Weekly Windfalls

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Weekly Windfalls

Weekly Windfalls is a blog that offers weekly windfalls for our readers. Weekly Windfalls are different from other blogs because Weekly Windfalls only post one article per week, but this article will be high quality with valuable information. Weekly Windfall’s goal is to help people save money on items they want or need by letting them know about discounts and coupons available throughout the week. Weekly Windfall has been running successfully since 2014!

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What are Weekly Windfalls?

Who is This For?

Weekly Windfalls is a good way to get extra money. They send us money every week. All we need to do is give 15 minutes of our time. We can make a lot of money in that time! We can get paid on Friday before the weekend starts. If you earn money from this program, you don’t need to worry about going out on weekends.

Do you want a new car? Has your partner been hinting about a birthday present? If so, then Weekly Windfalls is the perfect program for you! Join and get advice.

Who is Jason Bond?

The Weekly Windfalls options picking service is run by Jason Bond, who is a very famous stock trader. Originally, Bond was a teacher who had around $250,000 worth of debt. He taught himself how to trade the markets and became a millionaire. Jason Bond began giving back to the trading world by teaching others how to make money in the stocks. So far, he has instructed more than 30,000 people.

Jason Bond is a co-founder and the operator of a company called RagingBull.com. This company has lots of different services, but Jason Bond Picks is his primary service. This service provides trade alerts and investing and trading educational services to people who subscribe to it.

Bond today specializes both in swing trading and also selling options contracts on stocks. They use a type of trade called a spread trade to help balance the risk of selling options contracts. With the partner and fellow guru Jeff Bishop, Bond has created a foundation. This foundation donates money to charities with trading profits that they have made. In the last year or so, they have given more than 500,000 dollars to charity.

Bond is a famous person who has a lot of experience with trading and teaching. He teaches people about trading on big platforms. The list of channels on which he was featured is impressive. The graphic below shows them:

Jason Bond is a man who trades stocks. He has created many ideas that help him make more money. His idea, Jason Bond Picks, uses a strategy called small-cap swing trading to make some of the money he needs. Jason was a teacher who had no money, but he loved teaching. He didn’t start out that way, though. Jason loved teaching. But he and his wife were really close to $250,000 of debt.

Jason found ways to make more money so they could pay off the debt. He was trying to trade stocks on his own for two years before he finally talked to a trader named Jeff Bishop. Jeff is a famous stock trader and Jason’s mentor. Jeff taught Jason a lot about the stock market. And now, it’s Jason’s turn to teach everyone he knows by giving his opinion about stocks. Jason stopped working as a teacher, and he became a millionaire.

And, guess what? He made all of his money by trading penny stocks. Until now, Jason had only had one options trading strategy. But he has just created a new one that is better than his old strategy. His new strategy is called Weekly Windfalls because it creates more money for him.

How Does Weekly Windfalls Work?

First, you have to understand what an option is. Weekly Windfall is a platform for trading options. Options are contracts. It’s like selling someone the right to buy an asset without making them do anything else.

When you trade options, you are selling a commitment that can increase in worth. This means that when it is time to cash out, the amount you receive is much more than the number of funds you invested. It is hard to do this many things. But it is easier when you use a website like Weekly Windfalls.

The platform trades options with Netflix and Amazon. They are big companies that make a lot of money. That is why the payout when you trade with them is also big. This will give you direct access to trade with multinationals. This is hard to do without them.

The trading platform is easy to use. To sign up, you have to watch a free tutorial on how it works. Then you can start using the program. Jason has created some lessons and seminars about Weekly Windfalls. You can learn all you need to know on this topic.

In this game, you can make up to a 100% profit return on your stake! The minimum win is 30%, which is great for a start. But the game gets even better because you can literally double what you’re trading in!

Jason made over $350,000 in the first few months of 2019. And he is on his way to millions now. This program could help you earn more money. People have learned about the world of online trading from it, and they have earned a lot of money. This program might be a chance for you to learn with less effort and at a low price. We think that Jason Bond is a good person to help you with your trade game.

This program teaches you how to make money quickly. You can start making money right away, and there’s no waiting period. Jason made over $40,000 in two weeks. He did it with Weekly Windfalls. You, too, can make your first profit in your first few weeks! From there, it only gets better.

What Can I Expect When I Trade With Weekly Windfalls?

The beauty of Weekly Windfalls is that you don’t have to work very hard to get a good result.

Jason does all the work by himself. He looked at pictures of the stock. He sends you ideas about what to buy. He is using his own money to figure out which are good to trade with.

Current Weekly Windfalls members say this is their absolute favorite way to trade.

When you join Weekly Windfalls, here is what you can expect:

  • Every day spend 5-10 minutes trading things.
  • Spend 3 to 5 minutes every day studying.

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The Weekly Windfall’s Offerings

The Weekly Windfalls product is not like Bond’s other services. He does not offer a lot of products with it. He is giving people simple and effective things. He also has training and educational components. Now we will look at these products he is giving us.

Weekly Windfalls Training Courses

All of Bond’s courses are good. Training is one thing, but if you want to learn more, he also offers educational courses. The Weekly Windfalls service provides videos and tutorials on how to trade stocks and to understand the strategy behind selling contracts for premiums. Jason gives you videos about trades and options trading. He shows you how to make one step at a time orders in video format.

