GSI Exchange Reviews

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Say goodbye to tricky financial securities and say hi to precious metals individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Know that perfect investment is possible with the ideal broker. However, it can be daunting if one does not know where to look.

Multiple online sources write GSI Exchange reviews to see if it deserves the spot as one of the reputable investment brokers today. Make sure to read through since they are for your best interest!

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About GSI Exchange

The GSI Exchange is a renowned online national coins and precious metals company specializing in gold and silver individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Since its foundation in 2014, the company has offered an inventory of the highest quality gold, silver, platinum, and palladium gold at competitive prices.

They are located in Palm Beach Gardens, and it is one of the few investment companies that offer both IRA and non-IRA precious metal assets for clients who want to diversify their retirement portfolios and protect their wealth against inflation.

According to the GSI Exchange office website, their leadership team comprises individuals with more than 75 years of collective industry experience. Additionally, they carry various precious metal bars from big refineries, such as Johnson Matthey, PAMP Suisse, and Credit Suisse.

Why Invest With GSI Exchange?

The GSI Exchange family is one of the strong-growing brokerages founded by experienced dealers and industry veterans with a shared vision for delivering high-quality investment opportunities for clients worldwide — all of which are offered in better prices than their competitors. Their credibility within the financial industry is one to consider, especially with their renowned employees like Bob Matias.

Aside from their expertise in physical precious metals, GSI Exchange offers various investment products and services, including wholesale trading, commodities, stocks, indices, and forex. The company also provides great service through comprehensive training and assistance to its clients, constantly educating them to build trust over time.

With a massive inventory, GSI Exchange can put better precious metal assets, buybacks, and prices than other companies online. Why would anyone miss out on such a great offer as a retirement investor?

GSI Exchange Products and Services

The GSI Exchange provides different trading services for both individuals and businesses. Most dealers often care about the welfare of their company, but GSI Exchange knows how to balance things out.

GSI Exchange gives clients many options designed to help them make sound decisions concerning their retirement portfolios. It includes silver and gold IRA plans, which permit investors to hold physical precious metals in an individual retirement account.

In addition, GSI Exchange provides several ways for investors to store, buy, and sell precious metal assets through domestic, international, and pooled accounts.

Bank Failure Scenario Kit

The Bank Failure Scenario Kit is a guide exposing different ways a bank can legally seize or freeze one’s money in times of financial trouble. More importantly, this scenario kit provides investors with various strategies to deter such happenings in a bank collapse.

Each GSI Exchange client can rest assured that all their assets are safe and secure in any bank failures. This company uses separate accounts for each investor account at numerous FDIC-insured banks.

The funds are held at the bank on the investor’s behalf, separate from the others. This guarantees that certain assets are not mixed with other corporate funds.

In an event like a bank failure, the segregated accounts are held in trust, and you can still enjoy that expensive steak dinner. Moreover, the FDIC must return funds to the clients without delays.

Precious Metals IRAs

Having a GSI Exchange Precious Metals IRA means one can invest in some of the most coveted products globally. They have silver, gold, and other tangible assets with real competitive value in the precious metals market.

In addition, the GSI Exchange team dedicates its time to helping clients take control of their retirement funds by investing in gold and other precious metals.

A gold or precious metals individual retirement account (IRA) is a type of account in which approved precious metals, such as gold and silver coins, are kept in custody for the safety benefit of the IRA investor.

It functions similarly to a regular individual retirement account. However, it has physical gold bullion bars or coins instead of paper investments, which is an ideal option for your future financial well being.

These metal assets are available for buy and sell in bars and coins. The investors can choose whether to deliver the precious metals to their homes or store them in an IRS-approved depository.

Precious metal IRAs are also one of the safest retirement investments available now. Investors do not need to fret about the security of their assets because their precious metals are protected from the devaluation of paper currency and loss of purchasing power.

Buying from and Selling to GSI Exchange

First and foremost, the GSI Exchange’s leading business is selling precious metals to clients with the prime intention of holding them as investments.

The GSI Exchange is a wholesale merchant of the precious metals industry. They are pleased to buy and sell metal assets to and from their clients. Moreover, they barter in various weights, ranging from small coins to a kilo bar of gold.

