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Apex Silver is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of silver products. Their products are used in a wide variety of industries, and they are dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality products possible. The team has over 100 years of combined experience in the silver industry, and they are committed to providing their customers with the best possible service.

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What is Apex Silver?

APMEX has been providing quality Precious Metals products and services to customers since 2000. Their commitment to offering an exceptional customer experience is evident in everything they do, from their extensive resources to high-quality products.

APMEX has been a principal in the Precious Metals industry for over two decades. They are proud to provide the customers with unparalleled customer service and product variety. Their goal is always to go above and beyond your expectations to provide the best possible service.

Buying Silver Bullion Products with APMEX

Silver Bullion Coins


Some coins remain in families for generations. They are used as both a bullion investment and collectible. Silver coins are popular because of their design, scarcity, and request. Each year, the latest coins are minted in different variations, some never to be manufactured again. They have different levels of mintages available when they are released.

Silver coins come in different sizes. The smaller coins are called “troy ounces.” Larger coins are called “kilo” Silver coins. There are many mints and refineries that make special Silver coins. These can be very valuable. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced collector, you can find a coin that interests you. The most commonly bought coins are 1 oz coins, which are popular with both investors and collectors.

The price of coins will go up and down depending on the current market price of silver. The market prices for a silver update in real-time, so they always know what the current price is. APMEX only sells coins from well-known mints all around the world, like the U.S. Mint, Perth Mint, The Royal Mint. Here are some of the most well-liked coins for sale with APMEX:

◉  American Silver Eagle: The American Silver Eagle is the most popular coin in America. It was first introduced in 1986. The coin has a design of a woman walking on it. This design was created by Adolph A. Weinman in 1916. The back of the coin displays an eagle grasping an olive branch in its right talon and arrows in its left.

The design on the back of the Eagle coin remained unchanged until 2021, when a new design was revealed. The new design featured a flying Eagle with an olive branch in its talons to celebrate 35 years of American Eagles.

◉  Australian Silver Lunar Series: The Australian Lunar series was first released in 1999. Twelve different animal designs were created based on ancient Chinese traditions. Each animal has an intense impact on those born during its year.

The Perth Mint created different variations of the Lunar series coin to give collectors more options. These coins come in different sizes, including 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 10 oz, and 1 kilo.

◉  British Silver Britannia: Silver Britannia was first introduced in 1998. This coin has the image of Britannia, a national symbol of Britain, on it. She is watching over the island and its people to protect them from danger.

The Britannias that were made from 1998-2012 had a .958 fine Silver content. This was different from the British sterling standard. But in 2013, a new Britannia with a .999 fineness was released. The Britannia is available in different sizes, such as 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 5 oz, and 20 oz.

◉  Canadian Silver Maple Leaf: The Maple Leaf coin is the official silver bullion of Canada. It was first minted in 1988, and it still uses .9999 fineness. The Maple Leaf coins are considered to be some of the most secure bullion coins in the world today.

The Royal Canadian Mint offers many different types of Maple Leaf coins. They have new finishes and mint marks. There have even been numerous special editions of Maple Leafs over the years. This makes them more collectible.

◉  Chinese Silver Panda: The Chinese Panda is a Silver coin that was first introduced in 1989. The front of the coin exhibits an image of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests in Beijing’s Temple of Heaven. The back of the coin features a panda.

The People’s Republic of China began minting Pandas in metric systems sizes in 2016 to make them more popular with international collectors and investors. The panda on the reverse of the coin is updated every year, and its .999 fineness makes it a great choice for collectors and investors alike.

◉  Mexican Silver Libertad: The Mexican Mint first released the Silver Libertad in 1 oz form in 1981. In 1992, they added coins in 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/20 oz weights. Then, in 1996 and 2008, they expanded to include 2 oz and 5 oz weights for the coin series.


