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If you’re looking for a reliable and safe investment option, SilverTowne is well worth considering. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, they offer a wide range of coins and bars perfect for anyone looking to invest in precious metals. What’s more, their customer service is top-notch, making them a great choice for investors of all kinds. So if you’re thinking about investing in silver, be sure to check out SilverTowne!

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An Overview: Why is SilverTowne the best place to buy silver and gold?

What is SilverTowne?

Leon Hendrickson, the founder of SilverTowne, is a rare metal and precious dealer that has been trading since 1949. It began as a little coin shop.

Over time, the firm has grown to be one of the world’s major precious metals, rare coins, and contemporary coins dealers.

SilverTowne offers clients products in two ways: its retail showroom in Winchester and its helpful website.

SilverTowne History

The SilverTowne Mint was founded by Leon and Ruhama Hendrickson, the spouses of its co-founders. Since 1973, the SilverTowne Mint has been producing high-quality precious metals items every year.

Although the minting facility was only established in 1973, the Hendricksons have been on this road for nearly 60 years. SilverTowne began as a modest family-owned business that dealt in numismatics and precious metals. Its owners, however, noticed the growing popularity of bullion products as both investment assets and collectibles.

In 1973, SilverTowne Mint began operations and produced coins on Bliss and Nickel Presses.

Over the course of ten years, SilverTowne’s growth had been unprecedented. The development was so rapid that the old plant hindered meeting the demand for SilverTowne bullion items. As a result, in 1985, the facility was transferred to a far larger site in Winchester, Indiana – where it still stands today.

For bullion items such as rounds, bars, and medals, it began offering bespoke minting services to individuals, corporations, and governments. Their custom imprints are still considered the greatest choice for businesses in North America looking to create unique promotions like commissioning coins or mementos with the company logo on them.

SilverTowne Mint’s success demonstrates that the American idea may be achieved. Many individuals, like the Hendricksons, pursue this dream.

SilverTowne Facilities and Businesses

SilverTowne L.P.

This is SilverTowne’s retail arm. It was created by the minds behind SilverTowne, Leon, and Ruhama Hendrickson, who are also the company’s founders. From a tiny coin shop, it has expanded to include two retail divisions in the same structure. The company has a brick-and-mortar showroom in Winchester, Indiana, as well as an extensive range of bullion items that may be purchased on the internet and catalog.

SilverTowne Mint

In 1973, the minting arm of SilverTowne was built. It is now a crucial component of the SilverTowne family. The Mint specializes in custom minting of gold and silver coins, “challenge coins,” and custom minting of medallions for club, corporate, or promotional usage. Professionally painted enameled pieces can also be purchased and ordered.

SilverTowne Farms

The finest Simmental cattle are bred by SilverTowne Farms for both commercial and purebred cattlemen. Although this stage of the SilverTowne firm is not directly linked to its precious metals arm, it is an important part of the company as a whole.

How to get started?

To begin using SilverTowne’s e-commerce website, you must first create an account on it. Furthermore, you must declare your affiliation as a buyer or seller.

After that, you’ll be able to see the goods that are available for purchase. You can then cart and pay for them after you’ve finished selecting.

Popular Precious Metals Products and Series

SilverTowne Mint’s coins, for example, include replicas and re-imaginings of historical coins and significant American motifs. They also offer an alternative and less expensive approach to investing in silver with these national designs since rounds and bars typically have lower premiums over the spot price of silver.

SilverTowne Buffalo Silver Rounds

These 1 oz and 5 oz Silver Rounds from this company commemorate the career of a renowned engraver of his era, James Earle Fraser, through elegant artwork from the Indian Head Nickel. They’re minted using 0.999 silver. As a result, they’re ideal investments as well as collectors’ items. The first silver round in this series was introduced in 2016. These ancient designs provide the backdrop for reminiscing about the past.

SilverTowne American Eagle Replica Silver Rounds

The American Silver Eagle is the world’s most well-known and most frequently purchased contemporary silver coin.

The company makes a similar but bigger replication of this coin, striking a silver round using five troy ounces of .999 fine silver. The obverses show Lady Liberty wading across the landscape as the sun sets in the background. The replicas from SilverTowne have done Weinman’s design justice. Even though they do not have any monetary value, these American Eagle Replicas will make great additions to silver collections and investment portfolios.

SilverTowne Stackable Liberty Bell Silver Rounds

These Liberty Bell Silver Rounds, which feature a stunning replica of one of the United States’ most revered icons, are a big hit among investors and collectors. The huge and popular crack across the bell is depicted in vivid detail – an incredible reminder of the bell’s first ring. Every one of these rounds is stackable. As a result, storing numerous rounds becomes easier, making these coins more convenient to transport and handle.

