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Advanta IRA

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Most people envision their retirement as a time of luxury. Sports cars, afternoons at an exclusive country club, and weekly vacations to obscure European countries are included in everyone’s retirement plans.

Advanta IRA can help clients bring these plans to fruition by providing them with excellent customer support, flexible investing options, and several decades’ worth of the collective knowledge of financial experts.

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What is Advanta IRA?

Advanta IRA is a leader in self-directed IRA administration, boasting over $2 billion in client assets under the company’s management. The CEO started the Florida-based company in 2003, and it has grown into a financial powerhouse.

Advanta takes pleasure in being one of the top real estate IRA services providers. This company’s goal has been to educate and empower its clients to invest confidently.

Advanta IRA’s clients can invest successfully thanks to its streamlined procedures and understanding of how to approach the world of investments.

Advanta IRA offers tax-advantaged self-directed IRAs and allows investors to select and manage their investments. In their quest to build wealth, investors can use alternative assets like real estate, private equity, cryptocurrency, and many other possibilities with the aid of Advanta IRA.

Due to a lack of knowledge, many investors have stayed away from self-directed IRAs. By offering good educational tools to enable clients to invest confidently, Advanta IRA guarantees its clients are familiar with self-directed IRAs and their risks.

There are numerous other tools offered on Advanta’s website, such as blog posts, case studies, and webinars, all designed to educate their investors about different investing options connected to self-directed IRAs.

With all of these in mind, you can be assured of the benefits provided by an Advanta self directed IRA.


  • Guaranteed Expertise

    Advanta is a firm that unites a network of cooperative and experienced administrators under one umbrella, which means the investor has access to whatever goods and services they require regardless of their needs. Advanta excels at streamlining procedures and making things more convenient for the investor.

    Thanks to its transparent and clear-cut processes, Advanta can provide clients with top-notch customer service. Because all of the service providers collaborating under the Advanta umbrella still file for individual business licenses and conduct their operations as independent organizations, each offering they have is accompanied by a product specialist.

    Advanta’s business processes are set up in a way that there must be an investing specialist who can answer all of a client’s inquiries. Everyone has access to account managers who are solely responsible for their accounts.

  • Myriad Investing Options

    Giving clients several investing options is where Advanta shines. As was already noted, Advanta provides various IRA account options and is one of the few self-directed IRA providers that enables clients to profit from loans, borrowing, and private equity deals. These options allow investors to diversify their portfolios exactly how they want to.

  • Favorable Reviews From Clients

    Visit any website that features a user’s review of self-directed IRAs; finding someone with negative things to say about Advanta will be challenging.

    Most IRA providers today know that their customers take their retirement planning exceptionally seriously, particularly those who favor total self-direction. Opening a self-directed IRA implies that the investor is likely involved actively in their investment strategy.

  • Dedicated to Investor Education

    Access to the right educational resources can help investors decide which course of action to take, which is an essential factor to consider when signing up as an investor with a self-directed IRA provider. Advanta excels at investor education, providing access to a wide range of content on its website, including videos and manuals.


  • A live chat option is one thing that the Advanta website is missing. Quick queries take time to be answered. If they could make it easier to access, that would be great.

    Even while Advanta has a section with forms for setting accounts and choosing different sorts of investments, the truth is that the average consumer might need some one-on-one support.

  • In addition, the business only manages $1.3 billion in assets, making it a smaller provider than its competitors. Although that may seem like a lot, bargain brokerages and rivals like Charles Schwab manage far more customer funds than Advanta, to the tune of multiple trillions of dollars.
  • Advanta IRA also needs to improve the number of customer reviews available online. Although the existing studies of the company on the internet are overwhelmingly positive, very few of them are.

    In either case, think of Advanta as a trustworthy self-directed IRA with room for growth and improvement.

How Does It Work?

Real estate, precious metals, and other assets typically not permitted for regular IRA accounts can all be held by investors in a self-directed individual retirement account. Aside from the added freedom, these accounts usually function like traditional or Roth IRA accounts.

Investment-savvy individuals who want to have more control over their retirement funds are some of the people who may be interested in a self-directed IRA account. Although it offers account owners more independence, it also comes with more risks and complications.

An investor still needs a custodian or trustee to make investments with a self-directed IRA, which is where Advanta IRA comes in; the company provides thorough guidance to clients to ensure the success and growth of their accounts.

These investments operate similarly to a traditional or Roth IRA fund: an investor contributes funds yearly, and the investments typically generate returns over time. The fund is then managed by Advanta IRA, helping clients decide and choose the best assets.

The account owner has significantly more influence over the investments in self-directed IRAs. These investors will typically employ a passive custodian who will not provide investment advice, allowing the owner to choose the assets they want.

The Advanta IRA Management Team

Advanta’s team is as diverse as its clientele, with its managers and administrators possessing an extensive background in law, accounting, business management, and administration. The collective expertise of Advanta IRA ensures that the client assets under their management are in good hands and that their accounts are in compliance with IRS regulations.

Jack Callahan, Advanta IRA’s founder and CEO has led his team of finance experts to considerable success since 2003. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in finance from Florida State University plus a law degree from the University of Florida’s College of Law, Jack has steadily grown and nurtured Advanta IRA into the financial powerhouse it is today.

Another one of the most notable members of Advanta IRA’s team that exemplifies the company’s experience and financial aptitude is Ellen Palmer. Before working with Advanta IRA, Ellen worked as an expatriate taxation specialist at an American firm in Geneva, Switzerland, for seven years.

