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$100 Dollar Gold Coins

Gold coins have been around for centuries, used as a form of currency and investment. Today, they are still popular among investors looking to protect their wealth. While there are many different types of gold coins available, $100 dollar gold coins are a great option for those looking to invest in this precious metal.

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High Relief $100 Gold Price Guide

The United States Mint created the first $100 Gold coins in 2015. The new coins, called the 2015-W High Reliefs, were released to the public on July 30, 2015. The price for each coin was set at $1,490. The diameter of the coin was set at 1.205 inches rather than 1.287 inches, which is used on Gold Buffaloes and American Gold Eagles. This was done to create a higher relief design on the 2015-W High Relief coins.

Most coins were well-struck. MS68 and MS69 examples should be the norm. Perfect MS70 examples were much more difficult to find.

History, Development, and Introduction

The first Australian investment coin was issued in 1986. It was part of the “Golden Nugget” collection. This series features coins that are inspired by large nuggets from the fifth continent. The reverse of the coin features the second-largest gold nugget in the world. It was founded by two men, John Deason and Richard Oates, in 1869. The weight of the deposit was 78.4 kg. Unfortunately, the gold coin melted down right away, and no photos remain. The design for the Australian gold coin was copied from two drawings. There are two types of coins: Francis Fearn and Charles Weber. You can find these coins in our catalog.

The actual value of platinum and gold coins is much higher than the face value. The price for some coins is always changing, but because platinum is a rarer metal than gold or silver, investors and collectors are more likely to give it a higher value. The cost of collections can also increase the cost of some items. The rarest ones are usually issued in a 100-dollar equivalent.

The Gold Nugget series of coins were released over a period of three years, from 1986 to 1988. They were made in different quantities, from 15,000 to 259,000. At that time, they had a unique two-tone design that made them different from other collectible and investment coins from other countries. However, in 1989, the Perth Mint stopped making this series of coins. They replaced it with a new series of Australian gold coins called the Kangaroo series. This new series features different designs on the coins each year. The Australian people did not want the nuggets on the reverse to be their symbol because they thought they looked more like rocks from outer space.

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100 US Gold Dollar Coins

1 Oz Platinum $100 “American Eagle” 1997 – 2021

⦿  COUNTRY United States
⦿  DENOMINATION 100 Dollars
⦿  METALPlatinum
⦿  YEAR 1997 – 2021
⦿  VALUE$1.1K – $2.3K

USA 100 Dollars American Liberty 225th Anniversary 2017

⦿  COUNTRY United States
⦿  DENOMINATION 100 Dollars
⦿  METALGold
⦿  YEAR 2017
⦿  VALUE:$1.81K

1 Oz Platinum $100 “Preamble to the Declaration of Independence” 2019

⦿  COUNTRY United States
⦿  DENOMINATION 100 Dollars
⦿  METALPlatinum
⦿  YEAR 2019
⦿  VALUE:$1.22K

1 Oz Platinum $100 “American Eagle” 2016

⦿  COUNTRY: United States
⦿  DENOMINATION: 100 Dollars
⦿  METAL: Platinum
⦿  YEAR: 2016
⦿  VALUE: $2K

1 Oz Platinum $100 “American Eagle” 1998

⦿  COUNTRY: United States
⦿  DENOMINATION: 100 Dollars
⦿  METAL: Platinum
⦿  YEAR: 1998
⦿  VALUE: $1.88K

1 Oz Platinum 100 Dollars “Happiness” 2020

⦿  COUNTRY: United States
⦿  DENOMINATION: 100 Dollars
⦿  METAL: Platinum
⦿  YEAR: 2020

1 Oz Gold $100 “Liberty” 2021

⦿  COUNTRY: United States
⦿  DENOMINATION: 100 Dollars
⦿  METAL: Gold (High Relief)
⦿  YEAR: 2021

1 Oz Platinum $100 “American Eagle” 2000

⦿  COUNTRY: United States
⦿  DENOMINATION: 100 Dollars
⦿  METAL: Platinum
⦿  YEAR: 2000
⦿  ALUE: $1.88K

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How Much Is A Gold Coin Worth?

Gold bullion coins have a price that is not fixed. The price can change depending on how much the coin weighs, how pure the gold is, and the current gold spot price. Gold coins with a nominal face value are actually worth more because of their gold content. The real worth of a gold bullion coin is determined by multiplying its pure gold content by the current gold spot price.

Gold is often used as a way to diversify an investment portfolio and as a “safe haven” during times of economic or geopolitical turbulence. When confidence is low, more people invest in gold, driving the price up. When the economy is good, investors tend to look for riskier investments that could offer a higher return. This can cause the price of bullion to go down.

Gold coins usually have a higher price than silver coins. This is because gold is not as impacted by factors such as VAT and Capital Gains Tax. For example, in the UK, gold bullion has been exempt from VAT since 2000. Additionally, British coins such as Britannias and Sovereigns are also exempt from CGT. This makes them especially worthwhile investments because you will not have to pay tax on your profits should you sell your coins for more than you paid for them.

How & Where to Buy Gold Coins

There is something special about holding a gold coin in your hand. Owning gold gives you some advantages that you can’t get with other investments. And because gold is a natural hedge against the stock market, it can also help you to diversify your portfolio.

