Best Silver Coins

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Best Silver Coins

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What Affects the Price of Silver

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What Affects the Price of Silver

Silver coins might be a wonderful way to invest in precious metals, both for their inherent worth and as an alternative to Gold. The problem is that there are many of them. Naturally, we asked what the finest Silver coins to buy are? It may be hard to answer this because it depends largely on what type of investment you’re seeking. Here are some of the best Silver coins for investment.

Best Silver Coins Companies

Goldco: Editor’s Choice – Best and Most Trusted Gold IRA Company Overall (4.9/5)

Star Rating

Goldco is a reputable and experienced full-service precious metals company. They focus on golden and silver IRA rollovers. They provide bullion to be sold directly to their clients as well.

Trevor Gerszt launched Goldco in 2006, and its headquarters are in Woodland Hills, California.

It has been offering precious metals services to its clients since its inception, assisting them in securing, protecting, and diversifying their assets and wealth.

Goldco provides precious metals IRAs and other IRS-approved gold and silver coins.

Goldco does not have a published pricing schedule, but I was able to confirm that there are setup and yearly fees. The first-year cost, which includes setup expenses, is $260. The annual charge is $180 after that. In addition, Goldco requires at least $25,000 of investment.


  • Positive feedback and ratings
  • You may open an IRA and purchase metals all in one spot with this service.
  • An abundance of resources online to learn from.


  • High minimum investment
  • No fees or costs are available to the general public.

American Hartford Gold: Runner up – Best Price for Bullion (4.8/5)

Star Rating

A wonderful technique to diversify retirement assets in a tax-deferred account is through Gold IRAs. Throughout the process of purchasing and trading precious metals, American Hartford Gold’s experts can be relied on. The American Hartford Gold IRA is a precious metal IRA service with exceptional customer care, industry experts, comprehensive historical investment data, and up-to-date market research. To make things easier for you, they employ a three-step method to create and maintain a Gold IRA.

A solid retirement plan is essential for a good financial future. American Hartford Gold strives to help investors attain financial well-being by diversifying assets with gold IRAs or precious metals purchases. With highly certified experts and excellent client care, the firm is well-positioned to educate clients about the advantages of precious metals investment.


  • Up to $2,500 in free silver.
  • Expert Account Executives are on hand to assist you.
  • Price match guarantee
  • Up to 3 years of free storage


  • It doesn’t ship outside of the United States.
  • No yearly pricing is listed on their website.

Augusta Precious Metals: Great Buyback Program (4.6/5)

Star Rating

The American Hartford Gold is a precious metals investment firm based in Los Angeles, California. The firm aims to assist its customers in developing an investment portfolio of gold, silver, and other valuable metals.

Investors can set up a precious metal IRA with American Hartford Gold, which allows them to store their metals in a retirement account. These accounts come with several perks, including tax-deferred or tax-free growth on profits.

The company helps clients buy and sell precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. It can help rollover 401(k) or IRA accounts or deliver metals straight to clients’ doorsteps.


  • Assurance of a price match guarantee
  • Excellent consumer feedback
  • Buyback commitment


  • There are no prices or fees listed on their website.
  • It does not ship outside of the US.

Birch Gold Corporation: Great Staff Overall (4.5/5)

Star Rating

Birch Gold Group is a precious metals company with over 20 years of expertise, including assisting customers in the management of Precious Metals and Gold IRAs. The firm offers actual gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for IRA investments or personal ownership.

The Birch Gold Group’s in-house IRA Department specializes in making the process of establishing a Precious Metals IRA or transferring retirement accounts as simple as possible for customers. Birch Gold places a strong emphasis on client education, ensuring that each customer has a thorough understanding of the advantages and risks of precious metals investing as well as their own objectives.

  • Customer reviews mention a high service level
  • Communication and education are essential objectives.
  • No fees the first year on transfers over $50,000


  • No overseas depository options
  • There are no explicit fees for initial setup.

Red Rock Secured: Best at Home Gold IRA (4.2/5)

Star Rating

Red Rock Secured is a highly reputable investment company widely trusted by investors. Their top-notch services have earned them positive reviews and testimonials from their clients. This company offers different investment options well-suited for seasoned and beginner investors.

Red Rock Secured operates with transparency and has a highly trained team of professionals who provide excellent customer service to clients.