GSI Exchange has free accounts but usually asks for orders to be at least 1,500 USD in value. But note that this lowest-order size may change depending on the transaction volume. It may be lower or higher at any given time.

To feed one’s curiosity, GSI Exchange does not have a maximum order. However, investors must never forget that some immense orders may take more time to deliver or ship. There is no harm in asking questions — the firm’s Account Executives can answer such queries.

Unlike other dealers, the company provides a more elaborate catalog for those who want to browse it before placing an order. The online catalog has detailed information like the price of the commodities and how much they are.

Another thing to consider about buying from and selling to GSI Exchange is its ability to keep prices up with frequent changes due to market fluctuations. They ensure clients are updated often to guarantee that they get the correct, current commodities prices.

Account Information

Who does not want any freebies? GSI Exchange provides free accounts to its clients!

All GSI Exchange consumers can buy and sell silver or gold at the industry price at their own risk. Furthermore, the company does not require a minimum investment to set up an account. However, they charge an annual 75 USD fee.

Once a client reaches one of the listed tiers below, the annual fee is waived.

GSI Elite

These are a set of clients who hold more than 50,000 USD worth of precious metals.

GSI Platinum

These are GSI Exchange members with more than 100,000 USD worth of precious metals.

GSI Diamond

This is the highest among the three tiers of GSI Exchange members. GSI Diamond comprises clients with more than 250,000 USD worth of precious metals investments.

The Shipping Process

GSI Exchange offers an uncomplicated shipping process plus flexible shipping options. Clients may avail of the cheapest option, but it will take the longest. They may opt for expedited shipping if they need the commodities in a rush.

Either way, GSI Exchange ensures that all orders are processed and dispatched within two days after receiving the invoice. To add to the client’s peace of mind, the company partners with one of the swiftest ways to get the precious metals shipped to the respective owners.

GSI Exchange teams up with UPS for all deliveries, which can deliver to almost all locations within the United States. They can ship within two business days or less.

The company ensures that each order is in a well-bubble-wrapped envelope and is sent through the USPS First Class Mail — unless otherwise specified. Also, a tracking number is indicated for each shipment.

Customers can contact the GSI Exchange if they have not yet acquired the parcel within two weeks after the scheduled delivery date. However, the company will not cater to the extra shipping expenses if the reason is due to incorrect or incomplete addresses.

Clients don’t need to fret about their orders because GSI Exchange will deliver them one way or another. All they have to do is contact any company representative for further assistance. This goes the same with damaged packages and incomplete items.

Pros & Cons

Like all precious metals companies, GSI Exchange is an excellent dealer with an immense inventory of gold, silver, and platinum coins and bars. All GSI reviews are incomplete without a side-by-side comparison between their pros and cons. 

GSI Exchange Pros

  • They offer free shipping for orders over 10,000 USD.
  • New clients can open an individual retirement account (IRA) with as little as 500 USD.
  • Annual fees are waived once clients reach a specific tier — Elite, Platinum, or Diamond.
  • Competitive pricing is available on bars and coins for every self-directed IRA account.

GSI Exchange Cons

  • Unlike other precious metal firms, GSI Exchange does not have a live chat feature on its website.
  • The company has physical shop locations only.
  • It doesn’t have the lowest prices compared with other dealers since GSI Exchange has a limited selection of available precious metals on the website

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Alternative Companies for Precious Metals IRA

It is probably the best time for investors to put some of their eggs in a different basket called precious metal individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Precious metals IRAs are one of the fastest-growing investment options for diversifying retirement portfolios.

With that information, the next step is finding the perfect broker to match the investor’s retirement needs and wants. Luckily, this article discusses today’s top four players in the precious market industry.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals

Star Rating

First on the list is Augusta Precious Metals. This company has been one of the top providers of silver and gold metals and IRAs. They provide a massive selection of precious metal commodities and services with exceptional consumer assistance among direct sales.

For investors who consider a company’s reputation, it is worth noting that the famous Quarterback Joe Montana endorses Augusta Precious Metals. Not only do they offer various bars and coins, but they also buy and sell them at a reasonable price.