Today, Ellen, holding the prestigious designation of Business Development Specialist, uses her immense knowledge of finances and decades-worth of real-world experience to help clients diversify their portfolios and achieve financial freedom.

Investments Allowed in an Advanta IRA

Aside from traditional retirement accounts like Roth IRAs and 401Ks, Advanta IRA offers numerous alternative investments for investors who prefer keeping only some of their financial eggs in a single basket.

The self-directed IRA custodians at Advanta IRA recognize the market’s volatility and diversity. Several assets like real estate and cryptocurrency are snowballing in today’s economic landscape.

Thus, Advanta IRA offers its investors the opportunity to take advantage of the growth of these promising investments through self-directed IRAs.

Real estate IRAs are Advanta IRA’s bread and butter. These self-directed IRAs are a strategy for building substantial retirement income from investing in commercial and residential property.

With a real estate self-directed IRA, investors can also use private lending transactions and tax liens to accrue money for retirement.

Advanta IRA also allows several other alternative investments in a self-directed IRA, including the following:

  • Precious metals
  • Improved or unimproved land
  • Oil, gas, and mineral rights
  • Structured Settlements
  • Rights or warrants
  • Commodities
  • Forex and futures trading
  • Commercial paper
  • Livestock
  • Sports teams
  • Equipment leasing
  • Timberland
  • Alpaca farms
  • Farmland
  • Crops
  • Show horses
  • Factoring investments
  • Convertible and debenture notes

These alternative investments ensure that investors are open to more than one or two options when diversifying their portfolios.

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Are the Services and Products Genuine?

Yes. Advanta IRA has been in the industry for 15 years and has received several positive reviews from satisfied investors.

The Better Business Bureau has also accredited the company, which seeks to provide consumers and the general public with trustworthy information on businesses. They performed properly according to the firm’s ratings.

Independent reviewers from Innovative Wealth have also published a comprehensive report on Advanta IRA. These reviewers went over 100 data points for the company to help prospective investors decide whether they want to work with Advanta.

The report was overwhelmingly positive, with the reviewers calling the company’s owners, administrators, and employees “elite.”

Fees and Commissions

Advanta IRA’s dedication to their clients and investors does not end with their services; their fair rates for fees and commissions epitomize the company’s client-first perspective.

Investing with Advanta IRA is substantially cheaper than most other IRA companies, charging an affordable start-up fee of $50 and a maximum annual fee of $300 for accounts requiring annual fees.

Clients can also choose one of two options for Advanta IRA’s annual recordkeeping fees. The investor gets to decide if Advanta would charge these fees based on an account’s number of assets or the account’s total value.

Clients who opt to leave the company are charged an account termination fee of 0.005% of the account’s value. The 0.005% cost is capped at $250, and investors will not be charged more than that figure, regardless of the account’s value.


Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals

Star Rating

For the past ten years, Augusta Precious Metals has established a solid reputation for providing IRA services that are clear-cut and transparent, garnering thousands of 5-star ratings from clients and numerous media awards. The Beverly Hills-based company provides gold IRAs and the option to buy other precious metals with cash upfront.

While the $50,000 minimum investment may appear costly to some, Augusta’s commitment to its customers and top-notch customer service justifies the cost. Because the company takes a customer-focused approach to every transaction, the interests of its clients are always its top priority.

American Hartford Gold

star rating

Star Rating

American Harford Gold is a family-run investment firm that has won numerous awards for its transparency and dependability, including being named the top gold company on the Inc. 5000 list in 2021.

With a simple setup, buying, and delivery process for gold IRAs, this business offers its investors an accessible and straightforward experience.

The company does not charge fees or have a minimum investment requirement for opening a gold IRA. The precious metals owned by investors are likewise tracked and insured by American Hartford.

However, if an investment is kept in a depository, there are annual maintenance and storage costs.


Star Rating

Goldco and its administrators go above and beyond to ensure their investors have all the knowledge necessary to create a precious metals IRA. Through its dedication to client education and satisfaction, the company has established a strong standing in the banking industry since 2006.

The procedure of opening a gold IRA is made simple by Goldco. Once a client begins working with the company, a corporate representative will walk them through the time-consuming processes and paperwork required to open an account.

Birch Gold

Birch Gold

Star Rating

Birch Gold Group has 19 years of experience in the precious metals industry, giving the company the knowledge and skills needed to guide clients in making the most of their retirement assets.

Gold, platinum, palladium, and other precious metal items are all available from Birch Gold. Clients can buy these metals directly from the company, as they can with most businesses, or use them to fund an IRA.

Customers can also sell the metals in their accounts to Birch Gold at a fair price through the company’s buy-back program.

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Final Thought – Advanta IRA Review

Advanta IRA differs from other IRA providers in a small but essential way. The company unites several self-directed IRA managers under one roof. In all of America, they offer services to investors wishing to prepare for retirement.

While continuing to operate as distinct entities, they promote themselves as a single entity. This strategy is being done to provide investors with top-notch customer service and access to a wide range of flexible investment options that will enable each client to plan their long-term financial future successfully.

Like many other IRA providers, Advanta voluntarily and on behalf of its clientele provides all necessary paperwork to the IRS to maintain compliance for the business and the people who use its investment services and products.

Advanta’s key strategy is to let investors concentrate solely on locating the finest investments for their circumstances. This strategy has led to the company’s and its investors’ simultaneous growth, offering financial security and prosperity to both parties.

Advanta fosters a mutually-beneficial relationship between its clients and itself, which is an excellent quality for any IRA provider. Although the company is less popular than its competitors, its services are top-notch.

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