  • Extensive Financial Industry Experience with a Proven Record of Success.
  • Investment possibilities include gold and silver IRAs, real precious metals, and other assets.
  • Their services offer customized guidance and exceptional customer support.
  • Their commitment to transparency ensures the protection of our client’s wealth.
  • Long-term financial security and asset protection are priorities.
  • Numerous awards were given to them for their outstanding customer service.
  • Well-known for its expertise in diversifying investments and asset preservation.


  • Some investment alternatives may necessitate a more significant minimum investment.
  • As with any investment, there are potential tax ramifications and associated fees.
  • Only some investment opportunities are available in some states.

Silver Coins as an Investment

Investing in silver is an inexpensive and simple technique to diversify your paper portfolio with a real, marketable asset.

Silver has been valued as money for thousands of years and typically retains its value over time. It’s been used as money for millennia

The Best Silver Coins for Investment

These are the most attractive Silver investment pieces to investors.

Silver American Eagle

The United States Mint’s Silver American Eagle is one of the few Silver bullion coins guaranteed by the US government for weight, content, and purity. The Silver American Eagle has a long history of unrivaled recognition and liquidity. This coin might be as safe as cash in the bank.

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf has a strong reputation as one of the most recognizable coins in the world, with the iconic single maple leaf as its primary image. The Canadian silver maple leaf coin has a lot of liquidity and value. The Silver Maple Leaf Coin, which uses RCM’s new MintShield white spot minimizing technology, is unparalleled in its class. With its distinctive light diffracting pattern of radial lines, the coin adds an extra layer of security.

Silver British Britannia

The purity of silver in these well-known British coins has gradually risen over time, with coins minted in 2013 and later having a purity of.999. This, coupled with the significant respect and recognition given to The Royal Mint by its users, makes Silver Britannias an outstanding bargain with great liquidity potential.

Silver Mexican Libertads

The Silver Mexican Libertad Coin is one of the most notoriously beautiful Silver bullion coins available today, thanks to its striking design and rich history. It was struck by Mexico’s Casa de Moneda de Mexico, one of the world’s oldest mints. The Silver Libertad is a coin with a stunning design and important meaning for Mexico’s history. The Mexican Libertad Silver Coin is a sought-after addition to any coin collection due to its legendary appearance and scarcity.

Silver Somalian Elephants

The projected return on investment for the Somalia Elephant is enormous. When MS-70 coins from these batches, which were certified by third-party grading services, produced a return on investment of more than 300%, certain problems arose. That sounds fantastic, and this coin could be ideal for you. It’s made of .9999 pure silver and has the potential to grow like any reputable Silver coin.

Morgan Silver Dollars

From 1878 to 1904, Morgan Dollars were produced, and then again in 1921. These coins are made from 90% silver and 10% copper planchets. Although Morgan Silver Dollars have enormous numismatic values, lower-quality coins from years with large mintages can be obtained for a few cents over the Silver spot price. Their reputation is so widespread that the Morgan Silver Dollars are highly sought after even by silver collectors and investors.

Silver Austrian Philharmonic

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic is a relatively uncommon Austrian coin that many people believe shines above even the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf in terms of beauty. The Philharmonic, which has a legal tender value of €1.50, is the only Euro-denominated silver coin on the market.

On one side, you’ll find the instruments of the Austrian Philharmonic Orchestra, Austria’s great national treasure. The Golden Hall in Vienna, where the orchestra’s annual New Year’s Day concert is held, is shown on the other side. The gold Philharmonics is a fantastic gateway into European coins, with generally fair premiums.

90% “Junk” Silver Dimes

The United States ten-cent piece was composed of 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper from 1837 to 1964, like the Morgan Silver Dollar. Dimes, as you may expect, are smaller and contain less silver than dollars.

Although certain obsolete dimes have become numismatic collectibles, Silver coins known as “junk” are frequently offered by the bagful from respectable Precious Metals companies. The premium per ounce might appear to be steep, but especially if you buy Silver as a hedge against fiat currency collapse, the increased liquidity of smaller coins may be worth it

Silver Australian Kangaroo

The Kangaroo series from the prestigious Perth Mint is an iconic image of Australia. Each Australian Kangaroo Silver coin depicts a classic red kangaroo in front of a stylized starburst, which makes this collection sought-after by collectors.

The 1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo is one of the world’s most popular silver coins. It’s made from pure .9999 fine Silver and has a face value of AUD 1, making it somewhat collectible and easily tradeable owing to its significant mintage history and distinctive artwork.

