Larry Page Net Worth

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Larry Page is a prominent entrepreneur and visionary of the twenty-first century. His net worth is approximately $50 billion, placing him among the world’s wealthiest people. Larry Page, a co-founder of Google, has had a significant impact on molding the digital future and altering how billions of people access information, education, and entertainment.

He is also credited with advancing technology and making the world more connected. With his audacious ambition and pioneering drive, he has made enormous contributions to the technology industry and society.

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What is Larry Page Net Worth and Salary?

Entrepreneur Larry Page is worth $98 billion. Larry Page made his fortune as the founder of Google, which is now known as Alphabet’s parent company. Larry Page was Google’s CEO twice. He was CEO from the company’s inception in September 1998 to August 2001, when he handed over the reins to Eric Schmidt.

Between April 4, 2011, and October 2, 2015, the firm was restructured, and Alphabet Inc. was formed as Google’s parent company; he returned as CEO. Larry handed the CEO role to Sundar Pichai when he stepped down in 2015. While both were graduate students at Stanford, Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google.

Larry Page owns around 6% of Alphabet, and Larry and Sergey own 51% of the voting powers in the corporation thanks to super-voting shares. Larry has sold almost $9 billion in Alphabet and Google stock since the company’s IPO in 2004.

Page owns Alphabet Class A, B, and C stock and 20 million Alphabet Class C shares. Larry’s family foundation, the Carl Victor Page Memorial Fund, oversees more than $1 billion in assets contributed by Larry.

Early Life

Larry Page was born on March 26,973, in East Lansing, Michigan (the site of Michigan State University). His father, Carl Victor Page, Sr., has been recognized as a computer science pioneer.

Larry began tinkering with computers and creating innovations from a young age. From 1975 until 1979, he attended Okemos Montessori School. He then graduated from East Lansing High School in 1991. Larry attended Interlochen Center for the Arts for two summers while still in high school, where he focused on the saxophone.

For his undergraduate studies, he received a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering from the University of Michigan.

Stanford and Creating Google

Larry enrolled in Stanford University’s computer science program after graduating from the University of Michigan. He must find a dissertation topic as part of the curriculum. He eventually investigated the World Wide Web’s mathematical features and link structure. His significant discovery was that the number of backlinks obtained from other websites could be used to determine the quality of a website. This finding reflected how academics use citations to assess quality.

Sergey Brin, a fellow Ph.D. student, eventually joined Larry on the “Backrub” project. They collaborated on the study “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine.” At the time, their publication was the most downloaded scientific document in the history of the internet.

They then used the Backrub web crawler to create an algorithm that assigned a quality score to every website. They named this algorithm “PageRank,” a reference to an internet page and Larry’s surname. Following the development of a crawler and an algorithm, the next obvious step was to create a search engine to display results.

After being essentially thrown off campus for exploiting too many University computer resources, Larry and Sergey formed Google as a commercial company in 1998. The original domain name was “Googol,” a number made up of one followed by one hundred zeros. They began with a $100,000 investment from David Cheriton, one of their Stanford teachers. In the end, Cheriton’s $100,000 investment would be worth more than $2.3 billion.

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Google IPO

Google went public on August 20, 2004, under CEO Eric Schmidt, who had been brought in to develop the company into a professional business. Schmidt was CEO until 2011 when Larry took over. He was CEO until December 2019, when he and Sergey left the organization.

They control most of the company and remain on the board, but neither has a day-to-day job. Sundar Pichai took over as CEO after him. Today, the corporation generates more than $130 billion in revenue.

He is one of the world’s wealthiest people and one of the richest internet entrepreneurs in history. Larry Page has won numerous professional honors, including an honorary MBA from IE Business School and the Maxim Foundation Prize in 2004 (the highest technical prize possible).

He is also a Marconi Foundation Fellow at Columbia University and just received an honorary Doctorate from the University of Michigan. Along with co-founder and buddy Sergey Brin, Page is involved in various charity endeavors.

Personal Life and Real Estate

Larry and Lucinda Southworth have been married since 2007. They married on Necker Island, Richard Branson’s private island. They are the parents of two children. His primary property is a 9,000-square-foot home in Palo Alto, California, which he purchased for $7.2 million in 2005.

Beginning in 2009, the Pages began purchasing and demolishing most properties surrounding their principal residence.

Larry invested $45 million in the 193-foot yacht Senses in 2011.

Larry and his family relocated to Fiji during the COVID-19 pandemic, where they purchased at least one complete private island and possibly several adjacent islands.

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Pros and Cons of Larry Page Net Worth


  • Larry Page’s net worth has allowed him to become one of the world’s wealthiest people, giving him financial security and the capacity to make substantial investments in creative enterprises.
  • His fortune has been used to fund philanthropic projects such as, an organization dedicated to global humanitarian concerns and poverty reduction worldwide.
  • As CEO of Alphabet Inc., he can influence decisions impacting technology and the global economy long-term, resulting in good global change.


  • Some may view his concentration of wealth as harmful, as it may lead to an unequal allocation of resources among individuals and nations.
  • Larry Page’s wealth may have come at a cost, as it may be argued that his success has been founded on labor exploitation and environmental damage due to Alphabet Inc.’s business practices.

Final Thought – Larry Page Net Worth

Larry Page has earned substantial wealth and achieved significant success in his work. His net worth reflects his work ethic, determination, and ambition, and he inspires everyone seeking to attain their financial objectives. His wealth enriches him and enables him to continue investing in new and innovative ventures that benefit society. Finally, Larry Page’s enormous net wealth is both remarkable and inspirational.

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