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GoldCore is a Dublin-based company that has been providing precious metals investment solutions to investors around the world since 2003. They offer a diversified scope of services, including physical gold and silver investment, storage, and wealth management. So if you’re searching for a reliable and trustworthy partner to help you invest in gold or silver, GoldCore is definitely worth considering.

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GoldCore Review – One More Scam For You or a Legit Investment?

What is GoldCore about?

GoldCore is a gold broker that was founded in 2003. It has been assisting people all over the world buy gold with their money. They have 4,500 clients and more than $130 million of assets. The company’s physical address is 1 Cornhill, London. They also have offices in Dublin.

This company started in 2003. It is called Goldcore Ireland, and they are the first Irish gold broker. They have an office in Ireland and another one in the UK that deals with clients from 130 countries total. There are over 7500 clients, and they handle more than 260 million dollars of assets. They can help you save money. They offer plans for trusts, financial specialists, and others. They also have the best storage in the world for gold bullion. But what they don’t seem to offer is precious metal IRAs. If you are a US citizen, then the company probably can’t help you. You need to look for a different company or person who is based in the US.

Company Info & Background

GoldCore Ireland was founded in 2003. It became the first gold broker in Ireland. Today, it is the best-trusted and most established gold broker in the nation. The company’s founder takes great pride in it being an all-Irish-owned and -based firm that has grown into one of the world’s major gold brokers. Today, they proudly serve Ireland and their joint office in the United Kingdom and clients in more than 130 other countries globally.

The company believes that it is important to help people in the community. They have been interviewed as experts on The Irish Times, Today FM, RTE, and Newstalk.

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Flood is the CEO of GoldCore. He has been with the company for 16 years. His job is to make sure that they deliver on their promises to clients for the best advice, service, and expertise. Every day, he takes care of people who request him or are friends with people who ask them to.

He started his professional career by going to Portobello Business College and getting a business degree. He has since labored in a number of different jobs in the financial and trading fields in New York City. He worked as a salesman at Goldman Sachs. He sold things like stocks and bonds.

Head of Treasury and Trading Padhraig Oh Larnain

Padraig is the Head of Treasury and Trading. That means he gets gold for the company and its many clients that are all over the world. His company has been around since 2010. He also does all the treasury and trade operations. He is a qualified tax adviser who has his joint degrees in computing and finance.

Safety Considerations Regarding GoldCore

  • Trustable Gold’s Safety Criteria

Outright Ownership of 100% Gold: People who buy gold own it. It’s their legal property.
Insured, independent storage: Bars and coins are stored by Loomis. The gold is insured.
Transparent, external audit: They send reports to its customers about what happens during the year.
Price transparency: The prices of the things you buy are shown on the website. The prices for what you sell are not shown.

Liquidity: Trading during London’s business hours

Regulation: GoldCore is not part of the bank.

Precious Metals Guides Through GoldCore

The company is committed to educating its investors. The guides on the website can help you reach your goal. They give you information so you can make good decisions about investing in precious metals. There are eleven total guides. They include:

  • The Essential Guide to Storing Gold in Switzerland
  • The Essential Guide to Storing Gold in Singapore
  • The Essential Guide to Storing Gold Offshore
  • The Essential Guide to Investing in Gold
  • 10 Important Points to examine Before You Buy Gold
  • 7 Key Storage Must-Haves
  • The Essential Guide to Tax-Free Gold Sovereigns
  • Protecting Your Savings in the Coming Bail-In Era
  • From Bail-Outs to Bail-Ins: Risks and Ramifications
  • Currency Wars: Bye, Bye Petrodollar – Buy, Buy Gold
  • The Essential Family Office Guide to Investing in Gold

What GoldCore offers to Gold Investors

  • Gold bars

When you’re thinking about investing in gold bars, there are a few things you need to think about carefully. By considering these factors before you invest, you can make sure that you’re making a decision that’s right for you and your needs. Gold that is 99.99% pure and solid is called investment-grade gold. It comes in the form of bars or coins. This kind of gold has value because the price of it is set by how much it costs to make on the international markets.

