Mexican Libertad Coins

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Mexican Libertad Coins

The Mexican Libertad silver series coin is the official bullion of Mexico. It’s one of their most beautiful coins in the world. The coins are struck at the Casa de Moneda de Mexico, which is the oldest coinage mint in either South or North America. These are simply the most demanded silver coins produced in Mexico and are among the most popular in the Western Hemisphere.

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What is a Mexican Silver Libertad?

The Mexican Silver Libertad is a silver bullion coin minted by the National Mint of Mexico. Aptly named, it was first produced in 1982, and its design mimics that of the Centenario gold coin, which spanned from 1921 to 1947.

The front of the coin is made up of a series of official seals. The national seal sits in the middle, showing an eagle perched atop a cactus carrying a snake in its beak and crowning Mexico’s coat-of-arms with ten additional provincial seals surrounding this central one.

The Angel on the coin is holding a laurel wreath and a broken chain. The Angel means that Mexico is free from Spain. It is between two volcanoes, which are two lovers from before Columbus came.

Who Produces the Mexican Silver Libertad?

The National Mint of Mexico, or Casa de Moneda de Mexico, is in charge of producing Silver Libertads. The mint was established in 1535 by a Spanish viceroy sent to the area to find a mint in the New World- it’s currently considered one of the oldest and most prestigious establishments around.

The Mexican Mint became successful with coins as the silver peso circulated all over the Americas and into Asia well into the 19th century. The coins were of high quality and helped inspire the US dollar, the Chinese yuan, and the Japanese yen. Beginning in 1983, the Mexican Mint began production in only the San Luis Potosi facility.

Development, Introduction, and History

The Casa de Moneda de Mexico was founded in 1535 when it was producing silver coinage for European settlers in what is now Mexico. One of the reasons why Silver Libertads are so popular is because they have been made at one of the most prolific mints in Mexico.

The Mexican Silver Liberdads were first issued in 1982, with just over one million 1 oz coins released. From 1982 to 1990, only the 1 oz variety of these coins was produced. In 1991, the US Mint released 1/20 oz., 1/10 oz., ¼ oz. and ½ oz coins. They have been releasing these coins every year ever since. In 1996, new Silver Libertads were released. They were 2 ounces and 5 ounces.

The 1 oz version of the Silver Libertad has typically been produced in large numbers, while those with other denominations have seen lower mintages each year. In 1985 more than two million coins were made and by 1998 that number had dropped to a mere 68,000! That same trend continued through 2013 when there was around 775 thousand 1 oz. Mexican Silver Libertads created.

1-kilogram versions of the Mexican Libertad coin exist, but they are rare and not regularly produced.

Mexican Libertad Coins Physical Characteristics

Coin Design

The front of the Mexican Libertad coins features a winged angel next to two volcanoes in an image reminiscent of Independence Day. The Angel on this coin is one that people have long considered their monument and one symbolizing Mexico City. You’ll find weight denomination information here along with PLATA PURA (pure silver) containing .999 fine metal purity and year minted inscribed around its border.

These old volcanoes are both a part of Mexico’s rich history, and the coins themselves carry symbolism from pre-Columbian Mexican legends. Popocatepetl was known as the great warrior who loved Iztaccihuati, the daughter of an ancient king. When she believed that he had died in battle, her heart broke atop “Lover’s Peak.” The Mexicans have incorporated these symbols into their Libertad coin design, with few other currencies packing so much meaning for those interested in this culture.

The reverse of the Silver Libertad features a Mexican Eagle perched on top of a cactus and ripping out the heart of the serpent below it. The words ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS appear around this eagle in a wreath, while since 2000, there have been ten heraldic designs surrounding Mexico’s National Seal as well.


The Mexican Silver Libertad series is comprised of a wide variety of sizes and weights. The most common weight, one troy oz., measures 40 mm in diameter and 3mm in thickness, making it the perfect vessel for carrying with you at all times.

Other weight quantities include 1/20 oz., 1/10 oz., ¼ oz., ½ oz. 2oz. 5oz (and rarely 1 kilogram).

Each quantity is guaranteed to have a millesimal fineness of .999 (99.9% silver content)

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Mexican Libertad Coins Pricing

Unlike other national silver bullion coins, Mexican Silver Libertads do not carry a face value and cannot be used as official currency in Mexico.

The value of Mexican Silver Libertad coins is largely determined by the price of silver. As this price fluctuates from day to day, so will the market prices of Silver Libertads.

Mexican Libertad coins are rare and inconsistent in their mintage. This can cause the price of these coins to be volatile, which also increases their numismatic value for collectors or scholars. At times when this coin’s value is higher than its silver content, cash-in on a Mexican Libertad would be more profitable.

Investing in Mexican Libertad Coins Through an IRA

The Mexican Silver Libertad coin is perfect for investing in an IRA. With low mintage figures and variable designs, these coins have a high demand making them worth your investment.

Investors looking for a safe, affordable alternative to gold might want to consider investing in silver. By placing real physical silver inside an IRA account, investors add diversification unaffected by fluctuations in the stock and bond markets, which can be more expensive than precious metal alternatives such as gold.

The IRS allows certain types of IRAs to carry gold, silver, and platinum inside a portfolio. Often called a “precious metals IRA,” these accounts can only have IRS-approved bullion– such as the Mexican Libertad coin. Investors must make an initial minimum purchase worth $5,000 in approved metal(s). Each subsequent buy within the account has got to be at least worth $1,000.

Silver coins must meet certain purity requirements when being put in an IRA. In addition, when an investor buys the Mexican Libertad silver bullion coins to add to their Individual Retirement Account, it is mandated by the IRS that the metal be stored in an approved depository.

The depositories are in charge of the safekeeping of these precious metals.

Those with current Individual Retirement Accounts may already have the option of transferring or rolling over funds into a precious metals IRA.

What are Mexican Silver Libertad Coins Worth?

Silver Libertads have a legal tender value, but the silver content in each coin is worth far more. Silver has been valued for centuries and remains stable today as an investment tool. As collectors’ demand dictates, beautiful designs on these coins can increase their worth to buyers looking for beauty and speculation potential.

There are countless different types of silver items in the world, but coins like Silver Libertads remain a popular choice among investors because they’re recognized internationally and have maintained their value for decades. Additionally, these coins can be assessed if you decide to sell or trade them at any point during your investment time frame due to it using pure metal that hasn’t been mixed with another lesser quality substance.

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If you are considering adding silver coins to your portfolio, the Mexican Libertad is one of the best options. The small fractional values and added weights make it easy for collectors and investors to try out investing in silver with limited risk. But before jumping into any investment, do your research and make sure you’ve considered the factors that will allow you to achieve your financial goals.

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