How to Sell Gold Coins

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How to Sell Gold Coins

Did you realize that gold has been used as a form of currency for centuries? Gold is the most valuable metal on earth, and it’s worth more than any other precious gemstone or mineral. How can you make money selling gold coins?

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Overview Precious and Industrial Metals

How To Get Your Gold Coins Best Price For

If you’re looking to sell gold or silver coins, it is best to find a legitimate dealer. Make sure that they are honest and that their prices are good. When you are trying to sell coins, it can happen that a pawnshop or scam artist will take advantage of you. The person does this if they want the coins and know how much they are worth. For this cause, it is well worth your time to learn about best practices when selling coins. When you find out the value of your coins before selling them, you are more likely to feel happy with the transaction.

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Understanding Coin Values

Never place your coins up for sale until you have a solid understanding of how much they are worth. Keep in mind that worth and value are two different things. Price is how much you would pay if you were buying the coin. Value is what you might get if you sold it at your own price. So how can you know what your coin’s value is?

There cannot be an absolute number, but the date, mintmark, and condition of your coins will provide clues about their value. You can weigh your gold coins to find out how much they are worth. You can multiply the weight by the value of gold per ounce to find out how much they are worth, and then you know the lowest price you should sell them for. And remember to think about all the other things that affect how much your coins are worth. Like if they are rare or desirable. Then you can separate your coins into three groups: low, medium, and high price.

Where to Sell Gold Coin

Once you realize how much your coins are worth, then you can decide to sell your coins. There are different ways to sell them. You should think about which way is best for you and what other people have done in the past.

  • Local dealers – Don’t buy from junk dealers or pawnshops. Try to find a dealer that advertises themselves as a coin specialist. They might be part of NGC or PCGS.
  • Coin shows – Local coin shows are a good place to find knowledgeable people who know about coins. Ask your community’s coin club for information on future local coin shows.
  • Rare coin auctions – If you have rare coins to sell, an auction can be a good place. At these events, people ask for the coins they really want. Some rare coins can be sold for thousands or millions of dollars at these events.
  • Direct sales to collectors – Collectors know the value of coins, and they will buy them. If you have a rare or special coin, collectors will pay more for it because they know that other people want it too.
  • eBay – eBay is a way to sell things. You can also buy things you want. You might have difficulty finding a purchaser who will give you a good price, so be careful. This option is not very good because sellers have to pay a lot of money. You should only use this option for coins that are worth less than $10, or maybe $20.
  • Online coin dealers – The companies are experts at valuing coins and performing fair, efficient transactions. If you want to get rid of gold or silver coins, choose a company that specializes in those precious metals.

As you can discern, there are many kinds of ways to sell your gold and silver coins. The following thing to do is choose the perfect dealer.

Finding a Coin Dealer

There are many things you need to think about when finding a local or online coin dealer. Some important qualities they should have are honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, and the ability to sell rare coins.

  • Reputation:  Ask people who have sold a home. These people will tell you what it was like. People who sell on the Internet might also say how it is to sell a house on the internet.
  • Knowledge:  Do the dealers take time to teach people about their houses? Do they offer things like guides and other helpful, important information?
  • Selling guarantees:  In the car industry, the dealer might have a selling guarantee that you can get.
  • Type of value offered:  When you are selecting a dealer for your coins, find one who will give you the fair value of them. You should not go with someone who will give you just the melt value or some other made-up number.
  • Ability to value rare gold coins:  Not all dealers can tell how much rare gold coins are worth. Choose a company that is knowledgeable and knows how to buy gold and silver coins like Scottsdale Bullion and Coin.

Best Practices to Sell Coins Online

If you are getting rid of gold or silver coins, there are some best practices that will help you get the best possible price. For example, make sure to describe the coin in detail, so people know what they are buying.