Chinese Silver Panda

The Chinese Silver Panda coin is another good investment choice. Every year, the series features a new image of the giant panda, China’s revered icon. The Silver Panda coins are made from .999 pure silver and are Chinese legal currency, as well as having smaller mintage quantities than many other bullion coins. The unique dimensions and scarcity combine to make it a wonderful addition to any bullion collection, and it’s one of the most interesting coins for Silver investors.

Why Invest in Physical Silver

For the following reasons, purchasing silver is well worth your time and money:

It’s a hard asset

Although equities, bonds, and other financial products are excellent investments, digital promissory notes may be devalued. On the other hand, silver is a tangible asset. Even in the midst of an economic calamity, silver has maintained its value.

It’s cheaper and more versatile than gold.

Silver price is far lower than that of gold. It has consistently outperformed gold during bull markets. Silver comes in denominations that are less than those of gold, making it easier to use.

It’s commonly used across industries.

Aside from its economic function, silver is found in the majority of our electronic products. Silver’s versatile industrial application reflects its strong demand, which will only continue to rise and become a vital part of our lives.

Should you buy Silver Coins? Pros and Cons


  1. Silver can offer protection —During difficult times, investors frequently flock to precious metals. When political and economic uncertainty abounds, legal money takes a backseat to assets like gold and silver. While both gold bullion and white metal are attractive to investors, white metal tends to be overlooked in favor of people investing in gold, despite the fact that it performs the same function.
  2. It’s tangible money — Physical silver is a real tangible asset. This implies while physical silver is subject to market fluctuations like other commodities, it is unlikely to entirely plummet due to its inherent and genuine worth. Market participants can acquire bullion in a variety of different forms, including silver coins or jewelry, or they can buy silver bullion bars.
  3. It’s cheaper than gold — The white metal is not only less expensive and therefore more accessible to buy, but it’s also more versatile in that you can spend it in a variety of ways. That means if you want to purchase silver in the shape of a coin and use it as currency, it will be easier to break than a gold coin since it is worthless.
  4. Silver offers higher returns than gold — Because the white metal is valued at about 1/79th of gold’s value, buying silver bullion is cost-effective and has a higher percentage profit potential if the silver price rises.
  5. History is on silver’s side — The value of gold and silver has been used as legal money for hundreds and thousands of years, giving the metal a feeling of stability. A lot of people are reassured by the knowledge that this precious metal has been acknowledged for its worth throughout much of humanity’s history, and so there’s an anticipation that it will endure while fiat currencies may come and go. When people invest in physical silver, whether it’s by purchasing a silver bar, pure silver, or a coin, they get peace of mind that their money will be preserved.
  6. Silver offers anonymity — Whether you care about your privacy or not, silver has the same utility as cash in that it provides anonymity when spending.


  1. Lack of liquidity —If you have physical silver, there’s a chance it won’t be liquid right away. You won’t be able to use silver bullion bars or coins to make typical purchases like food, so you’ll need to change them into money first. The capacity to sell quickly may be an issue. Pawnshops and jewelers are viable alternatives in a pinch, but they are not always the most lucrative choices.
  2. Danger of theft — Unlike with other assets, such as stocks, keeping silver bullion comes with risks. You will have to pay more to keep your valuables safe from robbery if you store them in a safe box at home or a bank safety deposit box.
  3. Weak return on investment — Silver bullion, while a safe haven asset, may not perform as well as other investments such as real estate or even other metals.
  4. High silver demand leads to higher premiums — Investors attempting to purchase any silver bullion product, such as a silver eagle, will discover that the physical silver price is generally higher than the spot silver price owing to premiums added by sellers. Furthermore, if demand is high, premiums can rise fast, making the actual purchase of real silver bullion more costly and less appealing.

So what gets a coin on the list of the best silver coins to buy?

There are many factors to think about, such as premium over spot, melt value, perception of minting quality, numismatic worth, and so on.

As you go through the coins, familiarize yourself with the countries that produced them. A strong heritage and a large collecting enthusiast can only help to increase its worth when other variables are kept in mind. The disadvantage is that you may frequently end up paying more for the coin’s silver melt value than it is worth


What are the best silver coins to invest in? Silver coins have become more popular over the last few years because of their low impact on your portfolio, making them a great option for investors who want some protection.

The best silver coins are those that have been graded for purity and condition. They are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio. One reason is that they have an element of collectability, which can lead to higher prices if the coin becomes rare or hard to find.

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