Gold bars have a higher price than the spot price. This difference pays for the costs of manufacturing, distribution, and dealers. Generally speaking, gold bars have a lower premium than coins. Gold dealers usually charge a lower premium for larger bars because it takes less time and effort to produce them.

  • Gold coins

Gold bullion coins are a form of money that is recognized all over the world. These coins have been used for thousands of years, and they offer a lot of advantages to both new and experienced investors.

  • Gold bullion

Gold bullion coins are not just round-shaped money made from gold. They must be guaranteed by a country with a lot of money. The weight of each gold coin also determines the value and its status.

These coins are different from numismatic and semi-numismatic coins. Numismatic coins are worth money because they are rare and have historical significance. They are also different from gold jewelry and other collectibles. The craftsmanship involved in making gold jewelry largely determines the value. The gold content of gold jewelry makes up only a small portion of the price.

To be considered as investment-grade gold, the gold content of bullion coins must be between 99.5% and 99.99%. The gold content of jewelry can range from 37.5% (9-carat gold) to 99% (24-carat gold).

  • Silver bars

Investing in silver bullion bars or coins can help you protect your wealth and make money. Both options offer a way to hedge against risk, and they might give you a good return on your investment. Choosing between silver bars or coins will depend on what you want to invest in. Silver bars have a lower premium, but they take more time and effort. If you want something simpler, then get coins—the larger the bar size, the lower the percentage premium.

You can’t sell part of a bar when you want to sell your silver bars. Smaller format bars may be better for people with smaller investments or those who would like to make some money back from their investments. If you are proceeding to deliver your silver bars, there are taxes that you need to think about. Make sure you rattle on to a tax advisor before making a purchase and taking delivery.

  • Silver coins

Silver bullion coins can be a great investment for both experienced and new investors. Silver coins offer potentially attractive returns as many precious metals analysts and commentators consider the current price of silver to be significantly undervalued. The intricate designs on coins make them both beautiful and harder to counterfeit. The designs help people identify the coins, which makes it easier to sell them on the global market.

The foremost coins are the 1 ounce American Silver Eagle, the 1-ounce Austrian Philharmonic, the 1 ounce Canadian Maple Leaf, and the Australian Kangaroo. They are sold in tubes of 10 or 25 coins or in boxes of 500.

Silver coins are guaranteed to have a certain weight and purity. You can sell them without an assay. This is good because it makes selling easier. Silver coins also give you more options for selling smaller quantities of silver when opportunities arise, and this may mean paying taxes in some cases.

  • Silver bullion

Silver bars come in a span of sizes and weights. Some of the most popular ones are 1-ounce bars, 10-ounce bars, 100-ounce bars, 1-kilogram bars, and 1,000-ounce bars. To be considered as investment-grade silver, they must satisfy certain specifications. Refiners use pure silver, which is 999 fine, to produce bullion silver bars. The millesimal system is utilized to depict the purity or fineness of the silver. For example, 99.9% silver means that there are 999 parts silver per 1,000 parts. Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals such as copper. Silver with 925 fineness is sterling silver, and it’s the highest purity in jewelry.

Reputation for Service and Quality

Custodian and Storage

GoldCore Ireland says they offer a number of benefits to people who buy and sell gold. The company’s storage partners provide the following really good benefits:

  • The most secure jurisdictions and vault facilities in the world
  • Storage costs can range from under a half percent to over a percent each year.
  • Customers have access to all goods through both allocated and segregated bullion.
  • Complete audits and third-party verification of all stored products are frequently performed
  • On-demand access to facilities for inspecting bullion and vaults
  • You may choose to have metals delivered or collected in person from the vaults.
  • Liquidity in trading products back to GoldCore Ireland at competitive prices.

Some of the world’s most secure facilities for storing metals are maintained by Brinks Security and Loomis. These facilities are located in places like Switzerland, Great Britain, Frankfurt, Dublin, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Cayman, and more. A lot of people think that these countries have a good reputation. They keep your money and your privacy safe.

Are There Any Red Flags for GoldCore?

  • Is GoldCore Legit Or A Scam?

GoldCore is a company that has been in business for over 15 years. They seem to be a real company with real customers.

