Transcribe Anywhere Review

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Transcribe Anywhere Review

Transcribe Anywhere makes it easy to listen to an audio or video file and then quickly type out the content into a document that can be emailed, printed, or converted into text (DOCX) format. Transcriptionists will also appreciate Transcribe Anywhere’s ability to export as PDF for use in other programs like Word and Pages. The program offers free trial versions, so you can try them before you buy!

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What is Transcribe Anywhere?

Who is Janet Shaughnessy?

Shaughnessy is a professional transcriptionist. She has her own company, Zoom Transcription Services, which she has run for over ten years.

Jill is the creator of and owner of Zoom Transcription Services. Jill has been working as a general, legal, and medical transcriptionist for almost ten years. She started her award-winning training with Zoom Transcription Services to make it better: now she does it online on Transcribe Anywhere.

She knows what skills you need to make your career successful. She shares this information with you as part of the course.
Transcribe Anywhere is one of the best companies that teach people how to work from home. They give you lifetime support. It’s good to know that they do not only provide training courses but also help with your success.

How Does it Work?

You are reading this because you most likely know how to do transcription. You are taking recorded audio and typing out the content of what is being said.

The biggest limitation with transcription work is that it’s never done. It’s like doing the dishes. I just cleaned them 3-and-a-half seconds ago, but now they are overflowing again.

Taking advantage of the internet means you can create something and then make money from it over and over again. When you do transcription work, for every minute that someone pays you, they only pay once. That is the bad news.

… Janet’s company will give you money for recommending her company. You can get even more money if people sign up and use your link. If someone does this, you will get a small amount of money each time they do something with the company.

It should be noted that the job of transcribing is good because you get to make decent money.

  • You can type fast and accurately.
  • You need to know how to spell, use grammar, and punctuation.
  • You need to know how to use the internet. You also need critical thinking and research skills.

Transcriptionists usually work on a rate that is based on how much time is spent doing the job. If a transcriptionist needs 4 hours to do one hour of audio, their rate would be 4:1.

If you work for an online transcription company (a “farm”), pay is often broken down into per/audio minutes or a number of words transcribed.

Janet is great because she helps you with business and marketing. So you don’t need to be dependent on low-paying transcription sites.

This woman will help you start your business and get contracts.

The course includes a book, four hours of videos, and an online test. The person has to pass the test to get certified.

Is It Easy?

Transcribing audio files is hard. You will have to work hard if you want to learn how to transcribe well. If you are willing, then the course will teach you many things about transcribing.

Transcribe Anywhere: Main Features

  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Four hours of instructional videos
  • Online test at the end of the program that must be passed to get certification

You need a computer to do this job. You will also need transcription software. Foot pedals are not required, but they make it easier to control the audio playback on your computer.

Transcribe Anywhere Training Materials

General Transcription Lesson Modules

If you want to work at home as a transcriptionist, take this course. It will teach you how to transcribe documents.

This is a list of 5 modules.

Each of these modules has a lot of lessons.

The subjects of the modules are:

  • Module 1 – Laying the Foundation
  • Module 2 – Essential Skills for Excellent Transcription
  • Module 3 – Time-Saving Tools for Efficient Transcription
  • Module 4 – Practice Dictations
  • Module 5 – Final Exam

This booklet has an instruction guide about transcription equipment and where to get the best deal. It also has seven practice levels. These are with 60+ audio or video files with answer keys, a style guide, time coding instructions, easy-to-use templates, and more. If you desire to see the full syllabus, you can see this on Transcribe Anywhere’s website before joining.

Overall, the course and the lessons are easy-to-follow. The mix of videos, text, and practice makes it easier to learn. And when you finish a lesson, you can mark it as complete. This makes it easy to keep track of your progress. If you are not finishing a lesson, you can make a note for yourself to remember where you are at.

You can’t mark certain parts of the course as complete, but overall they were happy with the detail in the course and how well-thought-out it was. When you are done with your courses, there is a final exam. The company that provides the job will grade it. This way, you can see if you are ready to get paid jobs.

