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BGASC Reviews

BGASC is one of the country’s top Gold and Silver bullion dealers. BGASC offers a full-service inventory of both gold and silver coins, bars, and platinum products for sale to investors. They provide secure storage options at its vault facility for all types of precious metals investment needs. BGASC (Buy Gold And Silver Coins) is your one-stop-shop for safe investing!

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What is BGASC – Overview

What is BGASC?

The phrase “BGASC” is an acronym for “Buy Gold and Silver Coins.” It’s a firm that sells gold and silver coins. It’s also interested in buying coins from its clients.

Thomas, Martin, and Victoria formed the BGASC because they were interested in collecting coins.

The firm is based in California’s Los Angeles County, Calabasas. The business launched its own website in 2012 to provide greater access to its products.

Is BGASC A Scam?

It’s true that BGASC is not a fraud. It is a legitimate firm that has been approved by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The business has received a BBB A+ grade and 4.8 stars out of 5 from Trustpilot. There is a plethora of excellent feedback from its consumers. This indicates that the firm is trustworthy.

While there may be some bad feedback from customers or rating firms, consider it not being a trick. Almost every company has both positive and negative aspects, as does the BGASC. If you’re a consumer looking to purchase precious metals from the firm, read as many online client reviews as possible to determine whether you’re dealing with a rogue or a genuine business.

Customers often have similar difficulties, and if you don’t see any goodwill on the part of the firm to address them, it might be a clue that it’s a fraud. Customers bring with them the same old complaints; there doesn’t appear to be any goodwill in resolving them. Furthermore, there’s no indication that BGASC is a fraud. It has been honest with its consumers and has a good reputation in the business, so why would you think it’s a scam?

Is the BGASC Great Place to Work for?

It’s impossible to argue with the fact that BGASC is a fantastic place to work. You’ll come into contact with highly skilled individuals from many backgrounds here. Salespeople, accountants, finance officers, IT professionals, and marketers are among its employees. If you’re searching for an intense atmosphere with potential for advancement, BGASC may be a great place

BGASC Gold Bar Selection

BGASC has a rather limited selection of gold bars that is in the middle ground when compared with other dealers. Although they don’t have a large range of gold bullion (just around 20 gold bar products as of this writing), they do provide gold bars in most popular sizes, including 1 gram, 2.5 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram, one oz., and so on.

  • Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bars
  • PAMP Suisse Gold Bars
  • Sunshine Mint Gold Bars
  • OPM Gold Bars

BGASC Gold Bar Pricing

The prices of the gold bars that GASC sells are extremely competitive, with their lowest-cost 1 oz gold bar priced at $15.50 over the spot with a paper check/bank wire discount. While they do have an accompanying program, it’s not as robust. As shown in the table above, their prices are comparable to most of their competition and less than some. If you factor in free delivery over $250, the cost is even more reasonable. They charge a credit card processing fee of approximately 4%, which is typical for the market.

On the BGASC website, live gold and silver spot prices are shown on every page, which are updated every few seconds when the market is open. Their bulk order costs are also very low, making it ideal for those looking to purchase gold online at a bargain. Gold and silver pricing tiers often begin at 10 ounces and 20 ounces, respectively.

Brands of Gold Bars Available

They had mentioned something similar earlier, but BGASC’s main business is to purchase and sell Fortuna gold bars made by PAMP Suisse of Switzerland. These bars are undoubtedly the most popular in the market, and they’re priced affordably, so they may be a great alternative when buying real gold bullion.

Pros and Cons of BGASC


  • Reasonable Prices: The prices of the goods are reasonable when compared to other competitors in the business. In this industry, pricing is critical since clients frequently cite a mismatch between the item’s value and its selling price. BGASC does not take advantage of its clients by charging them excessive fees or providing items that are only comparable to the real worth of their underlying commodities.
  • Insurance of items while in transit: BGASC ensures most of the items are against damage or loss while in transit. Customers don’t worry about their goods being damaged or lost because insurance covers them. Because of the ability to handle safety concerns with the items, a lot of clients choose it.
  • Free Shipment: The firm provides free delivery on purchases of $5,000 and above. This is a wonderful incentive to encourage clients to purchase big orders, as well as money in the long run.
  • Shipment Tracking: When you buy items from them, they will provide you with a tracking number, which you may use to track the transport of your purchase. This is a clever method by which the firm allows customers to monitor their items while they are in transit and make them easier to collect.
  • Highly Rated: The firm’s rating gives it credibility. It has an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau and a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot. The majority of the ratings are based on how customers feel about the underlying product and customer service. Many clients are aware of this since the business has already demonstrated itself to them.
  • Variety of Payment Options: Customers have a variety of payment choices, including paper checks, PayPal, and Bank Wire. Customers are free to select the ones they like.


