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Swing Trading Blogs

A swing trading blogs are methods of fundamental trading in which positions are held for longer than one day. Traders try to make short-term gains by utilizing the technical analysis to place bets, keep them for several days or weeks, and get out as quickly as possible. The swing trader will change orders within a day, sometimes even within a few hours, and take on new positions based on the current technical analysis.

Recommended Swing Trading Companies

Swing Trade Stocks

The Swing Trade Stocks enable you to keep track of your trades via various charts. You can see how many stocks you have bought and sold and how much money you have made and lost. The service is free, but you can pay a monthly fee to get premium features such as more chart types and the ability to conduct more than 5 trades at a time.


  • Safest, and fastest way to trade CFD
  • With real-time data that tracks all trades right down to an individual contract level
  • You can trade much faster and make more money with Nadex.
  • The markets are open all day, every single trading session.


  • Many investors are inexperienced and may not know what to look for in order to capture a trend.
  • They also miss out on greater profits because they don’t experience as much excitement from day trading due to its nature being more short-term focused.
  • Day traders thrive off fast-paced
  • High volatility markets while value investors would rather invest during calm periods when prices are low or stable

Swing Trading Strategies

This website is another service that allows you to conduct and track swing trades. The site itself is free, but you can purchase additional charts to view in greater detail.


  • You can view your trading history and download spreadsheets with your data for further analysis.
  • The website is easy to use and well-designed.
  • You can view your account balance in any country’s currency.
  • This platform allows you to conduct more than 5 trades at a time.


  • The website’s charts are not very detailed and are not interactive, making them less useful.
  • Some charts do not load at all.
  • The website is not as user-friendly as other platforms.

Morpheus Trading

This website helps you learn the basics of swing trading and then guides you through the platform’s features. You can learn about the platform setup and how to execute trades.


  • You can view your account balance in any country’s currency.
  • The platform is intuitive and easy to use.
  • This platform allows you to trade up to 10 different types of assets.
  • The website’s charts and graphs are detailed and easy to interpret.


  • The website is somewhat slow to load.
  • The platform is not as user-friendly as other trading platforms.
  • There is no history of your trades.

Compound Trading

Compound Trading is a toolkit for traders that provides charts, trade ideas, analysis, and more. The platform itself is a social trading network where you can follow and chat with other traders, and you can follow other traders to see what trades they are making and how successful they are.


  • This platform allows you to view your account balance in any country’s currency.
  • You can view your account history with this platform.
  • The website is user-friendly and intuitive.
  • You can enter any amount of data you want into the charting tool.
  • The toolkit provides analytics, trade ideas, and social support for traders.


  • There are no charts or graphs to view other than the ones provided by this website.
  • Other traders on this social network are not actual, trained financial advisors.

Elite Swing Trader

This is another high-quality website with charts that you can buy in greater detail. This platform allows you to view your account history, and the website is very well-designed. However, this website does not allow you to conduct trades, and instead, it is a view-only service.


  • You can review the history of your account with this platform.
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • Can customize the graphs for them to suit your trading style


  • The lack of credible social proof and noise
  • The short article list on their website has made this ancient product less trustworthy for some people

What is Swing Trading?

Swing trading is a very volatile and risky process that involves taking short-term trades to profit from an anticipated price move in an asset, stock, currency, or whatever you choose to trade. The trades should be small in scale and last for a week or two, not several months. The purpose is not to make a regular income. And the purpose is to add to your portfolio over the long term and learn how to navigate through the markets.

Why Swing Trade?

The term “swing” was coined in the 1970s, and it describes the concept of buying and selling assets periodically. During this time, the market will rise and fall by many points, and swing traders attempt to catch these “swings” to profit. The goal is to go to the market and watch for an opportunity, then buy or sell at the right time. The key is to learn the market’s tendencies and continually act upon your knowledge. To make the most of the opportunity available, rather than letting it slip by.

How Does Swing Trading Work?

Trading is done through an online broker (also known as a broker or trading account). The trader posts the funds for the account, and the broker will use them to purchase shares for the trader. The trader then places his trade on the open market, hoping that the price will move in his favor. When the trader is ready to close out his position, he submits a request to the broker, who then sells the shares from his position and moves the funds back to his trader account. The process repeats until the trade is closed out.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Swing Trading

The advantages of swing trading are that it is relatively simple, and many people do it daily. Swing traders do not need to stay longer than the time it takes to complete their trades, and they do not need to analyze a company’s fundamentals.

The disadvantage is that swing trading does not allow for much diversity. Any trader will use the same strategies and follow the same rules to make trades. Any new trader may find the process intimidating and, however, can overcome the disadvantages through the guidance and expertise of other traders. Swing trading sites are a great way to find other swing traders who can help you with your trades and explain the process in greater depth.

Swing Trading vs. Day

Swing trading is not day trading and vice versa. Day trading is a straightforward method of trading in which you place your trades on a single stock, currency pair, stock index, or other asset class during a single trading day. Swing trading is a method of trading in which positions are held for several days or weeks. Day traders may be interested in swing trading and vice versa. Each provides a different approach to trading, and each is an effective method in its own right.

Final Thought – Swing Trading Blogs

As you can see, each of these trading platforms has its strengths and weaknesses. Which one will you use? That question will largely be based on your personal preferences. Although some of these services may seem outdated or less popular than others, this doesn’t mean that they are any less effective or trustworthy. Time and time again, people have turned to platforms that were once top-rated but have since been replaced by newer, better ones.

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