Jack Hunt Coin Broker

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Jack Hunt Coin Broker

Are you looking for a safe and reliable way to invest your hard-earned money? If so, you may want to consider working with a coin broker like Jack Hunt. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Jack Hunt’s services and what makes them stand out from the competition. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of investing in coins, so you can make a knowledgeable decision about whether this is the right investment strategy for you.

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Jack Hunt Coin Broker Review: Bullion, Coins, and Refining Scrap

What is Jack Hunt Coin Broker?

Jack Hunt Coin Broker sells gold and silver coins and bullion. They also acquire scrap metals in bulk from regional pawnshops, collectors, and jewelry stores. The company started in 1968. It is based in Buffalo, New York. The business has been doing business for more than four decades.

For most of its history until 1979, it sold items like coins and scrap precious metals, but in the 1980s, it changed to selling coins and bullion instead. Since then, the company has sold more than 35 million ounces of gold, silver, and platinum.

About the Management

The CEO of Jack Hunt Coin Broker is Mr. Jack Hunt himself. However, Scott Hunt (Jack’s son) has been working as the company’s president for a few years. Scott has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Canisius College. He spent the first 20 years of his career with his father’s firm before being promoted to president.

Jack Hunt Coin Contact Details

Address: 2746 Delaware Ave, Kenmore, NY 14217
Phone: 800-877-7424
Local Phone: (716) 874-7777
Fax: (716) 873-1510
Website: www.jackhunt.com
Alternate Website (Retail): www.jackhuntgoldsilver.com

Jack Hunt Coin Prices and Products

JackHunt.com is JHCB’s wholesale site that sells coins in bulk to registered coin dealers. If you’re an individual looking to buy coins for your IRA, you might not be able to purchase precious metals through Jack Hunt’s wholesale division; however, it might be possible for you at their retail website – JackHuntGoldSilver.If you want more information on the gold products and prices offered by JHGS, please see their retail gold bullion catalog.

Neither of Jack Hunt’s websites mentions IRAs, and the company does not appear to offer any precious metals storage services. If you want to buy precious metals from JHCB or JHGS with the intention of depositing them into an IRA, you would first have to choose a custodian who is willing to accept delivery of the metals for you.

Gold Bullion

Jack Hunt sells gold coins and bars from the Royal Canadian Mint, Republic Metals Corporation, US Mint, and others. Customers can enjoy free shipping on purchases of more than 20 ounces of gold coins. The minimum order amount for gold is 1 oz. The company website lists the following products under the category of “gold bullion.”

  • United States 1 oz. Gold Eagle
  • United States 1/2 oz. Gold Eagle
  • United States 1/4 oz. Gold Eagle
  • United States 1/10 oz. Gold Eagle
  • United States 1 oz. Gold Buffalo
  • Canadian 1 oz. Gold Maple Leaf

They do not share pricing information. You can bawl the company for a quote. All of these new gold products are “IRA eligible,” which means they are qualified to be included in retirement portfolios.

The IRS specifies that only certain precious metal assets can be included in retirement portfolios. You are allowed to roll over your retirement assets into gold, but you need to use a storehouse that is approved by the IRS.

Platinum Bullion

Jack Hunt sells platinum coins from the US Mint and platinum bars from Valcambi Suisse. Orders of more than 20 ounces come with free shipping, and the minimum order size is 1 ounce.

Silver Bullion

Jack Hunt is a coin broker. They get silver bars and coins from these places:

  • US Mint,
  • Republic Metals Corporation,
  • Royal Canadian Mint,
  • Sunshine Minting,
  • Royal Australian Mint

Please note that this is not the entire list of providers that Jack Hunt Coin Broker works with.

Here are the different silver products that this company offers under the “silver bullion” category on their website.

  • United States 1 oz. Silver Eagle
  • Canadian 1 oz. Silver Maple Leaf
  • Mason Mint 1oz. Silver Buffalo Round
  • United States 5 oz. America the Beautiful Silver Coin (various dates/designs)
  • Royal Canadian Mint 10 oz Silver Bar
  • Royal Canadian Mint 100 oz. Silver Bar

The company has silver products that come in four different sizes: 1 oz., five oz., 10 oz., and 100 oz.

The company offers free shipping for silver orders over 500 oz. The minimum order for the silver products is set as 100 oz by the company.

Scrap Precious Metals

If you want to know how much your scrap metal is worth, they have a calculator that can help you do that.