When you look up reviews of other precious metals investment companies, you will find many reviews on trusted review sites. However, the company has few reviews on these sites. It can be hard to realize if a company is safe to work with if you can’t read reviews from past customers. This is especially true when you are making a large purchase.

Another reason we’d recommend choosing a different precious metals investment company is that they don’t have the same selection that you’ll find with other companies. You can buy gold and silver, but not platinum or palladium. And there are not as many gold or silver coins to choose from as other companies offer.

They offer storage for precious metals. But if you store your precious metals there, it will cost money. Other places might charge a flat fee, not as GoldCore does. If you have only a few precious metals, paying a percentage of your portfolio may be cheaper. But if you have a lot of precious metals, it is probably better to choose a facility that charges a flat fee.

The company doesn’t list how much they charge for taxes and insurance. You will need to add the coins you want to your cart and create an account before you are able to see the cost of taxes and insurance. But it does appear that orders are insured during shipping, but no details are readily available.

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Why Buy Gold & Silver from GoldCore


  • User-Friendly Website – No one likes a website that is hard to steer and looks unprofessional. Their website is very well set together, and they make it to find what you’re looking for. This makes it easier for people to buy things from them.
  • Multiple Storage Locations – You can store your metals in multiple places to help protect them from losing value. This will help to reduce the risk if something happens to one of your storage locations.
  • Easy to discover ‘spot” prices – Many companies make it hard to find the price of gold and silver. GoldCore shows this on their website.


  • Insufficiency of Products for US citizens – You can buy precious metals from them, but they do not offer IRA’s, which many Americans want. So you should find a company that does both in the US.
  • Only Gold and Silver -Gold and silver are two of the most popular types of metals to invest in, but some people prefer to invest in other metals. This company does not offer those other metals.
  • One Source for Most Analysis – This company has lots of good reviews in the UK, but hardly any in the USA. This can be unsettling for those who are not familiar with how things work in America.
  • Mostly High Net Worth Clients and Investors – While they do serve all kinds of clients, most of them are usually the high earner or institutional investor class, which is concerning for “the little guy/gal.” Most of their focus appears to go into customer service for their biggest clients, which leaves “the little guy/gal” behind.

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4.5 star

Star Rating

Goldco is a company that helps you with investments. They have been around for a long time, and they help people figure out which investments to make. And they can also provide gold or other precious metals as an investment too. Goldco has another company called CoinIRA, which helps people invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Goldco is a company that assists people with their retirement plans. They have had many great reviews from people on review sites. They have also won awards and commendations for how they do business. Goldco was started in 2006, but it got its name in 2011.

American Hartford Gold

4.8 star

Star Rating

American Hartford Gold (AHG) is a company that helps people protect their wealth with precious metals. AHG has products that help people invest in precious metals. These include physical silver, gold, platinum coins and bars, and an innovative Gold IRA.

American Hartford Gold is a company that helps people invest their money. They give you information for free about how to do this. The company wants you to make the best decisions, and they want you to do this without pressure.

Augusta Precious Metals

star rating

Star Rating

Augusta Precious Metals is a family-owned, full-service gold and silver IRA provider. The company has more than five decades of expertise in the precious metals sector and is committed to assisting investors in improving their savings and investments.

The service-oriented business operates directly with investors to create wealth and secure retirement through silver or gold IRAs. Augusta Precious Metals earns investors’ confidence by participating in financial industry groups as a gold IRA provider.

Birch gold


4.5 star

Star Rating

Birch Gold Group has experts in investments. They are ready to help their clients. They work hard to make sure that clients get the attention they need and answer any questions they might have about their finances. If you have any questions about your investment journey, please ask a member of our team. They are always happy to help.

Birch Gold Group is a company with a good reputation that you can trust. They have positive reviews from customers on review sites, and they also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The Business Consumer Alliance has also given Birch Gold Group a Triple-A rating.


GoldCore Ireland is a company that provides an efficient and trustworthy service for those looking to invest in precious metals. We hope you have gained some new insights from this review about the firm, including its advantages and disadvantages as well as how it compares with other companies on the market today.

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