Gold coins are often bought from two different places: local coin shops or online.
You will often find better prices for coins online than at a coin shop. This is because the overhead costs (like rent) at a brick-and-mortar store are higher than online. But that’s not the only difference.

Local Coin Dealer

Even if you decide to buy a car online, I recommend checking with a local dealer because they can help you sell your car quickly if you need to. If you decide to acquire from them, see if they’ll negotiate on the price.
You can also lookup coin dealers in your city or county on Google. Adding the word “gold” may not help, as some dealers like to keep a low profile.

When you buy something from an online seller, you have to trust that they will send you what you ordered. You have to pay for it before they send it, so you lose your money if they don’t send it. But this is not usually a problem with a well-established online dealer. They do not want people to think they ripped someone off.

Another advantage of buying from an online dealer is that they can often be cheaper than buying from a local store, even after accounting for shipping and insurance costs.

When choosing an online dealer, look to see if the prices of the products are displayed on the site. You should also look to see if shipping and insurance charges are displayed. Sometimes you have to search for these fees. Some dealers do not show prices. This does not mean they are bad, but it could mean that the dealer wants to sell you more. It is important to give more weight to dealers that are transparent and share prices with you.

Online Dealers

Buying from an internet merchant has one inherent danger: you must pay upfront and trust the vendor to deliver what they promised. However, with a well-established internet dealer, this isn’t usually a problem—the last thing they want is for people to find out that they cheated someone.

An online dealer may sometimes be less expensive than a physical store, even after shipping and insurance charges are factored in.

When it comes to buying online, keep an eye on the site for production costs as well as delivery and insurance fees (you may need to look for these expenses). A dealer that doesn’t display prices isn’t necessarily bad, but it might suggest that they want you to call so that they may sell you as much as possible. As a result, you should give more weight to transparent dealers who show their prices.

Finally, find out how long it will take to deliver before you place an order.

Recommended Gold Companies



4.5 star

Star Rating

Trevor Gerszt established Goldco in 2006. Originally, Goldco Direct specialized almost entirely on cash transactions rather than IRAs. They recognized the growing demand in the market for a trustworthy gold IRA provider as the company developed.

They established a company to meet the demand that they saw. They developed their own firm in order to fill the hole in the market. The name of this business has been changed, and it now focuses on gold IRAs.

As a result, they transmute their name to Heritage Gold Group. This was short-lived because they soon discovered that a company named Heritage Auctions had a trademark on the word “Heritage.” They were coerced to change their name again, therefore.

The company felt it needed to change its name because it no longer reflected what it sold. They changed their name to Goldco Precious Metals to better represent their business. Ideally, they would have preferred to be just Goldco. However, the domain was already taken by a company providing technology and services for Japanese translations.

Even though it took many years, the company finally bought the domain name in April 2017. They say that the name isn’t going to change again, and to this day, they are often referred to as Goldco Precious Metals.

American Hartford Gold

4.8 star

Star Rating

The American Hartford Gold is located in Los Angeles, California. It is a privately held firm that focuses on helping clients get the most out of their precious metals purchases.

The firm sells investors different forms of precious metals, including bullion, bars, and coins. To focus more on their retirement plans, individuals may invest in precious metals IRAs. These investments are designed to assist customers in diversifying their assets and avoid losing everything if one loses money. This will aid them in the event of a stock market catastrophe by making sure they have a backup plan.

The firm is concerned with providing excellent customer service. This is critical for investors. Customers can invest in a variety of assets and have a number of different account options, according to the business.

The company also seems to be committed to ensuring that all of its costs are fair. This, together with the fact that the company is quite experienced, makes American Hartford Gold one of the safer companies to work with than some fly-by-night organizations that might be a bit more flashy in their advertising.

So, what do people in the business world think of American Hartford Gold? They have an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. But other review platforms like Trustpilot and Google have given the company a five-star rating. The company was registered as number forty-seven on the list of the fastest-growing financial companies in the nation by Inc. 5000.

Augusta Precious Metals

star rating

Star Rating

Isaac Nuriani started Augusta Precious Metals in 2012 in Wyoming, the United States. Augusta Precious Metals is well-known for providing exceptional gold IRA services. The individuals who ran this business had a lot of expertise in the area. Augusta Precious Metals always prioritizes its clients and makes sure that their needs are always taken care of.

Augusta Precious Metals is a well-known and highly regarded precious metals firm that strives to assist investors and customers in building the ideal collection of precious metals. As may be seen in the image above, Augusta Precious Metals always keeps three promises: full transparency, simplicity, and a tailored portfolio.

One of the things that make Augusta Precious Metals stand out among other gold companies is that they always help their clients open self-directed IRA accounts. This allows their clients to store precious metals, which most other gold companies do not offer.

Augusta Precious Metals thinks it is critical to manage the risks involved in your investments. As a result, the firm works hard to assist investors in diversifying their retirement investment portfolios. Augusta Precious Metals offers a precious metals storage account that can help you keep your assets safe from inflation while keeping them protected.

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Final Thoughts – $100 Dollar Gold Coins

$100 dollar gold coins are a great investment for your future. Whether you’re looking to add to your collection or invest in something with real value, these coins will always be worth more than their face value. With the current market volatility, it’s important to have assets like $100 dollar gold coins that will maintain their worth even when other investments are tanking.

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