Cayman Islands Gold $25 Coins

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Cayman Islands Gold $25 Coins

The Cayman Islands Gold $25 Coins are a special, highly limited edition coin from the Caribbean Islands just south of Jamaica. Cayman Islands coins were first introduced in 1973 and have been minted annually since then. The Cayman Island’s gold bullion coins contain one ounce of pure .999 fine 24-carat gold, making them an excellent choice for your investment portfolio.

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Caymanian Coins

Cayman Islands Gold $25 Coins are a unique, limited edition coin from the Caribbean Island nation to the south of Jamaica. To celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Wedding anniversary, the Cayman Islands issued a special limited edition gold coin depicting her and Prince Phillip. As the longest-ruling members of the British Royal family, they are only subjects of Cayman Islands gold coins. Besides this coin, a $250 and two other Cayman Gold coins exist, the 1990-issued $50 and another $25 piece.

Cayman Islands Gold $25 Coins Background and History

The first European to locate the Cayman Islands in 1503 was Christopher Columbus. He named them Tortugas, which is Spanish for turtles, because he saw a large number of these creatures there. In 1670, they became part of Britain’s empire with Jamaica when it made its way over from Spain after being discovered by Christopher (who at that point had been dead since 1542).

Although the Cayman Islands originally came from Jamaica, Great Britain also colonized the group of islands. Today, even though Jamaica has gained its independence decades ago and established self-government, The Caymans are still a British Colony that is somewhat self-governed. For a brief period, the country enjoyed affiliation with the West Indies Federation from 1959, which dissolved in 1972. The Caymans joined the British Commonwealth after their separation from the federation.

The Cayman Islands and Jamaica have shared an interesting history. The island’s people traded with the currency of their more famous neighbor, Jamaican money, for most of its independent existence but only started authorizing territorial coinage in 1972 – at which time it also decimalized its currency.

These gold coins are a special collector’s edition of coins from the Caribbean islands just south of Jamaica. They issue this coin for various celebratory events throughout the years – and their mintage is rather limited at only 7,706.

Cayman Islands Gold $25 Coins Physical Characteristics

Coin Design

One can tell the front of a Cayman Islands Gold $25 Coin by looking for the image depicting Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip. They are encircled in what is located on the reverse side of this coin; text and an icon with words “Silver Wedding Anniversary 1947-1972.”

Coin collectors all call the backside of coins by their official name “the reverse.” Cayman Islands Gold $25 Coins showcase an interesting image on the front side– Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II wearing her crown. Below her majesty’s likeness is detailed information about when and where these valuable gold pieces were minted and issued.


The Cayman Islands have four different gold coins. There is a $250 one-ounce coin, a $50 quarter-ounce coin, a $25 tenth-ounce coin, and these $25 commemorative silver anniversary gold coins.

The Cayman Islands have issued four different gold coins, including an over one ounce $250 coin, a fifth of an ounce $50 piece, a tenth-ounce $25 Cayman Islands issue, and these quarter-ounce $25 commemorative silver anniversary gold coins. The usual specifications of this 1972 silver wedding anniversary gold piece are as follows:

  • Mass: 15.75 grams
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Diameter: 27.3 mm
  • Purity: 50.0% gold fineness
  • Gold Content: 0.2222 troy oz

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Can IRA Accounts Contain Cayman Islands Gold $25 Coins?

These gold coins are commemorative coins from the Caribbean Islands. Is it possible to include them in your retirement plan? The Internal Revenue Service decides, at its discretion, whether or not to accept this gold coin into retirement accounts. They are mostly looking at two things when they evaluate coins. The purity of the gold in these coins and their collectability put a further monetary premium on them.

To open an account, you first deposit $5,000 worth of gold or other precious metals coins. Once your IRA administrator has finished this task, they can purchase more whenever the balance is less than $1,000 increments later on.

If you already have an IRA, it’s not difficult to roll over your account into a self-directed precious metals IRA. Just instruct the old and new administrators of both accounts to do so on behalf of the individual investor who wants this type of investment.

Although these beautiful Caribbean Islands gems may be a stunning addition to your collection, they are not legally allowed in the US Gold IRA. This is because coins minted by such countries only contain .500 pure gold–in order for an item to meet IRS specifications, it must have at least .995 purity.

Unlike the other gold coins produced in the Cayman Islands, this coin has a higher purity of over .910 fineness. Even if the gold content on any of the Cayman pieces were high enough, the IRS would still have a problem with it because they wouldn’t like limited mintages and high premiums. Even though you cannot count the Cayman Islands’ gold among your physical holdings as a part of the IRA, you can include them in retirement and investment accounts. You can buy rare coins from a dealer. They will have to find them for you because they are so rare.

Cayman Islands Gold $25 Coins Pricing

The Cayman Islands Gold $25 Coins are a special limited edition coin from the Caribbean just south of Jamaica. It has an official legal tender face value set at $25 Cayman Dollars, which is still accepted in this colony today. Thanks to fiscal responsibility and order in the islands, inflation has been tame. That means that the face value of these coins is still worth something.

Still, it doesn’t compare to the intrinsic value of these gems. This intrinsic value is based on their daily spot price, which varies with gold’s current worth in cases like this one. The coins also have an incredible collector’s premium because they are so limited; like other Cayman Islands gold coins, they’re sought after by collectors due to a low mintage rate that creates scarcity and demand for them worldwide.

The gold coin’s content and collector premium add up to the value price of the coin. This allows the value which the coins contribute to any portfolio or retirement account which holds them. Gold prices fluctuate either up or down during the weekly trading days and also on Sundays. Gold is being traded internationally and is priced all over the world, unlike individual exchanges’ stocks and bonds.

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The Cayman Islands Gold $25 Coins is another investment opportunity that has been gaining steam in recent years. If you’re looking for an option for stocks, this may be a good option for your portfolio. There are many gold coins available from various countries and mints around the world, so it’s necessary to do some research before making any purchases. In general, though, one of these coins could be worth considering as they offer something different than traditional investments or commodities like silver and gold bullion bars.

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