Baird & Co. Palladium Bars

Baird & Co. Palladium Bars

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The Baird & Co. Palladium Bars are a unique product offered by the London-based company. The bars are 99.95% pure palladium, which is one of the highest-quality metals on the market today. Palladium usually falls into an investment category that many people may not be very familiar with, so it’s important to know more about this precious metal before you invest in this bar!

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About Baird & Co.

Baird and Co. have been given praise from investors and people who collect gold. They are proud of their products and how they make them.

Baird & Co. has garnered wide acclaim from investors and bullion collectors due to their quality products and production practices. Unlike many other sovereign mints, Baird & Co. utilizes environmentally friendly practices and gear to reduce the number of carbon emissions produced by their operations.

Precious Metals

Baird & Co. has everything you need for your precious metal needs, including coins and bars of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and Rhodium.

The company sells silver bullion from 100g troy bars to 100-ounce bars, gold bullion from 2.5g minted bars to 1kg minted bars, platinum bars from 1oz to 1kg, and palladium bars from 1oz to 500g. Their rhodium bars are the first in the world to be produced. They come in a size of one ounce or five ounces. You can also buy coins made up of one ounce of Rhodium.

At Baird & Company, you can buy different types of bullion. They sell 2.5g minted bars and 1kg cast bars. You can also order velvet pouches to protect your valuable bullion when it is not in use.


Baird & Co. is a company that refines precious metals. They have been doing this since 1979, and they are now the largest in the United Kingdom. They also do it professionally to make their customers happy and have a good reputation for being professional everywhere in the world.

Their refinery operates by taking scrap metal and heating it using induction furnaces. All precious metal that is made is tested for quality. This testing can happen through samples or by assaying.

The gold extraction follows the miller process, which entails using chlorine to create metal chlorides. Next, gold is treated with Aqua Regia to make it .9999 pure. Finally, the gold melts together and is then poured into a mold to form an ingot.

Baird & Co. is one of those companies that are always innovating and coming up with new ways to make their products better for the environment, more efficient in production, and purer/higher quality than ever before.

Baird & Co. has been innovative, and they have great processes that show this. In 2012, they released the world’s first commercial rhodium investment bar, and in 2018, they worked with Tuvalu to produce the world’s first legal tender coin made of Rhodium which is valued at $100 but costs around 19000 dollars!

Development, Introduction, and History

Baird and company were founded in 1967. It has advanced from a small company to one of the most trusted refineries in the world.

Many countries have relaxed restrictions on investing in bullion and minting of bullion products. Baird started to produce large-scale gold, silver, and platinum bars in addition to refining them when it opened its first refinery in 1979.

Palladium products entered the markets more recently, at a time when Baird became recognized by many as one of the world’s leading palladium refiners. The Baird Palladium Bars are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to invest in palladium. These bars are specifically designed for people who want to invest their money.

Baird Palladium Bars Physical Characteristics

Bar Design

The front of Baird Palladium Bars is designed simply and elegantly. Every Baird bar will bear the inscription of Baird & Co., Bullion Merchant, London, 999.5 Fine Palladium and weight denomination. Additionally, each bar has its own unique serial code that appears on the front side.

The back of Baird Palladium Bars is different. On many, you can find the “Onion Dome,” which is on so many Slavic and Russian buildings. These bars are minted in England, but the metal is mostly from Russia, and these bars show this. The dome is in the middle of “MINTED IN LONDON” and “FROM PURE RUSSIAN PALLADIUM.”

Other reverse designs are simpler, including only the company’s name and logo. The Russian architecture design is usually considered more collectible, so bars featuring this will typically sell at a higher expense.


They have you covered with four different weight denominations for its Palladium Bars. Regardless of which size you are looking to purchase, all bars will have a palladium fineness of 0.9995 and come in individual tamper-proof casings that cannot be opened without destroying the bar itself.

Baird & Co. Palladium Bars have a weight denomination of 1 troy ounce, 50 grams, and 100 grams with different prices for each one based on its size.

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Baird Palladium Bar Pricing

Palladium reserves are largely found in Russia, which means Baird Palladium Bars carry more risk than most other precious metals.

Most of the palladium in Europe comes from Russia. It is a little sensitive to disruptions in supply. Some people have wanted to buy it because they do not want to get hurt by huge price surges that can happen with palladium.

Unlike traditional bullion coins, palladium bars are not legal tender and can’t be exchanged as a currency. Still, investors may find that bars have certain advantages over physical palladium coins.

The production of bullion bars – like Baird Palladium Bars – is typically lower than the cost for coins to be minted. This means the metal’s market price is usually close to the spot price of the metal. In this way, you can own palladium bars for not much money.

Since palladium prices change every day, the value of Baird Palladium Bars changes every day too.

Adding Baird Palladium Bars to an IRA

The IRS allows IRA accounts to have precious metal bullion as a portfolio investment so long as it is meeting specific requirements. Often called a “precious metals IRA,” these accounts are self-directed, and only IRS-approved bars and coins are eligible for inclusion.

Baird Palladium Bars are allowed to be in a precious metals IRA. Putting real palladium inside an IRA can be a good idea. It means that you will have more choices when you are investing. You can pick investments that are not just stocks and bonds.

Palladium is one of the ten least occurring elements on the surface of the earth. This rarity helps provide real value to investors everywhere.

Baird Palladium Bars are approved for inclusion in IRA accounts because they meet the purity requirement presented in Internal Revenue Code section 408(b). To own a precious metals IRA, you must buy at least $5,000 worth of metals. Each time you buy more, make sure it is at least $1,000.

When you buy Baird Palladium Bars (or any IRA-designated investment metals), the IRS mandates that they be kept in qualified vaults. The vault is responsible for maintaining and securing the bullion.

Investors who already have an IRA can choose to roll over or transfer their funds to a precious metals-based account.

You can buy Baird Palladium Bars from the official website of Baird and Company or at a reputable dealer/exchange around the world. Palladium is used as a less liquid form of investment, and because it cannot be found in mass quantities, it may prove to be challenging for investors.

Why Baird & Co. is a Good Investment

Baird & Co. has been operating for 50 years, during which time the company grew from a small numismatic dealership to an internationally renowned precious metals refinery.

They are proud to be a member of the London Bullion Market Association, which regulates all members and ensures they are meeting quality standards. The company is a pioneer in precious metals refining, leading the way with technological advances and continually improving quality. 

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Palladium is a rare metal, and yet it ranks as the most sought-after precious metal on earth. Investors are aware that disruptions to even just this single supply could cause all prices to skyrocket at once- so knowledgeable buyers know they should be diversifying their investments by investing in palladium bars like these.


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