You will get an assignment, and within 72 hours, someone will grade it for you. Transcribe Anywhere is a learning platform that you can use to learn to transcribe online. You can take an exam and then get a Certificate of Completion when it’s done. This shows how much they care about providing high quality for you. I think this is very important when looking at any learning platform.

Legal Transcription Lesson Modules

There are thousands of companies that need legal transcripts. This is a good opportunity for you. If you specialize in this, you have some great advantages. Many companies prefer people to have a strong understanding of legal terminology if they want to work as legal transcribers. Transcribe Anywhere provides a course that will help you learn more about this area.

The course has 13 modules.

This might appear a little hard at first. The good thing is that you will learn a new skill and then you can get work doing it!

The course is very good, and it has many lessons. Some are videos, and some are texts, exercises, sources, how-to tutorials. It’s great!

The subjects of the modules are:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Legal Transcription
  • Module 2 – Tools of the Trade
  • Module 3 – Lawyers Litigate; Transcriptionists Punctuate
  • Module 4 – Microsoft Word for Legal Transcriptionists
  • Module 5 – Basic Legal Correspondence – Practice Dictation
  • Module 6 – The Legal Process and Court Procedure
  • Module 7 – Using Forms and Templates
  • Module 8 – Practice Transcription of Court Proceedings
  • Module 9 – Transcribing Depositions
  • Module 10 – Transcribing for Law Enforcement
  • Module 11 – Conferences and Legal Association Meetings
  • Module 12 – Time Coding for Legal Transcriptionists
  • Module 13 – Resource List & Final Exam

They can’t tell you about every lesson in the modules. But on Transcribe Anywhere’s website, you can see a syllabus before joining if you want to know more details. In this course, you will be up to take a final exam. After you do, you can get feedback from a real person. You will also get a certificate that says that you finished the course. If you want to become a legal transcriber, then this is a good way for you to learn some skills.

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How Much Does it Cost?

If you’re new to making money online, the price might be a little high.

I have paid a lot of money for courses that I could have done online. But Transcription Anywhere is a good deal. If you want to labor from home and be your own boss, Janet’s course will help. It will shorten the learning curve a lot, and If you learn to do transcription, it will help you be more successful. If you are hired by a company or if you set up your own business as a transcriptionist, this skill will give you an advantage.

Janet has two free courses for people interested in being a transcriber. They are not “training” courses, but they provide a good overview of what it is like to be a transcriptionist.

Then there are two courses.

Legal Transcription (Theory and Practice)

  • For an amount of $697, you will get everything for life, including updates and unlimited support.…
  • … Or you can choose to pay as you go.
  • Normally the price for modules 1-4 is $197, but if you want limited support options, it will cost you more.
  • $497 for 60-day access to modules 1 – 9 with limited support options.

General Transcription (Theory and Practice)

  • $597 is the cost for lifetime access to everything, including updates and unlimited support
  • Or you can choose to pay every time you use the phone.
  • For $197, you will have access to modules 1-2 with limited support options.
  • For $362, you can have access to the first four modules for 60 days. You will have limited options for support.

Both courses are long and designed to take you from being new to being professional in 4 – 6 months. These are not simple ebooks or pdf files. You get videos, practice modules, tutorials, training on how to market yourself, and a community that will provide support.

Transcribe Anywhere is not a course you can finish in one weekend. It will take you months to complete it at a moderate pace.

You can choose a payment method for this course. There are a few different prices, and you can use whichever one that works for you. The price of the general transcription course is $597, and it includes training materials that will help you learn how to transcribe like an expert. You also get access to ongoing support from experts in the field.

This course contains all you need to know about transcription. This includes a Facebook group and access to the latest material. It is broken into six modules that cover everything from literacy skills to how you can find work.

The legal transcription course is more complicated and takes a lot of work to finish. There are 16 modules that you must complete. The price of the course is $697, and this includes the extra value it provides for you.

Many of these modules cover what you need to know about the legal profession. There is also an escort on how to set up your own legal transcription business and how you can find clients.

Both courses let you take a test at the end. When you pass, you will get an official certificate that says that the course has been completed. This certificate demonstrates that you know how to do something. You can show this to people who want someone who knows what they are doing.