  • Take a good picture –You should take a picture of your coin with a bright light and make sure the coin is easy to see.
  • Determine coin weight and value – Determine the AGW of your gold coins if you are thinking about selling them. You can find this by looking online or asking other people who have done it before. If you are not certain, then use the minimum base price to start with.
  • Shop around – Do not take anyone’s dealer’s offer until you have collected several different offers to choose from.

If you want to get rid of gold and silver coins, you need to know their values. You will also need a good coin dealer who pays the most for them so that it is easy for you to make money. To find these dealers, contact Scottsdale Bullion and Coin today!

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Decide on the Right Time to Sell

Learn About the Most Common Types of Gold Coins to Sell

Selling gold coins is different from selling jewelry. Selling a gold wedding band or engagement ring is different from selling a piece of gold coins in the form of a bar, wafer, or round.

As we have covered in our guide to selling gold jewelry, there are many stores that buy it. As an example, if you have a gold wedding band, you can sell it online or offline to a community jewelry store or pawn shop.

Gold coins are a type of gold that is sometimes used in investments. This means that people buy it with the hope that they can sell it for more money later. Usually, this type of gold is not used for buying things because it has to be stored somewhere safe so people can’t steal them.

Companies that Offers Gold Coins

Augusta Precious Metals

Star Rating

Augusta Precious Metals makes our list of the best gold IRA companies for their low prices. Customers also perceive exactly what they are paying and for what.

When you are selecting a gold IRA company, the difference will probably come down to prices. Many companies say they have low prices, but few of them actually show all their costs. Augusta Precious Metals has a simple price scheme. It is uncomplicated to see how much you must pay for their services. They are our choice for the best gold IRA because of this.

Augusta is a family-owned company that has been open for six years. They have the highest ratings from the BBB and BCA.

Augusta is a company that wants to make sure its customers are happy. Augusta offers a money-back guarantee if you buy something and don’t like it. Augustus also guarantees fair prices and says that if the price changes in 7 days, they will honor the lower price.

American Hartford Gold

4.2 star

Star Rating

The American Hartford Gold firm is a family-owned and managed business located in Los Angeles. They assist individuals in investing in precious metals. If you obtain gold coins from American Hartford Gold, they’ll be sent to your home or placed in your retirement account. They sell high-quality and low-cost gold and silver coins. If you don’t want the coins, they will return them to you for free.

Gold IRAs are useful for diversifying your retirement holdings. They exist outside the reach of tax authorities. We can assist you in purchasing and selling precious metals. There are professionals on staff who give excellent customer service. They assist you in establishing a gold IRA based on your history and present market analysis.


4.2 star

Star Rating

Goldco Precious Metals strives to provide you with all of the information you need to decide if it’s the right firm for your gold IRA. They will also be there when you need assistance.

Some firms maintain a record of their investments in an organized manner. This makes it simpler for individuals to comprehend the investment as well. Other businesses do not follow this practice. Goldco Precious Metals, which was founded in 2006, is an exception. It has a solid reputation and offers outstanding customer service.

Goldco provides a unique service for its customers. You may get assistance from a specialist at any time. Goldco also makes certain that its users understand what they’re doing. On the website, Goldco encourages clients to learn more about their business.

Birch Gold

Birch Gold

4.2 star

Star Rating

Birch Gold Group is a company that buys and sells gold. It was founded in 2003. They can help you with your IRA if you have gold, silver, platinum or palladium, or just want to buy some from them. The Birch Gold Group has senior managers who are on the Forbes Finance Council.

Birch Gold Group is a company with 20 years of experience in selling precious metals. Customers can buy physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for their IRA investment or personal ownership. Birch Gold Group has a team of people who specialize in opening Precious Metals IRA accounts. They take the time to teach people about investing in these types of investments. It is important to know that this type of investment can have benefits or risks.

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Gold coins are a great investment because they’ve been shown to be one of the few assets that retain their value and even increase in price during down markets. If you are considering selling your gold coins, there are many factors to take into account before proceeding with the sale.

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