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Simple 401 k Plan

A SIMPLE 401(k) plan is identical to a typical employer-sponsored retirement savings program in that it allows employees who work for small businesses to contribute to their retirement. Despite some differences between traditional 401(k) plans, a SIMPLE 401(k) provides comparable tax benefits that may help you save for retirement.

It’s no simple matter to save for retirement. Not only is it more difficult for Americans to save enough money for a comfortable future, but it can be complicated to understand the many savings options available.

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What Is a Simple 401(k) Plan?

SIMPLE 401(k) plans, also known as “Savings, incentive match plan for employees,” are intended to be cost-effective retirement plans offered to small businesses with 100 or fewer workers. The employer’s contribution is limited to a dollar-for-dollar matching contribution, up to 3 percent of pay, or a nonelective contribution of 2% of pay for each eligible employee, according to the provisions. A SIMPLE 401(k) plan does not allow for any additional employer contributions.

Employer contributions may be a wonderful way to assist people to save for retirement. SIMPLE 401(k)s also include safe harbor contribution, which means employers are required to make fully vested contributions regardless of whether or not the employee contributes.

Who Does a Simple 401(k) Apply To?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, a SIMPLE 401(k) is for small firms with 100 or fewer employees. Employers are required to make contributions to employees’ plans, and staff cannot be given the option of investing in IRAs or other kinds of retirement arrangements.

Employees who are 21 years old or older and have worked for at least one year for a cumulative total of 1,000 hours or more are eligible to join depending on the plan.

How Simple 401(k) Plans Work?

The SIMPLE 401(k) is a stripped-down, simplified version of a standard 401(k) plan designed for self-employed people and small company owners. SIMPLE 401(k) savings plans, like SIMPLE IRA accounts, are restricted to businesses with a staff of 100 or fewer. Businesses may be formed in any form, including sole proprietorships, corporations, and partnerships.

SIMPLE 401(k)s are similar to standard 401(k) plans in that employees contribute pre-tax money out of their paychecks and invest the funds in options supplied by the plan administrator.

The Internal Revenue Service restricts yearly contribution amounts to around two-thirds of those permitted for normal 401(k)s. Employees may contribute a maximum of $13,500 in 2021 and $14,000 in 2022. Individuals 50 years old or older can make an extra catch-up contribution of $3,000.

The maximum compensation for employees who participate in a SIMPLE 401(k) is $290,000 for 2021 ($305,000 for 2022).

This is one of the major differences between a SIMPLE IRA and a SIMPLE 401(k). Employers must make either a matching contribution to their employees’ accounts or a nonelective contribution of 2% of each qualifying employee’s pay, in contrast to traditional 401(k)s.

Simple 401(k) Rules and Regulations

Employees who have worked for a company for at least one year, and are at least 21 years old, are allowed to participate in the company’s SIMPLE 401(k) plan. To participate in the program, they must have received at least $5,000 SIMPLE compensation from their employers during the previous year.

The SIMPLE 401(k) is a retirement plan that has no minimum required contribution. The account must be kept open until the employee reaches age 59½. Before reaching age 59½, withdrawals may incur a penalty of 10%.

Every eligible employee for the year the plan was established and each year the employer continues to maintain it must be sent a deferral notice. The IRS requires this notification to be delivered at least 60 days before the employee becomes eligible to participate in the plan. It must contain a statement of the employee’s right to make salary deferral contributions and withdraw from the plan.

Benefits of a Simple 401(k) Plan

SIMPLE 401(k) plans are among the most popular alternatives to traditional 401(k) plans, but they may appeal to both employers and employees. However, tangible benefits distinguish between one type of plan and another. Some of the most significant benefits of SIMPLE 401(k) plans include:

Fully vested – Employees are fully invested in all contributions, including their own and those made by their employer. This is good news for individuals who qualify for distributions since it allows them to withdraw cash as needed.

Loans available – You may borrow against your SIMPLE 401(k) plan in the same way that you would a regular 401(k) plan. This is not an option with a SIMPLE IRA plan. If you have an emergency that needs immediate cash and your SIMPLE 401(k) has money, a hardship withdrawal can be useful. Hardship withdrawals are permitted as well.

No compliance rules – SIMPLE 401(k)s have no nondiscrimination requirements, while SIMPLE 401(k) plans do. This is beneficial to business owners who want to start a retirement plan but lack the money to pay for administrative expenses. These rules apply to businesses of all sizes, although they usually have the funds available.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Simple 401(k)s

Simpler 401(k) plans offer a variety of advantages, but they also have certain drawbacks.


SIMPLE 401(k) contributions are immediately 100% vested. A participant who satisfies the plan’s criteria may withdraw their entire account balance at any time and won’t lose it if they change jobs after the money is in their account.

SIMPLE 401(k) plans, unlike most other types of retirement plan rules, do not need nondiscrimination or top-heavy testing to ensure that the plan is in line with IRS regulations. Such testing must generally be performed by specialists and may be quite costly.

Employees are permitted to borrow against their SIMPLE 401(k) accounts after age 59½, and hardship withdrawals from those plans are also allowed. Employees may take out loans on top of their SIMPLE 401(k) balances if they so desire.


Employer contributions are required for those who provide SIMPLE 401(k) plans to their workers in contrast to other retirement alternatives. Employers have one of two alternatives open to them. The company must match employee donations up to 3% of each worker’s compensation, or it can make nonelective contributions of 2% of each eligible employee’s pay.

Companies are not allowed to offer other types of retirement plans to workers who already have a SIMPLE 401(k). That said, these businesses may wish to maintain a distinct retirement plan for employees who do not participate in the SIMPLE 401(k) (for example, part-time or temporary staff).

The contribution limits for SIMPLE 401(k)s are lower than those found in traditional 401(k) plans.

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Final Thoughts – Simple 401 k Plan

Offering a SIMPLE 401(k) plan is one of the simplest and most effective ways to support your employees in their retirement planning. By setting up a plan that allows for employee contributions, you are giving your team the opportunity to save for their future while still working for you.

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