Vantage Point Software Reviews

Vantage Point Software Reviews

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In this blog post, we will review Vantage Point Software and what it can do for you. VantagePoint is a trading software that is designed to help traders make more informed decisions by giving them the market trends, so they don’t miss opportunities. With VantagePoint’s AI-based trading software, there is no uncertainty in your trades!

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Overview of VantagePoint Software

A renowned software pioneer, Louis B. Mendelsohn, created VantagePoint software in the 1980s and designed it to intelligently guide traders on market opportunities.

Mendelsohn was the first to create a trading software that could perform backtesting and system optimization within personal computers.

Shortly after, he created VantagePoint, one of the world’s first software capable of global inter-market analysis.

What is VantagePoint Software?

The Forex, stocks, and cryptocurrency markets can be tough to navigate for the inexperienced trader. Fortunately, there are trading software programs that will help you predict how both currency rates and market behaviors change over time, so you have a better chance of making your trades successful.

The software takes into account both artificial intelligence and Intermarket analysis to help predict where the market will be in the future. Research has shown that this is a reliable way of establishing which markets have a significant impact on trading, allowing traders to better prepare for big moves or decide if they should get out before it’s too late.

The VantagePoint team features a diverse group of professionals from different fields. They are not like many other financial firms that are loud and fast. They have a very progressive view of the business.

VantagePoint is operated to benefit and improve the lives of its employees, customers, partners, and communities.

VantagePoint deploys advanced technology like AI and automated programming to gather exclusive research on trends in financial markets for its members.

The company combines its data and analysis into a user-friendly product that helps everyday traders take on the market.

Company & Founders

The VantagePoint software was invented by a pioneering software developer in the 1980s, Louis Mendelsohn.

The company’s headquarters is in Wesley Chapel, FL. It has been the top trading software research and development for a long time. The company has been contributing its services since 1979, and you can, therefore, trust that they are trustworthy.

How Does VantagePoint Software Work?

The first thing to note about VantagePoint is that it’s easy to use. It has been designed to have the user’s needs in mind.

VantagePoint is simple, sleek, and straightforward. Being a beginner in trading does not mean you can’t use the software to make more confident trades.

The program also provides a straightforward strategy to calculate the status of the current market. It uses artificial intelligence to notify you about future changes, so you have an opportunity to exit or stay with your investments.

The software gives you a higher chance to make profits and minimizes your chances of losses because it guides you to opportunities in which others might miss, and it maps out the financial market, so you’re more prepared for what’s ahead.

How does the software generate the predictions?

The software is able to foresee future market prices with startling accuracy. Technical analysis, which looks at past price trends of the currency in question, is applied first before artificial intelligence generates predictions for up to three days ahead.

The software also applies interconnected markets to foresee market trends. It does so by assessing how other markets across the globe can affect the market that you are trading in.

For example, Vantage Point Software can track changes in market prices in other places to predict trends that might happen here.

The best thing about Vantage Point is that, unlike most trading tools and software, it’s based on what actually happens, not past events or trends.

Instead, VantagePoint harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence Neural Network to predict market trends. With this, you’ll always be ahead of other traders and know when it’s best to keep trading and when is best to take a break.

VantagePoint seamlessly integrates with your trading platform and alerts you of any changes in the market, ensuring that you have all the information at hand.

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VantagePoint Software: Features

VantagePoint offers many benefits. You can have access to these features once you join. Here are the most notable ones:

Trend Forecasting

VantagePoint’s deep understanding of the global financial climate and predictive algorithms help traders make informed decisions faster.

VantagePoint provides an advanced overview of the market, giving you a competitive edge with three-day forecasts. You will know where the market is going to go the next day before you go to bed.

Accurate predictions about the way the market will move can help you time your trades more effectively. You can also develop complex trading strategies using your advanced knowledge of market potential moves.

Intraday Analysis

The outcome of your stocks and investments is always dependent on external factors. For example, the crude oil market can impact foreign currency fluctuations in a worst-case scenario event such as a world war or global recession.