  • Ships Within the United States: It does not ship items to locations outside of the United States. This implies that you’ll have difficulties sending them to your home if you’re not in the United States. Because bullion coins are prohibited by law in Minnesota, the firm will no longer deliver products to the state.
  • Three-day Return Policy: A three-day return policy is, in any case, a short time. The time frame is too restricted, and it does not work for many consumers. Customers wanting to return items do not have enough time to make the necessary preparations due to the policy.
  • Does not offer Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs): IRAs are not available through the BGASC. It serves as a middleman for self-directed IRA account holders and allows them to connect with custodians and execute the transfer of their IRA assets to their preferred depository.

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What Do Customers Say About BGASC?

When it comes to selecting the firm you want to buy precious metals from, it is strongly recommended that you conduct adequate research so that you are certain of your decision. Customer reviews on the internet are typically a reflection of the company in question. Here are some of the BGASC customer feedbacks.

Many customers affirm that the company provides competitive prices. This is a notion that many consumers agree with, implying there’s a good chance BGASC has items at reasonable costs. There have been examples of some businesses in the industry selling comparable goods at exorbitant costs. If you want to get well-priced items, this may be the location for you.

Many clients praised their website for being user-friendly and simple to utilize. The site is easy to use, intuitive, and secure. Many consumers can navigate the website, place orders, or even pay without difficulty. This is a significant benefit for the business because it indicates that it has made its online process easier for the customers’ benefit.

Without a doubt, they provide outstanding customer service, as demonstrated by their eagerness and respect. Many consumers have stated that there were no significant delays in addressing their concerns. When a client has an issue, the agency addresses it promptly and keeps you informed about the situation.

Customers have spoken favorably about the goods and the shipping process. The things are sent on time without any significant delays, and they’re always insured while in transit. This is a major detail to remember since there have been instances with previous firms in which items were misplaced or destroyed while traveling. BGASC protects your goods, so if they are damaged or lost while in transit, you may be reimbursed money. In most circumstances, the things involved are of significant worth, so it’s important to discover a firm that fully insures your possessions.


Augusta Precious Metals

Star Rating

Augusta Precious Metals is a precious metals dealer that offers several useful services to people interested in diversifying their retirement fund through alternative assets: actual gold and silver coins and bars.

Augusta’s website makes it straightforward to acquire gold and silver. The firm promised to assist American retirement savers in locating hard-to-find economic data to help them make better financial decisions before the transaction was even finished.

Customers are continually informed about their account from the beginning to the end, from when they first create one to when they eventually cancel it.

Once a consumer decides to invest in gold and silver through Augusta, the firm has established procedures that make purchasing gold and silver in an IRA or outside of an IRA simple, quick, and transparent.

American Hartford Gold

4.8 star

Star Rating

Hartford Gold, the most well-known precious metals dealer, is a family-owned business. The firm has over 20 years of experience in gold and silver trading. They strive to help both novice and experienced investors achieve their financial goals.

They focus on the promise of investors receiving only high-quality gold and silver, backed by a guarantee of complete client satisfaction. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, they’re here to help.

They assist individuals in overcoming economic problems by allowing them to save their money. Subsequently, they have a lot of money on hand if they ever need it. In bars or coins, gold, silver, and platinum may be found.

An investment adviser’s primary responsibility is to assist investors in purchasing a variety of gold, silver, and other metals to diversify their portfolios, invest in gold IRAs, and establish an economic refuge for the future.


4.5 star

Star Rating

Trevor Gerszt founded Goldco in 2006. Gerszt set out to build a business that would assist each client in making sound financial decisions so they may plan for retirement and future financial success. The firm specializes in assisting its clients in rolling over existing retirement accounts, establishing new Precious Metal IRAs, or buying gold and silver coins and bullion for personal collections or investments.

Goldco has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, as well as a Triple-A grade from the Business Consumer Alliance. They also have strong ratings on review sites like Trustpilot and Google, with excellent feedback and extremely pleased consumers. The firm’s high scores and satisfied clients can help you feel confident in selecting Goldco to assist you in investing in precious metals.

Birch Gold

Birch Gold

Star Rating

Birch Gold Group is a business that sells gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bars and coins. This firm also caters to individuals who wish to set up a “Gold & Silver IRA.”

Birch Gold Group is a Burbank, California-based business that has been operating since 2003. The firm is pleased to announce that they have been highlighted in numerous media sources, including the Ben Shapiro Show.

The Birch Gold Group also boasts of being an organization made up of seasoned experts who previously worked for well-known businesses.

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BGASC is a great place to buy gold bullion because their prices are low and have an extensive selection of brands. The company’s customer service is also outstanding, which can be hard to find when it comes to buying precious metals online. If you’re looking for the best deal on your investment in gold, this may very well be the right company for you!

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