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Bitcoin Advizers is a Bitcoin consultancy that specializes in digital currency advice for businesses. The company offers consulting services, as well as products such as Bitcoin ATMs and Bitcoin Debit Cards. They also help people buy their first Bitcoin with one of our ATM machines or cards.

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Overview of Bitcoin Advizers

What is Bitcoin Advizers

Our company helps you protect and grow your money by buying Bitcoin and other currencies. We are passionate about helping people understand how to invest in these currencies. The Bitcoin Advizer is a company that helps people invest in digital currency. First, we get to know you and your feelings about investing money. Then we find out what your financial situation is and make a recommendation.

Bitcoin Advizers, Inc. (Bitcoin Advizers) only conducts Digital Currency transactions during usual business hours. Customer’s commitment to acquire or sell at a specified price is binding on them once they verbally record the order commitment and is binding on Bitcoin Advizers once the order is established by the exchange used to resolve the transaction.

If Bitcoin Advizers cannot execute a customer’s transaction for any reason (technical or otherwise), or Bitcoin Advizers do not receive a verification from the exchange confirming the customer’s transaction within a reasonable time of execution, the transaction shall be void. Bitcoin Advizers shall not be liable for any intervening price movement.

Next, with the expertise of the Chief Investment Office, the Bitcoin Adviser will provide a clear and informed point of view of a strategy based on your needs, and design an approach that you are comfortable with. They will keep you on track. Cryptocurrency management is an ongoing process. You’ll meet with your Bitcoin Advisers as often as needed and have in-depth annual reviews, one on one. You can and should revisit your goals, and take course correction as needed.

Services Offered

Bitcoin advisors can help you buy different types of cryptocurrency for your IRA. You can buy and sell them using blockchain technology. This is a public ledger that cannot be changed, and it helps people do transactions. You can talk to a Bitcoin Advizers rep. They will know about your financial situation and how much you want to risk. They will then recommend the right amount of money for you to buy digital currencies with.

The most common coins are bought and sold using blockchain technology, a public ledger for all transactions, so they cannot be tampered with or changed. Your Bitcoin Advisers representative will get to know your risk tolerance level and financial situation before recommending a digital currency with the potential upside, all while minimizing the downside through their extensive knowledge of volatility in crypto markets.

Costs & Fees

Account setup fees are different from any other type of fee. They are one-time and cost $550. Bitcoin Advizers do not get all the money from these fees. Part of it goes to a company called Equity Trust, which makes sure that the IRS knows how much you own in your account (so they can tax you). Transaction fees are different. Talk to the advisor before opening an account.

You will pay $195 each year plus $20 per month to store and maintain your cryptocurrency IRA and 0.07% on your IRA balance each year.

When opening up an account, discuss any fees related to transactions and storage before getting started, so you are fully aware of how much it would cost each month or year when investing in it.

And remember, there are no more than two tiers from any coin being held within these IRAs; as such, we have 0% management expense ratios (MERs). If it’s important to minimize risk, then make our proactive approach work by saving money today while also maximizing gains tomorrow.

Bitcoin Advizers Pros and Cons


  • Help with every step of setting up a Bitcoin IRA. You can also fund it.
  • Investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can diversify a retirement portfolio.
  • Minimum investment
  • There are many cryptocurrencies available.


  • This is a relatively new company, but the staff has years of experience.

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Customer Support & Customer Complaints

A new company called Bitcoin Advizers is now making investments in cryptocurrencies. One of the company’s employees, Chris Mitchell, has been making investments in cryptocurrency IRAs for over a decade. This company is not as old, and they do not have any reviews online or a Better Business Bureau rating.

Cryptocurrency You Can Buy with Bitcoin Advizers

The best digital asset to have will depend on your experience and tolerance for risk.


Bitcoin is a type of money that you can use without the person you are trading with knowing your name. Bitcoin was created through a process called ‘mining.’ Mining is when people use computers to make Bitcoin, and it verifies that it is valid. Seventeen million of the 21 million maximum bitcoin supply have been mined. All bitcoin will be mined by 2140.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin became popular, and because there are not enough people who can process the transactions, it is hard to move money quickly. Bitcoin Cash came about so that more people could do these jobs. You can pick to pay a lower fee for high speeds or higher fees for lower speeds. Bitcoin Cash is more expensive because it requires more processing power. But this makes it easy to hack.