Clients have different options in terms of funding their IRAs. They may choose between checks, cash, wire transfers, or rollover from another retirement account. 


  • Scholarly content about IRA investments is free for clients.
  • No negative judgments are present online — only favorable reviews from reputable individual critiques!
  • There is an interactive live webinar on Augusta Precious Metal’s website. 
  • IRS-approved depositories are available nationwide.


  • The minimum amount of investment can keep new clients away.
  • The online site lacks details regarding some products and services offered.
  • Bullion choices are only limited.

American Hartford Gold

star rating

Star Rating

Known for being one of the newest precious metals brokers, American Hartford Gold has already achieved more remarkable success than its competitors. It is an investment firm that delivers tailor-fitted solutions to individuals and families searching for gold and silver purchases.

The saying, “Education is the key to success,” lets American Hartford focus on enlightening their beloved clients on different investment avenues, especially IRAs. All clients can access the firm’s Data Center — a live precious metals chart with their respective account representatives for guidance.

Another factor to consider in American Hartford Gold is its minimum base investment. The company permits clients to open an IRA account with only 10,000 USD. This amount is perfect for risk-averse people on a strict allotment.


  • The initial investment and the products and services are promising.
  • The company has outstanding customer reviews online.
  • Rudy Giuliani and Bill O’Reilly endorse American Hartford Gold.
  • Recognized as one of the fastest-growing private institutions in America


  • American Hartford Gold does not include the website’s price list for most of its products and services.
  • The products and services are only available within the United States.


Star Rating

For precious metal beginner investors, Goldco is also one to consider. Over the years since its establishment, the company has grown a considerable customer count by providing top-quality products and services.

Goldco Precious Metals ensures their clients are offered the most straightforward strategy for precious metals investments. Additionally, a Goldco representative helps investors to diversify their retirement funds with metal assets adequately.

Unlike other rival firms, Goldco offers a lower initial deposit. All qualified customers can start with only 50,000 USD. They are also one of the leading national coin sources out there.


  • The American Business Awards recognized Goldco Precious Metals in 2021.
  • Goldco’s financial agents are equipped with long-term industry expertise and experience.
  • Famous personalities vouch for the products and services offered by Goldco. This includes Sean Hannity and Ben Stein.
  • New clients are also qualified to avail of the company’s special promos.


  • Although much lower than its competitors, the minimum amount of investment can still be expensive for some retirement investors.
  • No platinum and palladium were available in the company’s IRA category.

Birch Gold

Birch Gold

Star Rating

With over two decades of industry experience, Birch Gold Group deserves a spot as one of the top-performing precious metal firms. They manage authentic gold and silver investments for clients’ retirement portfolios.

The 24/7 customer support is one of the many reasons to have Birch Gold Group as their dealer. Each company representative commits to transparency, efficiency, and empathy. This ensures that all the investors’ concerns are swiftly resolved.

Given the time they have been around, this company is more than set to provide the most suitable investment type for customers. Investors who value a company’s long-term experience should at least consider having Birch Gold Group as their dealer.


  • The initial investment is a pretty good bargain.
  • The over two decades of industry experience is hard to beat.
  • Ben Shapiro attests to Birch Gold Group’s products and services.
  • They have depositories available nationwide.


  • Birch Gold Group does not operate with a live webinar yet.
  • The online website needs some updates. 

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Final Thoughts – GSI Exchange Reviews

With all the GSI reviews available on the internet right now, it is safe to say that the company has earned more credibility than most brokers in the industry. With this, most clients prefer to let GSI Exchange handle their retirement portfolios.

What’s more interesting about this company is that they offer free accounts for new clients — not all companies have this! Moreover, the GSI Exchange company has a better precious metals IRA program than others.

They have been around for almost a decade, implying that they understand the market. While there are other established investment brokers, GSI Exchange deserves a spot for consideration.

Those unfamiliar with retirement investments or the precious metals industry can start with GSI Exchange as their first broker. They have an easy-to-navigate website that includes helpful information concerning investing in precious metals via IRA.

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