Sell your scrap precious metals to Jack Hunt. He might buy them for a few good reasons.

  • Fast & Free Electronic Payments.
  • Paying for Exact Lot Weight (Even if in the customer’s Favor).
  • Using Government Certified Scales.
  • Processing Lots Under Video Surveillance.
  • Explaining Returns In Detail.

There are things called offsets, which can be used to purchase bullion.

Consider All Options Before Investing in a Gold IRA

Dealer Hub

Dealer Hub provides customers real-time spot market prices for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

In the dealer hub section, the company offers tools to help customers.

  • Daily price sheet
  • Scrap calculator
  • World gold coin reference chart
  • Weight converter

Rapid Express

Jack Hunt Coin broker offers a service that will quickly and efficiently ship gold, silver, and platinum precious metal scraps. This service is highly reliable and will get your metals to their destination quickly.

If you think selling and shipping your precious metal is hard and expensive, you are not alone. The company simplifies the process by giving you a cheaper option.

Rapid Express shipping service includes the following:

  • Expedited shipping is when you send something by postal mail, FedEx, or UPS.
  • Shipping Insurance.
  • If your trade is worth up to $150,000, you won’t need to worry about shipping insurance anymore.
  • You can get free shipping materials sent right to your door.
  • You will receive the distinct blue Rapid Express boxes and shipping materials at no cost.
  • Fast, hassle-free payments.
  • You can pay them with a wire, in the bank, or with a check.

The most beautiful part is that you only pay $35 for shipping. You must note that if your package weighs more than 50 pounds, you will have to pay $50.

Jack Hunt Coin Broker Pros and Cons


  • Good products
  • It has existed in the industry for a long time


  • Lacks ratings and reviews
  • Cannot order online
  • No IRA services

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4.5 star

Star Rating

Goldco Precious Metals, a private firm based in Woodland Hills, California, has been helping people protect their assets since 2006. Founded by Trevor Gerszt, the firm’s focus for over sixteen years of operation is precious metals IRAs.

Goldco is a firm that prides itself on being a full-service provider. Outside of gold and silver IRAs, they take care of direct purchases of precious metals. Goldco’s CEO has expanded his business venture in response to growing demand in the market, allowing consumers to invest in cryptocurrencies through their 401(k) as well.

American Hartford Gold


4.8 star

Star Rating

The American Hartford Gold company has a wide array of precious metals, including coins and bars. It’s based in Los Angeles, where you can find all types of gold products for your IRA-eligible investments!

Also, American Hartford Gold makes it easy for retirement savers to set up a Gold IRA in a three-step procedure. In addition, metals holdings may be safely stored at a depository company of customers’ selection. The company has a lot of information to help its customers. It has a free guide about gold and silver, and it also has a section with articles about investing in precious metals.

Augusta Precious Metals


star rating

Star Rating

Augusta Precious Metals is a solid gold IRA provider. They have no complaints and are reasonably priced. They also provide lifelong support and conduct a one-on-one online meeting with you before you make your purchase.

Augusta Precious Metals helps you to buy gold and silver. They focus on precious metal IRAs. Augusta is the most reputable company in this opportunity. They have had no complaints with the BCA and BBB since they were opened in 2012. They also have no-commission salespeople, so you do not have to worry about.

A precious metal IRA is a type of retirement account. It holds gold or silver instead of stocks, which are used when the economy is bad. This kind of IRA helps you get more money instead of less.

Birch gold



4.5 star

Star Rating

Birch Gold has assisted numerous clients in selecting the best palladium, platinum, gold, and silver mixture to minimize their wide range through portfolio diversification. They provide a customer care staff that is both educated and informed about the goods they utilize.

Birch Gold allows you to open an account and begin transferring money or converting your existing retirement account into an individual retirement account, which you can do based on the precious metals most appropriate for your needs.

A Birch Gold representative will provide assistance and direction to individuals at any stage of the procedure, as well as assist with purchase arrangements in your place. The expert will buy the merchandise for you after you decide how you want to continue.

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Jack Hunt Coin Broker offers their customers honest pricing ensuring the best price possible on every transaction. JHGS also works with a variety of other precious metals, such as Platinum and Palladium, which are becoming more popular among investors who want to diversify or hedge against inflation. If you’re looking for an established coin broker that has been in business since 1968 and is committed to honesty and providing top-notch customer service, give them a call!

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