Arlene Dickinson Net Worth

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Arlene Dickinson’s rags-to-riches story is astounding. Her parents immigrated to Canada with nothing, so she had to rely on her moxie, business acumen, and pure determination from an early age. She married young and had four children quickly but struggled as a single mother with only a high school education. Dickinson joined Venture Communications in the late 80s and bought it 9 years later.

She’s famous for appearing on Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank with Kevin O’Leary. She invests in food, health, and wellness startups as District Ventures Capital General Partner.
“How much is Arlene Dickinson worth?” we asked at Sophisticated Investor. We collated all publicly available data sources to estimate her net worth, but this is a partial amount.

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What is Arlene Dickenson Net Worth?

Arlene Dickinson is worth $80 100 million US. She runs Venture Communications (formerly Venture Play), one of Canada’s top marketing and communications organizations. Dickinson has also invested in numerous successful start-ups and entrepreneurs on Dragon’s Den.

Arlene Dickinson Biography

Arlene Dickinson was born in Germiston, South Africa, on October 8, 1956. Her family moved to Calgary in 1959 to find better opportunities, and Dickinson grew up poor. She married at 19 and had four children by 31 when she divorced.

Venture Communications, a marketing and communications agency she eventually founded, had clients like Toyota, Unilever, and Subway. After her triumph, she joined Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec on Dragon’s Den for 13 seasons.

Dickinson founded Venturepark, which has helped over 100 companies generate millions of dollars, and District Ventures Capital, a $100 million food and health fund. She is also an honorary captain in the Royal Canadian Navy and a philanthropist with honorary degrees from Saint Mary’s University, Mount Saint Vincent University, NAIT, Concordia University, and others.

How Did Arlene Dickinson Build Her Wealth?

Arlene Dickinson has made most of her income through her ownership and leadership of Venture Communications, one of Canada’s largest and most successful full-service marketing agencies. She has invested in many firms and start-ups through District Ventures Capital and Ventureplay, some of which have succeeded over her 13 seasons on Dragon’s Den.

Dickinson receives royalties from her three best-selling books:

  • Persuasion (2011, Harper Collins)
  • All In: You, Your Business, Your Life (2013, Harper Collins)
  • Reinvention: Changing Your Life, Your Career, Your Future (2020, Harper Collins)


How is Arlene Dickinson Net-Worth Calculated?

Liabilities minus assets equals Arlene Dickinson’s net worth. She owns a prestigious marketing and communications agency that serves start-ups and major corporations with billions in revenue. She may be worth over $80 million to USD 100 million.

Who Else Invests Like Arlene Dickenson?

Investors vary. Compare these investor profiles to Arlene Dickenson:

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Want to Invest Like Arlene Dickinson?

Arlene Dickinson, one of Canada’s most famous self-made multimillionaires, rose from poverty through persistence, grit, and entrepreneurial ability. A tax-advantaged retirement account focused on precious metals can help you create wealth. A tax-free or deferred diversified portfolio is best for asset protection and growth. Check out our Precious Metals IRA and top five Crypto IRA reviews to start creating money.

Pros and Cons of Arlene Dickinson Net Worth


  • She was able to create financial success from nothing and became very wealthy.
  • She is an excellent example of how hard work, vision, and persistence can lead to success in
  • life.
    Her investment portfolio includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and much more.


  • Her success has come with a price, as her life has many obligations and responsibilities.
  • Some people criticize Dickinson for not giving back enough to the community through philanthropy.
  • Arlene investments can be risky, and she may risk losing much of her wealth in the stock market. This risk can be incredibly high in uncertain economic times.

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Final Thought – Arlene Dickinson Net Worth

Arlene Dickinson inspires many people and is an excellent example of how it is possible to achieve financial success from nothing. Despite her wealth and success, Arlene has not let it go to her head, as she continues to work hard and remain humble.

While her lifestyle has some drawbacks, the positives far outweigh them, making her an excellent role model for anyone looking to make their way. Despite criticisms about her philanthropy, Arlene has made meaningful contributions to many causes and organizations, making her a highly respected member of society. Her high net worth is also something to be admired, as it is a testament to her hard work and dedication.

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