George Gammon Net Worth

George Gammon, an American investor and businessman, is an expert on becoming a self-made millionaire. Nearly 34 million people have seen the famous YouTube influencer’s numerous films educating viewers on macroeconomics and ways to protect themselves from inflation. Gammon also has close to 400K YouTube channel subscribers.

Gammon oversees a portfolio of real estate properties from his home in Medellin, Colombia. Gammon started a property flipping business after retiring at 38, buying and remodeling over 40 homes nationwide.

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People have long conjectured about his wealth, given how well-liked George Gammon’s investing methods have proven to be. As a result, Sophisticated Investor set out to determine “What is George Gammon’s net worth?”. We’ve created a profile of Gammon based on all the public perceptions and the facts that are currently available.

It’s crucial to remember that the figures are only estimates and might not accurately reflect Gammon’s net worth.

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What is George Gammon Net Worth?

According to studies, George Gammon is thought to be worth $25 million. Most of his fortune comes from his highly successful real estate investing venture. Along with investments and other sources of income, he also earns money. In addition, he generates a sizable amount of income via YouTube and other social media advertising.

George Gammon Biography

There needs to be more biographical information available regarding George Gammon, and Gammon needs standard biographical sites like Wikipedia or a Forbes profile.

According to Gammon’s website, he studied communications and media studies at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. He is a successful businessman and financial expert who runs the hugely popular “The Rebel Capitalist Show” YouTube channel.

Gammon also writes on his website that he changed his focus to real estate investing at 38. According to his website, Gammon has flipped more than 40 homes nationwide in the last ten years. More than 100 people are currently employed worldwide by his business enterprises.

How Did George Gammon Build His Wealth?

George Gammon has had success as an investor and businessman. Additionally, he runs the wildly popular “The Rebel Capitalist” YouTube channel. Gammon has 374K subscribers and counting, so it’s safe to say he’s a well-liked financial guru.

Regarding his investment approach, Gammon’s portfolio comprises 80% dividend-paying companies and ETFs, 10% actual gold for insurance, and 10% in cryptocurrencies and speculative assets like uranium. Regarding cryptocurrencies, he is optimistic about Bitcoin over the long haul, but he advises against putting more than a modest portion of one’s portfolio into cryptocurrencies right now.

Mr. Gammon is a YouTube personality, and his material is highly controversial and purposefully produced to stir up debate and possibly inflammatory conversation. His political opinions are apparent, and he frequently makes conspiratorial comments about world events.

For instance, his September 10, 2022 video describes the World Economic Forum’s “evil” recommendations, such as the most recent steps to bring a worldwide net-zero economy. Bill Gates, a popular topic of discussion among conspiracy theorists, is also criticized in the film.

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How is George Gammon Net Worth Calculated?

Dividing his assets from his obligations determines George Gammon’s net worth. Gammon is a highly successful businessman, real estate investor, and investing guru. In addition to having a hugely popular web series called The Rebel Capitalist, he has hundreds of thousands of social media followers.

Who Else Invests Like George Gammon?

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Want to Invest Like George Gammon?

Only some investors can aspire to have a net worth as substantial as George Gammons. But the typical investor still needs to start using an aggressive investment approach. Exposing yourself to alternative assets like precious metals and cryptocurrencies is a wise way to increase wealth.

Include assets like gold in your retirement portfolio that aren’t tied to stock market volatility. Please read our reviews of Precious Metals IRA providers to learn more about self-directed IRAs and the options available with this retirement plan.

Pros and Cons George Gammon Net Worth


  • High net worth: George Gammon’s estimated net worth of $30 million is evidence of his business sense and investment expertise.
  • George Gammon is renowned for his original wealth-building tactics, which include investing in stocks, precious metals, and real estate. These techniques have helped him become financially independent and established him as a leader in the investment sector.
  • George Gammon has exceptional investment expertise, and his capacity for critical thought and the ability to spot discounted prospects have allowed him to achieve outstanding returns on his investments.
  • Online presence: George Gammon has a significant online following, and he uses his platform to instruct people on how to make investments, build wealth, and achieve financial independence. Thousands have achieved financial independence thanks to his online courses, books, and podcasts.


  • Dangerous investing tactics: Although George Gammon has succeeded with his investment strategies, some can be deemed dangerous and unsuitable for all investors.
  • Limited expertise: George Gammon has extensive knowledge of equities, precious metals, real estate, and other investment vehicles, but he might need more knowledge in other areas, which might restrict his capacity to offer advice on various investments.
  • Lack of transparency: George Gammon may only sometimes be forthcoming with his investment tactics or the outcomes of his bets, which may raise questions about his integrity and authenticity as a financial advisor.
  • Market turbulence: Like any investor, George Gammon’s net worth is susceptible to turbulence, which could cause significant losses if the market declines.

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Final Thought – George Gammon Net Worth

It is safe to say that George Gammon has earned a sizable net worth due to his successful career as an investor and businessman. He has established himself as an invaluable resource for people trying to increase their financial literacy and investment techniques because of his robust understanding of macroeconomics and real estate investments.

In addition, George’s commitment to offering free instructional information on his YouTube channel has helped him become widely well-known and successful.

As he widens his circle of influence and encourages more people to take charge of their financial destinies, his net worth can continue to increase. Overall, George Gammon’s wealth is a monument to his toil, tenacity, and desire to share his knowledge of money with others.

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