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Gold is A Better Way

Gold Is A Better Way means, a standout among the most important sources for everyday investors, flips Wall Street’s recommendations on their head while also making going back to investing appealing. Long-term investing in Gold provides a hedge against inflation. It’s easy to understand how Gold can perform in a bear market, and it can help diversify your portfolio.

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What is Gold is a Better Way Bundle?

➤  Who is Adam Baratta?

It’s hard to believe that the world of investing and precious metals can be so exciting, but it is. ADAM BARATTA has been at the forefront for years with his dynamic voice in this niche market. One which holds immense potential as we move forward into an era where financial uncertainty abounds across all aspects, including currency values globally due largely to government Watchlists items such as Tether vs. US dollar, etc.

Investor psychology will be playtested heavily, too, among other things like supply/demand fundamentals – even though they might seem unrelated right now!

How Does Gold Is A Better Way Work?

Gold has been a great investment for those looking to diversify their portfolio or add more stability. It’s not as risky as stocks; it doesn’t fluctuate so much that you couldn’t sleep well at night knowing how many dollars were lost in just one day of trading – which could happen if Bitcoin had its bad days!

Gold is also useful as an inflation hedge, which can help investors protect their purchasing power from the rampant, unpredictable inflation currently running rampant across the world. Most importantly, Gold is tangible. You can touch and hold it in your hand and stare at it, and it’s not just a number on a screen that jumps around.

What’s Included in the Bundle?

☑   The Decade Report 

The Decade Report is the first focused, long-term investing report that looks at the best way to buy Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. This report provides investment recommendations over ten years and an analysis of the four precious metals that will provide the best returns. This report is an invaluable resource for those wishing to learn more about precious metals investments and can serve as a strong starting point for those new to the market. 

☑   Gold Is A Better Way Digital 

You also gain access to the Gold Is A Better Way digital version of the report (exclusive for the bundle purchase). This is a PDF report that you can read on your computer to save and print out. Although a bit old, it’s still a good representation of how the report looks and feels. Adam has also added his sections to the digital report to make it more interactive and enjoyable to read. You’ll also notice videos in the report showing Adam in action when teaching workshops about precious metals. 

☑   The Great Devaluation Book 

The Great Devaluation Book is a detailed, visual breakdown of how we got to this point in history. If you want to understand why the world is in its condition, this book is for you. Adam provides you with all the theories and history you need to understand what’s happened, why it happened, and how it will affect you, your family, your children, and your grandchildren. 

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Pros and Cons of Gold Is A Better Way


  • Gold has been valued for centuries
  • Gold can be used to make jewelry, electronics like cell phones or computers, dental work, etc.
  • Can serve as an important form of currency in case of a financial crisis
  • Easy to store
  • Provide great stability in your portfolio
  • Act as an inflation hedge
  • Great for traders
  • Can make you feel like you have great control over the market
  • Gives investors the best chance at winning in the market


  • Gold has a high market cap, making it more difficult to buy and sell
  • Can be a source of investment fraud
  • Gold has always been a popular investment, but it’s not the best short-term trade
  • Premiums can be steep, and you’ll likely need to pay in advance before your Gold turns into money!

Is Gold Is A Better Way Legit?

Yes. The material included in Gold Is a Better Way is all from legitimate sources, and it has been professionally translated into English and reviewed by Adam himself for accuracy. None of the report’s claims have ever been disputed by anyone.


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Final Thought – Gold Is A Better Way

Gold is a Better Way is a unique investing book that makes a case for returning to investment, abandoning Wall Street’s methods and principles on their head, as well as creating the conditions for a return to economic prosperity. It’s a must-read for anyone hungry for real change, and the change, according to Adam, can only be good.

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