The total cost for this course is less than what you would spend if you did a transcription route at a college or university. Transcription Anywhere is also more flexible so that it will work better for you.

Who is Transcribe Anywhere For?

The course is designed for people who do transcription. These people include:

  • Are patient
  • A person who can sit for a long time is good.
  • Are detail-oriented

This course is only taught in English. Many people are not comfortable with the English language, so that might be a problem.

If you are not a fast typist, that is okay. The course has typing drills for people who are new or have some experience in transcription work.

Transcribe Anywhere is for people who have never done transcription before and for people who want to update their skills. If you want to do transcription as a career, then this is a good place to start.

One of the best things about finding a transcription job is that you can find work online. This means that you can work any time and anywhere. If you have young children, it is good for you to get a job that will fit with your family commitments. You can choose when you work.

If you are glancing for a second income but can’t find another job, transcription could be good for you. It is when you listen to someone talk and write it down. It might also be good for students to work around their studies. They can do the work when they are not in school.

Transcription work can suit people who are retired and want to make some extra money with a job that doesn’t have a certain amount of hours every week.

I do freelance translations, and I can work whenever I want. Translating is a little like transcribing job, but even if it’s just for fun, I still earned $1,500 in the last month for translating.

Transcribe Anywhere Pros & Cons


  • You can learn at your own pace.
  • The course will educate you about the different ways to market yourself, such as developing a business plan and search engine optimization. This can be a full course by itself, but Janet has chosen to include it.
  • New people can learn lots of things quickly and move faster than lots of other people.
  • Transcribe Anywhere is a lot cheaper than other courses that teach transcription skills.
  • TranscriptionAnywhere teaches you how to be a translator. You learn how to translate general or legal text into written form.
  • The course will tell you how to promote your services. You won’t need to use low-paying sites like anymore because you can do it yourself.


  • This is a difficult topic, and people have different opinions. But in the near future, technology will be able to do something that you can’t now. It will be able to transcribe what someone says into text with accuracy. It might happen in two years or ten years, but it will eventually happen.
  • I am not saying that TranscribeAnywhere is bad. But maybe transcription work is not for everyone. I can show you an example of someone who doesn’t like it. That person would be me.… They’ve been writing and typing for 30 years, but I don’t have the speed or accuracy required to become a transcriptionist. My wandering mind doesn’t focus on anything.
  • In general, transcription work doesn’t pay well. The average rate is $15/hour. But the benefits of being able to do this from home are hard to ignore. If you live in an area where houses and apartments are cheaper, and if you don’t need a car every day, then $15/hour might be worth more than $25.
  • Transcription Anywhere is a good job for students who want to make a career out of it. They will need to be dedicated and work hard if they want to succeed.
  • Transcription anywhere is a good option for you to work on. You will do some tedious work, but eventually, you will get the hang of it.
  • This program is not for people who want quick results.
  • Some customers on the Transcribe Anywhere website say there is no customer service to help with questions or concerns.

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Is Transcribe Anywhere Worth it?

Transcribe Anywhere courses are not perfect, but they do live up to their expectations. The training is good, and you will be able to go from zero to a successful transcriptionist.

Transcribe Anywhere helps you learn. You need to work hard. If you are ready to learn, it is worth the cost. If not, do not buy it.
Before you decide, watch my video. It will give you a greater idea of the course.

Would you like to make a career out of transcribing? If so, it is recommended to take the Transcribe Anywhere course. It will teach you how to start.

This course has all the details you need about transcripts, and it even tells you where to find transcripts. And if you want, this book will tell you how to make a transcription business of your own.

You will get help from someone who has been in your position. They can answer questions and give advice. And if there are any changes in the future, you can still get it at no extra cost.


Transcribe Anywhere Review is a great resource if you’re looking to get into the transcription industry. It’s not perfect, but it does live up to its promises, and we can’t recommend it enough! The courses are jam-packed with all the training you need to go from zero to a successful transcriptionist – whether that be as an independent contractor or part of a team at your company.

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