Silver Bullion Coin Mints


People invest or collect coins like mint coins because the federal government and central banks back the Silver content and quality. This guaranteed backing provides reassurance with every coin you purchase. The following mints are the most prolific issuers of coins on the bullion market today:

  • United States Mint
  • The Royal Mint
  • The Perth Mint
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Mexican Mint
  • Chinese Mint

Silver Bullion Bars


Bars are one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to own physical Silver. They are less expensive than coins, so they are a good choice for many investors. Additionally, the uniform shape and size of bars make them easy to store, count and transfer. Each bar is stamped with its weight, fineness, and a serial number for added security.

Silver bars come in different sizes. The most common size is 1 ounce, but you can also buy bars that are 1 kilo or smaller. Silver bars come in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular size is 1 ounce because it is easy to trade and affordable for investors.

Silver bars come in different finishes. You can find them by weight, brand, or theme on APMEX. You can buy bars from APMEX that are made by the best mints and refineries in the world.

  • Credit Suisse Mint
  • The Perth Mint
  • Royal Canadian Mint

Silver Bullion Rounds


Rounds are circular discs that don’t have any face value. This means they are not considered to be legal tender with a certain denomination, but they still hold the same stable purchasing power as Gold. Rounds typically come in various sizes, from 1 gram to 10 troy ounces, with the most traded rounds being 1 oz or less.

Silver rounds are not as diverse as Silver coins, but they can still be a good choice for investing. This is because rounds offer an anti-inflation hedge. Rounds are minted because of their beautiful designs and clean striking. Rounds usually sell for a lower premium than the spot price of gold, silver, or platinum. They are a great addition to a mixed Precious Metals investment portfolio.

Silver rounds come from a number of mints all over the world. You can find them at APMEX in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, like fractional rounds, popular 1 oz rounds, and even larger rounds.


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APMEX Silver Popular Categories

The United States Mint offers a variety of products, including bullion items like the American Eagle and American Buffalo. These are a few of the foremost items. APMEX is a certified Gold and Silver dealer. They only carry the best investments for their customers. They have several options from internationally-acclaimed sovereign mints around the world, including the Royal Canadian Mint, The Royal Mint, The Perth Mint, Chinese Mint, and Austrian Mint. has a wide selection of popular Gold, Silver, and Platinum products.

  • 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round
  • 10 oz APMEX Silver Bar
  • 1 oz Valcambi Platinum Bar (In Assay)
  • 1878-1904 Morgan Silver Dollar BU (Random Year)

Apex Silver Spot Price

The spot cost of Silver is the current price people are willing to pay for an ounce of Silver that they can have straight away. The price of Silver changes constantly, so it is important for investors to stay up to date on current events, market conditions, and other performance indicators. These factors can affect the buying and selling of Silver. The price of Silver products includes the spot price as well as a premium that is added by dealers to cover their costs.

Why Buy Silver Precious Metals from APMEX?

☑  Flexibility

Silver comes in different shapes and sizes. You can buy Silver bars, coins, or rounds. They come in many different designs and themes, as well as commemorative sets and private brands.

Silver is affordable. You need to remember that the quality of silver products you buy will be related to how much you pay for them. But there are good deals on popular items, like American Silver Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs. Novice investors can start with smaller investments in Silver options, while more experienced investors can invest in more expensive Gold options.

☑  Silver Spot Price

Historically, Silver has been cheaper than other Precious Metals. This makes it more inexpensive for investors to buy, which can help them build their portfolios and financial stability. Additionally, Silver is a good alternative to stocks, which are more common investments. Gold, Platinum, and Palladium are more accessible than Silver, but they all offer similar benefits, like hedging against inflation and holding their value over time.

Several factors determine the cost of Silver coins and rounds. For example, the American Eagle one-ounce coin may cost between $15-$20. Rounds usually range from about $0.75 to around $50, but this can vary depending on the brand and grade of the coin or round. Coins that are graded by top-tier grading services like NGC and PCGS tend to be worth more than coins that have not been graded.

People who invest in Precious Metals can choose from a variety of Silver bullion, each at different price points. This gives them different options about what they want in return for their investment.

☑  Increasing Practical Usage

The demand for Silver has been increasing because it is used in many products around the world. The demand for these products is filled out, so the price of Silver is going up.

The demand for Silver is not only driven by the production of electronics but also its many other uses. For example, medical technology now relies on Silver for sterilization purposes, and solar panels are made with thin layers of Silver to increase their efficiency. The Silver spot price will change as industry demands change.

