Bill Gurley Net Worth

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One of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capitalists, Bill Gurley, has long been known. The Wall Street Journal praises him as a “top dealmaker,” He frequently appears on Forbes’ Midas List, most recently ranking at number 24.

Gurley has been a critical player in investments ranging from Glassdoor and Zillow to Uber as a general partner at Benchmark. His $11 million investment in Uber in 2011 is primarily regarded as his most successful venture to date because it enabled the ride-sharing business to soar into a global success tale.

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Due to his excellent venture capitalist background, people have been speculating on Bill Gurley’s net worth for years. Sophisticated Investor compiled all publicly available information connected to Gurley to answer this issue. Although these numbers are just estimates and not a complete evaluation of his fortune, they give a reasonable idea of his worth.

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What is Bill Gurley’s Net Worth?

Bill Gurley’s net worth is in the neighborhood of $8 billion. He has invested in several tech startups since 1999, which have succeeded wildly. He is now regarded as one of the best venture investors in the world, thanks to his achievements.

Bill Gurley Biography

On May 10, 1966, Bill Gurley was born in Dickenson, Texas. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science and an MBA from the University of Texas McCombs School of Business.

Before starting his venture capital career, he spent four years as a well-known research analyst on Wall Street after graduating as a design engineer for Compaq Computers.

Gurley joined Benchmark in 1999 and quickly rose to the general partner position. His $11 million bet in Uber in 2011 is his most notable investment at Benchmark. Since then, he has made investments in numerous businesses, including Glassdoor, Zillow, GrubHub, Vessel, Sailthru, Brighter, and DogVacay, to name a few.

Gurley was consistently regarded as one of the best investors in technology when Forbes began including him in its annual Midas List of top venture capitalists in 2012.

How Did Bill Gurley Build His Wealth?

Bill Gurley has amassed his money because of his exceptional abilities as a venture capitalist, particularly in the tech sector.

His most well-known venture, according to his Forbes biography of him, involved an $11 million investment in Uber. Additionally, he invested in other tech businesses that were ultimately bought out.

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How is Bill Gurley’s Net Worth Calculated?

The difference between Bill Gurley’s assets and liabilities is his net worth. He has an excellent track record of investing in profitable tech startups, and he received the TechCrunch VC of the Year award in 2016.

Who Else Invests Like Bill Gurley?

Different investors make investments in various ways. View the following investor profiles to contrast other investors with Bill Gurley:

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Want to Invest Like Bill Gurley?

Acquiring a net worth like Bill Gurley’s is unlikely for the typical Investor. However, you can use a wise investment approach to advance your wealth. Diversifying your portfolio with other investments, such as precious metals unaffected by stock market volatility, is an excellent place to start.

Please read our reviews of the top precious metals IRA providers to learn more about investing in these retirement accounts.

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Pros and Cons Bill Gurley Net Worth


  • He has an excellent track record of investing in technology firms.
  • 2016 recipient of the TechCrunch VC of the Year award
  • Assets can be utilized to increase wealth through wise investing strategies.


  • It is unlikely that the average Investor will reach his net worth;
  • Instead, future wealth development will be dependent on present investments and discoveries.

Final Thought – Bill Gurley Net Worth

Even though the average Investor may not be able to amass a fortune like Bill Gurley’s, his accomplishment is a terrific illustration of how wise investing can pay off. When investing in any asset, notably alternative assets like precious metals, it’s crucial to do your homework and consider all your alternatives.

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