters, fluctuates in value according to the current price of gold, silver, and platinum. They are mainly sought after for their precious metal content.

Meanwhile, collector coins are rare and carry significant collector premium value, depending on the historical supply and current market demand. These coins may or may not have inherent worth and are often sought out for their rarity. They are sometimes valuable because they have incredible historical significance, are one-of-a-kind, are minted extraordinarily, or have special marks.

For investors, it is necessary to determine which type would be the best gold coin investment. Which would be the most profitable and valuable in the future?

Investors choosing between bullion and collector coins can depend on their answer on what they hope the investment achieves. In various instances, numismatics carry more significant risks and a huge premium — much more than their inherent value. The investor relies on a non-existent value to remain stable with a collector’s coin.

Bullion coins, on the other hand, always have value. The investor only pays for the gold content without concern for fashion or trends.

The Sizing of Coins

One of the main things that will catch an investor’s attention about gold coins is their various sizes. Similar to bullion, gold coins come in several ounces and partial-ounce sizes. The ½, ¼, and 1/10 oz coins are typically pricier than their single-ounce counterparts.

The reason is primarily due to the extra costs of minting, creating, insuring, and packaging the coins. There are still substantial benefits to investing in smaller and lower denomination gold coins, based on a person’s needs. For example, these coins are more accessible to store as a failsafe when commuting or traveling.

Additionally, when it comes to the time that an investor wants to trade their gold for other items, it is far easier to deal with ¼ or ½ oz coins, as opposed to one-ounce coins. These coins also may be exchanged for higher prices or premiums when brought to pawn shops or similar locations.

The Most Popular Coins

There are lots of gold sovereign coins out there. To make the right choices, an investor must know which ones are allowed by the IRS.

Other gold bullion coins are acceptable as well, but here are the most popular coins for investment in the market:

Gold American Eagle

This gold coin is the perfect symbol and expression of the American spirit and is entirely based on Augustus Saint-Guadens’ popular design. On one side of the coin, it bears the image of the American bald eagle, while the other contains a depiction of Lady Liberty, who strode in front of the sun.

American Gold Buffalo

It is a lovely and stunning gold coin that gained massive popularity because it features a rendition of James Earl Fraser’s famous Buffalo Nickel. One side bears a Native American chief’s portrait, while the other depicts a magnificent Black diamond-inspired American buffalo.

Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

The Gold Maple Leaf is an iconic gold coin with an exquisite and innovative design — an exhaustively well-detailed maple leaf on the surface made of 0.9999 gold. This coin is guaranteed in purity by the government of Canada and serves as the nation’s official gold coin. The Royal Canadian Mint comes second in line regarding collectible value.

British Gold Britannia

Produced by the U.K Royal Mint, this gold coin was created by the same team behind the £1. With .9999 gold fineness and the massive recognisability of Britannia, this gold coin has excellent value and great liquidity potential. It is one of the best gold coin investments as it is arguably the most secure coin in the world.

The latest release of the coin is much more secure than the previous, with its bold, intricate designs that make it incredibly hard to copy or imitate.

South African Gold Krugerrand

Being the first bullion coin in the whole world, it is not surprising that this is an industry favorite. Its design is iconic and easily recognizable thanks to its unique color and depiction of the springbok antelope on one side.

While some buyers and investors feel it needs to be more detailed than other more elaborate coins, this is the only gold bullion coin with a simple design that has existed since 1967 and has proven to have massive power in the investment world. This is your top choice if you want to prioritize safety in choosing the best gold coins.

What Are The Differences Between Gold Bars and Gold Coins?

Simply put, gold is a valuable lump of metal. It is usually minted into a cuboid-like shape, with the weight and purity of the gold content inscribed on its surface. From there, it’ll either be a coin or a bar.

For gold investors, it is helpful to know the difference between them so they can choose the better option for investment.

Gold bars, mostly bullion, are a favorite choice for investors looking to purchase gold. It is typically sold in ounces or grams. The manufacturer, weight, and purity should be stamped on the face of the bar.

Gold coins, on the other hand, are popular collectibles. Investors can pay a premium over what they would have for the same amount of gold bullion. They typically contain less gold content than gold bars.

Gold Bars vs. Gold Coins: When Is It Better to Pick Coins?

Gold coins are the best option for those who want their gold to be something beyond financial investments. Gold coins are ideal for those that appreciate historical value. These coins are minted in continuous annual series.

They increase in value over time because collectors prefer to ‘complete’ their gold collection and pay increasingly more for older and rarer coins. There is also an additional economic value to gold coins.

There is more value to be found in gold coins’ increased rarity levels if someone plans to sell them to coin collectors who want to complete an entire series or find a particular year. This value will undoubtedly increase as it becomes harder and harder to find gold coins from older years.

First-Time Investors and Small Investors

Small and newbie investors should look into gold coins for their first purchase, as they are an excellent option for small investments. For a novice and starting investor, a 1-ounce gold coin cost of about $2,000 seems reasonable and a good starting point.

Popular gold coins, including the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and Krugerrand coins, typically attract the attention of lower market premiums. It makes these coins one of the best gold coin investments for beginners.

Large Investors

The decision is less complicated for those looking to allocate more funds for their investments in buying gold coins since it’s most important to get the best possible value to achieve maximum return on investment. It is always advisable for large investors to keep a diversified collection of gold coins and bars.

Particular emphasis is placed on British coins. Sovereigns typically demand a higher premium. High net-worth investors should consider this since it also allows the potential for higher upside profits from their investments.

Is It Alright to Invest in Gold Coins?

There are some excellent advantages to investing in gold coins. It is a relatively safe bet against inflation. While at it, investors should educate themselves with all the information about gold coins rather than relying on what a coin dealer says. That makes someone incredibly vulnerable to scams and fraud.

The best gold coin investments should offer the best return in exchange for the risk an investor takes on with the acquisition. That enables them to obtain the most gold value for all the dollars they spend.

Final Thoughts – Best Gold Coin Investments

Gold coins will continue to represent substantial investments in collectible and precious metal markets. Though, like any other investment, there is a particular risk one must take. An investor must choose the best gold coin investments to ensure they will be worth it.

Augusta Precious Metals repeatedly proved that investors could place their trust in it. Aside from an extensive gold coin selection, another appeal to them is their clear mission of providing specific precious metal IRA services and offering transparent fee structures to fit the needs of each client.

With an emphasis on building customer relationships, Augusta is determined to assist investors in making the best financial decisions for their investments and gold purchase.

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