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The Royal Mint Bullion

The Royal Mint Bullion is one of the foremost renowned and respected mints in the world. The company has been producing coins since 886 AD, and today, it produces some of the most popular bullion products on the market. The Royal Mint Bullion offers investors a wide variety of options when it comes to precious metals investment, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at The Royal Mint Bullion and its products!

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Royal Mint Bullion Review: Buy & Sell Gold, Silver & Platinum

What is The Royal Mint Bullion?

The Royal Mint Bullion is a British, government-owned mint and precious metals dealer. This company is very large, with over £506 million in revenue as of 2017.

The Royal Mint is one of the foremost exporters of bullion. They also have one of the longest manufacturing histories of any mint. They have been minting coins for over 1,000 years. The Royal Mint is responsible for producing all the currency used in the United Kingdom, including coins and bars. In addition, they also produce bullion products.

The Royal Mint also creates opportunities for investors and mints special coin collections. It is a government-owned organization that is part of Her Majesty’s Treasury.

Royal Mint Bullion offers a variety of options for different people. These options include:

 Tours, coins hunts, and other special affairs for visitors to the Mint.
Rare coins for collectors.
 Physical and digital precious metals for investors.
 Unique gifts to celebrate special occasions.

The Royal Mint’s website has a vision. They want to put the customer first in everything they do. This will help them deliver great services and products to everyone.

Digging into Royal Mint Bullion

Royal Mint Bullion is a company in the United Kingdom that has been in business for over 1100 years!
Gold, silver, and platinum are currently available in different forms, such as coins and bars. These items vary in size and price from 1 gram to 400 ounces. That’s nearly 12.5 kilograms!

Prices vary between the different products and are largely based on how much product you buy. For example, the cost per ounce is higher when you buy a smaller quantity.

When you buy many items at once, the price for each item goes down. When you buy a lot of things at the same time, the price for each thing goes down. The more you buy, the cheaper each thing will be.

Some price differences exist between coins and bars and other mintings. But some may have a higher price because they are collectibles. If you are not looking to be a collector and are instead looking at it purely from an investment outlook, you may want to avoid these higher-priced collectibles.

When you buy a lot of things at the same time, the price for each thing goes down. The more you buy, the cheaper each thing will be.

On the other hand, if you care about the collectability of one of these mintings, then you should focus on what you realize your needs best.

Profiting on your investment

Gold prices change over time, just like the prices of other investments like stocks or bonds.
You can make a profit by buying precious metals from Royal Mint Bullion at one cost and selling it for a higher cost later on.

Royal Mint Bullion lets its customers sell minted gold and silver to the company. The company will then pay the customer based on a set price, which is called a spread.

Simply put, if you sell your metals, you will lose a small percentage of their value.
There are several ways to sell metals to Royal Mint Bullion. You can post it to them, drop it off at a partner dealership near you, or sell it back to them if you use their “The Vault” storage service.

Are There Any Red Flags for Royal Mint Bullion?

Even though Royal Mint Bullion is a government-owned company, you should still do your research and look for any red flags that might make you choose another company. One way to learn about a company is to look at reviews from past customers. This will allow you a plan of what the company is like and its practices.

They looked to find reviews for Royal Mint Bullion on four different sites: the Better Business Bureau, the Business Consumer Alliance, TrustLink, and.

Many gold investment companies have hundreds of reviews, and this allows for more questions and wondering about how the company conducts business. A lack of reviews for the company raises concerns. Adding to the fact that there were a lot of negative reviews on Trustpilot, the average rating was only 2.5 out of 5 stars. This is really low and should be worrying to anyone looking to use this company.

Royal Mint Bullion Products and Services Offered

Gold Britannia Coins

Since the times of the Roman Empire, Britannia has represented the values and ideals of her nation. Her appearance has changed over time to reflect the changing outlooks of her people. The Royal Mint introduced a new bullion coin to the international market in 1987. The new coin featured Britannia, a powerful and well-known symbol of Britain. Since then, each year, The Royal Mint released a Proof version of the Britannia coin. These coins showcase modern artists’ takes on the British icon. For the 30th anniversary of the gold coin, they looked for young talent from Britain’s fine art universities. They chose Louis Tamlyn, who is a multi-disciplinary artist.

Gold Queen’s Beast White Horse Coins

The Queen’s Beasts Collection includes coins with ancient symbols of ancestry, power, and heraldry. Royal Mint designer Jody Clark has reimagined ten beasts that stood guard at the coronation of Her Majesty The Queen in 1953. They each represent a strand of ancestry brought together in a young woman about to be crowned before the nation.

Gold Royal Arms Coins

The Royal Arms is a mainstay of British coinage that has been used for centuries. This majestic symbol represents the strength and majesty of the monarchy and heraldry in the United Kingdom.

The Royal Arms is the official symbol of the British monarch. It started out being used on medieval battlefields, where it could be seen on shields, banners, and clothes. It has changed over time and now represents power, approval, and duty.

Gold Sovereign Coins

The Sovereign 2014 25 Coin Tube is a set of 25 22 carat gold coins from The Royal Mint. They have a traditional St George and the Dragon design, and they are UK legal tender, VAT-free, and Capital Gains Tax exempt*.

Vault Storage Through Royal Mint Bullion

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When you invest in precious metals, it is important to take measures to protect them. One of the foremost ways to do this is by storing them in a safe place. The Royal Mint offers its customers this opportunity.

“The Vault” is a storage solution that is very safe. It is located in the mint, and this should make you feel confident that your precious metals will be safe and in good condition until you are ready to take them or sell them. If you purchase bullion through the Royal Mint’s website, you can choose to have your items stored in The Vault.
If you possess other valuable items that you want to store, Royal Mint Bullion can help. They offer safe deposit boxes which are kept in a secure location within the mint.

⦿  Storage Fees Example

Another benefit of using a gold storage service is that you don’t have to worry about theft or natural disasters. The service is optional, so you can always choose to store the gold yourself or keep it in a bank safety deposit box.

⦿  Tax-free investing

One of the best things about Royal Mint Bullion is that UK-based investors don’t have to pay sales tax, VAT, or capital gains taxes when buying or selling precious metals.

You can save money on taxes if you invest in precious metals. If you compare this to other investment options, like the stock market, you will see that precious metals come with lower taxes. This can keep you a ton of money.

Tax-free investments can be very attractive. They are easy to see why they might be so appealing. In addition, gold funds on the stock market charge more than 1% each year. This makes the price of storage even more reasonable.
Unfortunately, this tax-free contribution is only available to investors who live in the United Kingdom. The company is happy to ship internationally for those who don’t live in the United Kingdom.


Royal Mint Bullion Review

  • EASE OF USE – 9.0/10
  • PRICES – 7.0/10
  • REPUTATION – 10.0/10
  • DESIGN – 8.0/10

Royal Mint Bullion Key Features


  • A Vault is a storage place for precious metals located within the Royal Mint.
  • You can buy both bullion coins and collectible coins.
  • You can also invest in digital gold.


  • Royal Mint Bullion is not an IRA custodian.
  • There are a large number of gloomy customer reviews.
  • Their selection of coins and bars is much smaller than other companies because they only sell British coins and bars.




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Royal Mint Bullion is a division of the Royal Mint, established over 1100 years ago and recognized as one of the world’s leading mints. Alongside legal-tender bullion coins such as the Sovereign and Britannia, they produce a wide range of bullion bars from standardized poured and stamped ingots to beautiful minted bars featuring iconic artwork. If you are interested in investing in precious metals or looking for an alternative investment strategy, contact them today!

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