SilverTowne Stackable Prospector Silver Round

The iconic prospector design is featured on the obverse and reverse sides of this 1 ounce and 5 ounce Silver Rounds, which have a stackable construction for easy storage. The silver prospector and his trusty donkey have become an iconic pair. This is a man with a pickaxe, ready for a long day of mining. It’s a subtle reminder of simpler days when individuals would grab their pickaxes and go off in search of gold and silver.

SilverTowne Prospector Silver Bar

The famed SilverTowne Prospector and his donkey are depicted on the obverses of these mint silver bars as well. The weight and purity of the silver in the bar are imprinted below, while the prospector impression occupies the upper portion of this site. These bars are produced utilizing 0.999 pure silver, with sizes ranging from 1 oz to 5 oz.

SilverTowne Poured Silver Bar

The silver bars offered by SilverTowne Mint are distinctive in comparison to the other silver bars produced by the firm. Every one of these silver bars is cast, which means molten silver is poured into molds to shape them. Because of this, they have rough surfaces and uneven edges. However, because of the roughness, these bars have a rustic feel that mint bars can’t touch.

Silvertowne Mint bullion products are extremely popular among investors who want to accumulate substantial amounts of 0.999 pure gold and silver bullion for the long term, as they regularly have significantly lower price premiums over the live spot price of silver – despite the fact that these products are far less common.

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SilverTowne Ratings and Reviews

The ratings and reviews of SilverTowne are as follows.

  • BBB – A+ rating, not BBB accredited, no reviews
  • Yelp – 13 reviews with 3/5 rating 
  • Facebook – 388 reviews with 4.1/5 rating 
  • Trustpilot – 2 reviews with a 3.3/5 rating

Is SilverTowne a scam or a Legit Gold Dealer?

SilverTowne is a genuine company that sells well-known items in the market. The firm has grown from a little coin store to a multi-billion dollar precious metal shop that supplies clients with a wide range of goods. If you want to see the goods in person before making a purchase, go to the showroom at 120 Eastern Union City Pike, Winchester, IN 47394. From Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the showroom is accessible.

SilverTowne Pros and Cons


  • With a wide selection of precious metals, you’re sure to find something special.
  • There’s also an online shop and a showroom for the company.
  • For a long period of time, they’ve been providing services.


  • Online ratings and reviews are negative.
  • No IRA services


Augusta Precious Metals

star rating

Star Rating

Augusta Precious Metals is a firm of highly knowledgeable specialists that can truly assist clients with a lot of expertise and understanding. Customers may invest in non-IRA gold and silver; however, the company focuses on Gold IRAs. Other gold companies simply provide precious metal IRAs as one service among many others.

The advantages include numerous helpful resources available for free, a simple and quick process, competitive market pricing on most popular goods, customer loyalty, and repeat business. The firm has a solid reputation among clients and high ratings on recognized ranking systems, showing that it provides transparency and honesty.

American Hartford Gold

4.8 star

Star Rating

The American Hartford Gold is a firm based in Los Angeles, California, that helps customers invest in precious metals. Gold and silver bars and coins are all available. They deliver both tangible items to a home or within an IRA, 401K, or TSP.

In Connecticut, Hartford Gold aids investors in building a brighter future by adding “safe haven” assets to their portfolios. Investors get only the highest grade gold and silver coins, which are available at reasonable costs with 100% client satisfaction guaranteed.

On many review platforms, including Trustpilot and Google, the Better Business Bureau has given Hartford Gold an A+ rating and a 5-star customer satisfaction rating.


4.5 star

Star Rating

In 2006, Trevor Gerszt established Goldco. Gerszt wanted to start a firm that would assist each client in making sound financial decisions so they could plan for retirement and future financial success. The firm helps customers move their existing retirement accounts, set up new Precious Metal IRAs, or buy gold and silver coins and bullion for personal collections or investments.

Goldco has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, as well as a Triple-A ranking from the Business Consumer Alliance. They have excellent ratings on review sites like Trustpilot and Google, with wonderful comments from customers who are ecstatic. Goldco’s outstanding ratings and happy clients may assist you to feel more at ease about hiring the firm to help you invest in precious metals.

Birch Gold

Birch Gold

4.2 star

Star Rating

Gold bars and coins are an excellent way to guard your money against inflation. With its broad range of products, Birch Gold Group will make purchasing these precious metals easier. They also sell gold IRAs, so you may invest in this way as well!

Birch Gold Group is a Burbank, California-based firm that has been in operation since 2003. The firm is pleased to report that it has been highlighted in a number of publications, including the Ben Shapiro Show.

The company claims to be a team of experienced professionals that previously worked for well-known organizations.

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SilverTowne Mint has been producing the finest precious metals products for over 50 years. With a rich and long history of success, it’s no wonder that many collectors and investors find their way to this privately-owned mint in Winchester, Indiana.

Besides minting precious metals, they also offer professional assay services for gold and silver products. Anyone can send their product to the SilverTown Indiana facility so that it can be analyzed for purity levels of silver or gold in the items.

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