LiteCoin uses a different algorithm than Bitcoin. This means that Litecoin can be processed much faster. Litecoin handles more transactions and is processed four times faster than Bitcoin, which means it has lower fees.


Ethereum is a new technology that can help make markets. It is open-source, and the computer programs are called ‘smart contracts. People use Ethereum to buy things because it works on a big network of computers.

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic A blockchain is a type of computer code. It can be edited to fix mistakes. Ethereum Classic is the original cryptocurrency, but it has one mistake in it. A new version called Ethereum was created with no mistakes in coding.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple (XRP) is a different kind of cryptocurrency. It was built on the same technology as other cryptocurrencies. Ripple is designed for making and settling bigger transactions. Instead of having to mine for coins, there are 100 billion XRP available in circulation. Instead of using a decentralized infrastructure, the coins are held in time-locked contracts with Ripple, a company.

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Coin IRA

Star Rating

Coin IRA is a company that helps people set up cryptocurrency IRAs. It is easier to do this by using Coin IRA because you don’t need a lot of money, and they have an easy account setup process with an easy activation process. You can also choose the type of wallet you want to store your Bitcoin in. Coin IRA is a division of Goldco, which is a company that gives people services for their retirement. They have also managed thousands of other retirement accounts with assets in alternative things. Coin IRA and Goldco are working together to meet the demand for cryptocurrencies which are investments you can make in “coins.”

Coin IRA offers an uncomplicated way to establish a cryptocurrency IRA. If you open a cryptocurrency IRA, you can have your money grow without paying taxes. You can place your money in either a traditional or Roth IRA. The difference is if you want to pay taxes on the money now or after you have made it grow.

Coin IRA is the company from our list of best cryptocurrency IRA companies that offer cryptocurrency trading outside of an IRA. It is called digital currency and is traded on a computer. The trades are executed life, and the digital currency can then be moved to a secure wallet, where you can ask Coin IRA consultants any questions about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite.



Star Rating

The Goldco company has been in business for over 30 years and initially focused on direct cash deals versus IRAs. As the company evolved, it recognized a need to provide more reputable gold IRA services, resulting in them changing their focus from being just a gold dealer to filling that gap themselves. As well as renaming themselves to something representative of what it is they do now: providing quality service when it comes time for customers’ retirement needs.

Goldco believes its mission is to educate Americans about the importance of safeguarding their retirement and make it as simple for them as possible. They want people to know that they can always use precious metals, such as gold or silver coins or bars, to protect themselves from inflation, stock market volatility in case there’s any economic uncertainty.


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BitIRA is an investment company that allows you to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your retirement account. You can also use any other type of IRA account, like Traditional, Roth, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA.

Your retirement account probably only lets you invest in stocks and bonds. But BitIRA provides cryptocurrency trading through your IRA. And because you are doing it in an IRA, there are no taxes to worry about.

Most people can’t trade cryptocurrencies because they aren’t old enough or have a job. But, in 2014, the IRS said that cryptocurrencies are property, and you can now trade them through an IRA account.

Bit-IRA is a company that helps you set up an account. They have a turnkey service, and the minimum investment is $5,000. Bit-IRA uses two other companies to store your money: Equity Trust Company and Preferred Trust Company.

To buy and sell cryptocurrencies, you need to have a BitIRA account. BitIRA gives you a wallet. With this wallet, you can do things like buying and selling currencies. You do not take possession of the wallet keys yourself, as BitIRA maintains those.


The company that helps people buy cryptocurrency. They assist clients in growing and protecting their wealth. They guide individuals through the process of setting up a cryptocurrency IRA and choosing investments. Bitcoin Advizers are new, but they have been around for a long time. They want to help people understand Bitcoin and other things that are not usually done. When you go to their website, they will talk to you.


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