Even though Silver is not one of the most valuable Precious Metals, its worth has still gone up because of its industrial demand and production.

The reason Silver is cheaper than other metals like Gold, Platinum, or Palladium is that it is more abundant. There is a higher demand for the other metals, so they are more expensive.

Gold, Platinum, and Palladium are typically found together in the earth. Silver can be found by itself or with other Precious Metals like Gold or Copper. There just isn’t enough silver to go around, which drives up the price per ounce. Even though Silver may not be worth as much as it once was, it is still a valuable commodity for investors and consumers.

Buy Silver Online and Payment Options from APMEX

APMEX carries Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium in various forms from many different mints all over the world. You can find Gold and Silver coins as well as foremost Platinum and Palladium bars.

Selection includes items from both sovereign and private mints. Each of these best-selling bullion items comes with a quality assurance guarantee. This selection features investor-favorites and collectible must-haves, which may have low mintages and unique designs.

You can pay for your order from APMEX in a few different ways. Credit cards, PayPal, bank wires, personal checks, and eChecks are all accepted. See the table below for more information on how to pay for each order amount level.

◎   If your order is between $0.01 and $1,499.99 (USD), you can pay for it with a credit card, PayPal, personal check, eCheck, or Bitcoin. Your order must be received within five days.
◎   If you are ordering from $1,500 to $100,000 (USD), you can pay by credit card, PayPal, bank wire, personal check, eCheck, or Bitcoin. Your order must be received within five business days.
◎   If your order is between $100,000.01 and $250,000 (USD), you can pay for it with a credit card, PayPal, bank wire, or Bitcoin. Orders that are this size must be paid within five business days.
◎   If you are ordering from $250,000.01 to $500,000 (USD), you can pay by credit card, PayPal, or bank wire. You will need to send the payment within five business days.
◎   If you want to order something that costs more than $500,000, you can only pay by bank wire. You will need to do this within five business days.




4.5 star

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Goldco Precious Metals is a company that assists people with their precious metal investments. They help people with gold and silver IRA rollovers. They also sell precious metals directly to customers. Goldco was founded by Trevor Gerszt in 2006.

Their headquarters is located in Woodland Hills, California. Goldco has been helping its clients secure, protect, and diversify their investments and wealth since they were founded. The company has been recognized by different publications for its work. In 2015, the company was named by Inc. Magazine as the 3rd fastest-growing financial services company in the U.S.

American Hartford Gold

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American Hartford Gold is a company that assists people in investing in precious metals. They offer physical delivery to your doorstep or inside of a retirement account like an IRA, 401k, or TSP. American Hartford Gold helps clients invest in gold and silver coins. These coins are of high quality and are offered at competitive prices. Clients also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Gold IRAs can be useful for diversifying your retirement savings. This type of account allows you to put money into precious metals, like gold, and not have to pay taxes on the gains until you take the money out. American Hartford Gold can help you through the process of buying and selling gold. American Hartford Gold offers quality customer service, industry experts, substantial historical investment data, and current market research. They use a three-step procedure to simplify and set up a Gold IRA.

Augusta Precious Metals

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Augusta Precious Metals is a company that imparts gold and silver IRAs. They are family-owned and have more than 50 years of experience in the precious metals industry. This company is dedicated to helping investors save and invest better.

Augusta Precious Metals is a service-oriented company that helps investors build wealth and retire comfortably. They do this by working directly with investors to set up gold or silver IRAs. Augusta Precious Metals demonstrates its expertise and diligence by participating in financial industry associations. Augusta Precious Metals has high ratings from two different organizations that rate businesses. The Business Consumer Alliance gave them a AAA rating, and the Better Business Bureau gave them an A+.

The company has a 5.0-star rating on TrustLink. Many investors recommend the company on social media platforms like Facebook.

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Apex has a long and successful history as a global precious metals powerhouse. With the largest selection of products, it’s no surprise that Apex is the choice for the online gold dealer with the best comprehensive offering. If you’re searching to buy or sell gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, Apex should be your go-to source.

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