This is good because, for this, you need a basic understanding of how to trade options. You also need to know that selling uncovered options have a risk. People like his videos because they are easy to understand and helpful.

Weekly Windfalls Free Options Trading Book

Many people who are thinking about joining Jason Bond’s company may not know that he is also a financial and trading author. When you join this, he gives you free access to his ebook on the options trading markets. It is called Wall Street Bookie. It has his name on it.

Weekly Windfalls Advanced Notice and Real-Time Alert

This is a new service from Bond. When you sign up with his service, he sends out buy alerts through email before he trades on the market. He buys and sells a lot of things. He gets an alert if someone is going to buy something from him, and he can buy things from other people too. We like that you can get alerts about trades even after the window has closed. Before he sends out the real-time push alerts, he sends an email to all of his subscribers.

Weekly Windfalls Real-Time Buy and Sell Push Alerts

As a new service, Bond is giving out alerts for buying and selling in real-time. They go out as PUSH notifications on his all-new Raging Bull app rather than the traditional SMS messages. Bond says that it is faster than ever before to get his alerts.

Weekly Windfalls Sucker Bets Scanner

Bond is using his “Sucker Bet” scanner to find the other traders’ moves that he will use to help his members. As a subscriber, you get full and unrestricted access to this powerful stock options scanner.

Weekly Windfalls Access to Jason Bond Education Vault

Bond is committed to educating his members about the financial markets. That’s why we admire him. Jason Bond has a lot of videos on his website. They are educational and can help you learn. Bond values these videos at $499.

This includes an “entire educational suite.” And they are confident that this will be better than usual because the service is so important to him. Bond has never let his members down with educational offerings. Bond is in a class all by himself.

Input into Bond’s Giving Back Program

In a first-ever addition, Bond is offering you a chance to do something that he and his partner have been doing. They created the RagingBull.com Foundation with Jeff Bishop. This new program will give people a chance to do something good for their community together. Two people have been using their trading profits to give money to charities in the community. Members get to choose which charities will get the donations, and they can even ask for a specific charity.

Bishop and Bond have already donated more than $500,000 to charities like this in the past. Now he has agreed to give away all of his profits from trading stocks for a cause in the future. They challenge you to find someone who is so generous and charitable.

Weekly Windfalls Customer Support

Raging Bull is proud that it has good customer service and technical support. Members and subscribers can get live chat, phone, and email-based customer support. If you have any inquiries or if something happens while following his trading system, this is enough to help.

How Much Does Weekly Windfalls Cost?

We don’t like how it is hard to understand the price of the service. You need a plan that costs $2,999, and you have to pay for it first. He also offers a lifetime membership for $4,999. But if you look around on the Internet, it is clear that he sometimes has discounts or sales that bring the price down to as little as $1,499 for an annual subscription. Each of these numbers is a lot to pay upfront.

Bond is a service that lets you pay for things without having to pay upfront. Their money-back guarantee means that if you are not happy with the service, then you can get your money back. The company will let you see all of their educational materials, including a stock screen and trading alerts, for 30 days. If you do not feel satisfied with the trades from this system, then after four weeks, you can ask for your money back. He has a money-back guarantee. You can try his service, and if you don’t like it, then you will not lose any money.

Pros & Cons


  • The strategy is easy to understand. You get signals and alerts that show you what to do next.
  • There is a strategy for earning passive income, which has been successful in the past. It’s been done about 75% of the time.
  • Jason Bond, a legendary educator and guru trainer, does not explain trade set-ups well.
  • Bond gives you access to a group of people called traders. They are through the company that Bond is part of, which is called Raging Bull.
  • Trade recommendations are on the most liquid option pairs. This reduces trading costs and spreads.
  • All members get full access to the member’s Education Training Vault, where they can watch lots of training videos.
  • Higher returns, higher win rate, and lower risk than trading small-caps.
  • This product is endorsed by Daymond John from Shark Tank.
  • Set-it-and-forget it strategy
  • This website has a chat where people can talk to each other.


  • New product (released late 2019)
  • Membership fees can be expensive if you do not have money.
  • This is a type of trade that does well when markets are rising.
  • Bond is not sure what to charge for this service. He has offered discounts and sales on the service that are confusing.

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Should You Join Weekly Windfalls?

Do you want to make more money? You can do options trading to earn extra income. Do you have 15 extra minutes a day to do some things? Would you wish for someone else to do the hard work and tell you what to do?

Then do the service, Weekly Windfalls. It is easy to trade options that win almost every time. Jason has worked hard on this course. He already had a lot of success with it, and he wants to share his knowledge with you. Do you want to learn more about the Titans of Trade? This is a chance for you to learn from Jason Bond and Daymond John. It will be on a day that will not happen again. If you are thinking about Weekly Windfalls, this live stream might answer your questions.


If you’re looking for an easy way to make some extra money, try Weekly Windfalls. With the app’s automated process and high paying surveys, it was easier than ever to make a little bit of extra cash when you needed it most. Weekly Windfalls is a great app if you want to make some extra money and have fun doing it.

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