Jane Fraser Net Worth

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A British-American CEO and businesswoman, Jane Fraser has achieved several extraordinary feats, including breaking the “glass ceiling.” Fraser is the first woman to hold the position of CEO at Citigroup in its history and the first woman to lead a significant Wall Street bank.

Fraser joined Citigroup in 2004 as the Head of Client Strategy and was named Global Head of Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions in 2007. During the height of the Global Financial Crisis, Fraser held this position and was responsible for guiding the company through the turbulence, which she expertly handled. Fraser would become Citigroup’s new CEO, the financial services company announced in February 2021.

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Jane Fraser is currently regarded as one of the most influential women in banking. Fraser was listed on Fortune’s annual “Most Powerful Women in Business” list in 2014 and 2015, ranking #48 and #41, respectively. Fraser was ranked as the fourteenth most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2021.

Since Fraser joined the executive team, Citigroup has experienced tremendous growth, not to mention Fraser’s ascent through the banking industry. As a result, people have long conjectured about the CEO’s net worth. So, at Sophisticated Investor, we tried to respond to the query, “What is Jane Fraser’s net worth?” We gathered all the information available to the public to respond to this inquiry and supplied estimates of her net worth.

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What is Jane Fraser’s Net Worth?

According to the analysis, Jane Fraser is valued between $50 million and $70 million. According to a recent Wall Street Journal feature, Fraser will receive $22.5 million in compensation for her first year as Citigroup’s CEO.
Additionally, Jane Fraser received $16,710,724 in total compensation in 2020, according to Citigroup’s annual SEC proxy filing, which was published in 2021.

Jane Fraser Biography

On July 13, 1967, Jane Fraser was born in St. Andrews, Scotland. She graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA after earning a BA in economics from Cambridge University. Fraser worked as a mergers and acquisitions analyst for Goldman Sachs in London for two years after graduating from college.

Fraser worked in global strategy and financial services at McKinsey after her MBA in 1994. She was eventually promoted to partner, and Fraser served in various positions at McKinsey for ten years.
Fraser began working with Citigroup in 2004 as the Head of Client Strategy. Three years later, she was promoted to global head of strategy and mergers and acquisitions, guiding Citigroup through the Great Recession. Fraser rose to the company’s ranks, eventually being promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2021.

Fortune listed Fraser among the “Most Powerful Women in Business” in 2014 and 2015, and she received rankings of #48 and #41, respectively. Fraser was ranked as the fourteenth most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2021.

How Did Jane Fraser Build Her Wealth?

Jane Fraser mainly acquired her riches through her job at Citigroup. She reportedly owns at least 109,665 shares of Citigroup stock.
Fraser would have routinely received yearly eight-figure remuneration packages given her role as a partner of the international think firm McKinsey.

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How is Jane Fraser’s Net Worth Calculated?

Jane Fraser’s net worth is determined by deducting her liabilities from her assets. She has received a height-figure yearly salary from the different business positions she has held on Wall Street for several years. Fraser allegedly owns a sizable Florida property in addition to other prominent assets.

Who Else Invests Like Jane Fraser?

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Want to Invest Like Jane Fraser?

It might not be feasible for the typical investor to have a net worth comparable to Jane Fraser’s. Nevertheless, intelligent investors can still employ an aggressive investing strategy of portfolio diversification even if they lack investment capital comparable to Fraser’s.

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Pros and Cons Jane Fraser’s Net Worth


  • She has served several important roles at Citigroup Financial Corporation, including CEO and President.
  • She has been recognized with multiple accolades for her leadership and services to the banking industry.
  • Openly promotes increased workplace diversity, notably in the financial industry.


  • Needs help to navigate a male-dominated financial industry.
  • Conservative leadership style may not always promote dramatic change or innovation.

Final Thought – Jane Fraser’s Net Worth

Jane Fraser has had a successful career in finance, most notably serving as Citigroup Financial Corporation’s CEO and President. She has promoted greater diversity and supported initiatives with global sound effects by using her experience and influence to better the banking business. She sets an example for young workers everywhere with her dedication to excellence.


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