There are many markets around the world that influence other markets. This is complicated because there are so many relationships between different markets at the same time.

VantagePoint uses its neural network pattern recognition to analyze Intermarkets. This means it can predict market forecasts in a highly accurate manner – which is precisely what you need, given the volatility of markets these days.

Intermarket Coverage

VantagePoint is a multi-asset trading software with resources on markets like stocks, bonds, commodities, and foreign currencies.

  • Futures and commodities trading includes 65 individual markets and 14 categories.
  • US stocks with a focus on 16 unique sectors.
  • ETFs include nine unique sectors and elements.
  • Includes 22 currency pairs split between Major Pairs and Cross Pairs for Forex trading.
  • Canadian stocks has the same focus on 14 individual sectors.
  • Cryptocurrencies. Listing 10 of the most popular crypto

VantagePoint Trader Education

They provide free live training to its users. The free sessions cover topics including:

  • Introductory lessons on using the software
  • Day and Swing Trading Tips
  • Advanced lessons on using the software
  • Trade Day Preparations
  • Niche sessions on Options, Futures, Forex, and Cryptocurrency trading

What is Included With VantagePoint Software?

This trading software is made for all traders. You can choose from many markets, depending on what you want to trade.

Some of the markets that are available for you to choose from are:

  • US stock sectors
  • Canadian stock sectors
  • Forex pairs
  • ETFs
  • Futures markets
  • Cryptocurrencies

It is important to remember that VantagePoint has a solution for every type of trader, which helps make it stand out among its competitors.

As one of the first AI-based trading software programs, VantagePoint has a cost-saving advantage for traders who would otherwise need to purchase separate tools.


The more you invest in your business, the better. VantagePoint Software is a bit pricier than other software on the market, but it does what it’s designed to do well: help make money for its users and their clients.

The $1497 introductory package offers one Market, Sector, or Pair at an incredible price that will give them enough time to recoup any losses they’ve incurred so far by using this tool. It also has many features, such as real-time charting of trades and risk management tools.

VantagePoint Software Pros and Cons

A perfect trading tool is not something you can have. VantagePoint has its own flaws, too, so make sure you know what to expect before you start working with it.


  • With a simple and easy-to-use interface, this software will help you to avoid confusion or clutter.
  • With more than 2,300 markets to choose from, you will not be short-changed in terms of lead indicators.
  • VantagePoint’s indicators perform better than the traditional technical analysis that many traders are encouraged to follow.
  • This trading software ensures future market trends are clearly marked so that you don’t make poor trades.
  • Accurate, reliable predictions help you minimize risks and make informed trading decisions.


  • Printing VantagePoint’s charts can be difficult.
  • You can’t trade your stocks directly with VantagePoint. Instead, you have to use a brokerage account.

Is VantagePoint Software Worth It?

VantagePoint’s powerful, accurate predictions will help you stay on top of the market. The software takes a straightforward approach and is powered by AI to keep up with any changes in the industry. VantagePoint has an excellent reputation for providing precision accuracy over several time frames—few other brands can boast such high success rates.

While the software requires a small investment to get used to, customers will enjoy how easy it is and its many benefits for years.

This product can help improve your technical analysis, provide a quant trader’s perspective, and will give you more active opportunities. It is also beneficial for beginners looking to acquire new skills or those with advanced techniques.

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The VantagePoint software has a high approval rating from clients. Many of these customers are top-tier traders themselves, proving that the product is very likely effective.

Because VantagePoint is AI-based, it takes the uncertainty out of targeting market trends. It’s perfect for beginners because it has a lot of trader education resources. There’s something of value for traders of all skill levels- beginning traders can benefit from the software’s basic features while more seasoned veterans can explore its analytics and reporting capabilities.

VantagePoint Software has shown its reliability over the years in terms of both easy usage and accuracy. The results are consistent, meaning that you will undoubtedly make your way to the top of the market within no time if used correctly.

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