OneGold Review

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OneGold Review

OneGold is a company that has been in the precious metals industry for over 20 years. They have an excellent reputation and offer plenty of options to suit your needs when investing in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. In this review, we will cover what OneGold offers and how they compare to other companies in the industry. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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Precious Metals Investing In OneGold – Everything You Need to Know

What is OneGold?

A gold dealer, online marketplace, and platform, OneGold specializes in precious metals.

It was created through the collaboration of APMEX and Sprott, two partners that have built up considerable expertise.

OneGold is a startup that wants to deliver the greatest experience possible for customers to acquire physical and digital goods regarding precious metals like gold and silver.

OneGold offers a secure, convenient platform for your digital metal trading needs by selecting the top digital assets in terms of security, liquidity, and vault locations. Any product sold on OneGold will be fully backed by real gold.

Who are its Owners?


APMEX is one of the world’s largest precious metals dealers. It was established in 1999 by Scott Thomas. APMEX is now based in Oklahoma City, having a worldwide clientele of 1.5 million and lifetime revenues of $10 billion to its name.

Aside from that, it is recognized as an industry leader and inventor in the field of metals. APMEX has a large selection of goods and strives to satisfy its customers with its services.


Sprott is a worldwide leader in real asset investments and an alternative asset manager, such as precious metals. It was created by Eric Sprott in 1981. It has around 200,000 global clients and $7 million worth of client assets. Sprott’s businesses are based in the United States, Asia, and Canada. They want to give investors with world-class solutions.

How Does OneGold Work?

With an in-depth knowledge of precious metals unrivaled in any competing arrangement, APMEX and Sprott teamed up with a shared vision for the advancement of precious metals ownership. OneGold is a result of these two globally renowned partners’ expertise, experience, and resources.

  1. Set up an account at
  2. Select between their investment-grade precious metals.
  3. Low premiums & tight spreads.
  4. Buy using Check, Credit Card, Bitcoin, or link your Bank Account.
  5. There is no need to wait for the fund to clear; you may “Buy Now, Pay Later.”
  6. Fully allocated and segregated investment-grade precious metals.
  7. Annual storage fees are Silver .30% & Gold .12%

OneGold Products and Services

U.S. Products

OneGold provides gold, silver, and platinum in the United States. The APMEX staff created these. Possession and ownership of U.S. items might provide security and confidence that they are secure in good hands with OneGold’s partners: Loomis, APMEX, or Brinks.

Furthermore, each item is fully insured through Lloyd’s of London and is physically kept apart.

Vaultchain Gold and Silver

OneGold offers “Vaultchain Gold & Silver” as a digital good developed by TradeWind, which is the world’s largest gold and silver marketplace. It is the most innovative company in the digital asset industry.

The Royal Canadian Mint has verified that the Vaultchain solutions offer significant functions and are kept and vaulted at its facilities.

How to use OneGold Mobile App

OneGold has a mobile app for its clients to expand its platform. It’s available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

It’s quite well developed, and you may keep informed about the market and even your purchases using it.

Modern Metals Trading

The simplest, most cost-effective, and secure way to own metals is through OneGold. It’s also the most convenient now. In one simple app, you can follow prices and trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Portfolio Management

Real-time portfolio updates, so you always know where you stand. The mobile portfolio tool allows you to make the best judgments possible, whether you’re selling or adding to your metal holdings in secure vaults all around the world.


Put your assets on autopilot with AutoInvest. This fascinating function allows you to create an automated order for the real metal and customize it to meet your requirements. You can acquire in terms of a set amount of money or ounces of metal. The frequency of your automated investing orders may be set to daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. This tool is useful whether you want to dollar-cost average into a position or establish a metals-backed savings account.

Physical Redemption

Convert your vaulted holdings to APMEX-certified items using the OneGold app’s redeem option. Pick from a variety of APMEX goods, and APMEX will QuickShip the metal straight to you. It’s never been easier to transform your vaulted assets into money or real metal, thanks to APMEX and OneGold’s collaboration. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a shout, and we’ll add one of 30,000 items from our catalog.

Market News

Gain insight into the market and stay up to date on metal prices with daily market news for gold, silver, and platinum.

Live Spot Prices

With the OneGold Mobile app, you can access live spot prices from your phone. The OneGold Mobile app offers current pricing in an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly perspective. You may purchase or sell at any time of day or night, even if the markets are closed.

Custom Market Alerts

With the OneGold mobile app, you may set up personalized market alerts. When gold, silver, or platinum prices reach your chosen level, this function will notify you via push notification. These notifications can be customized for a certain percentage or amount of money. You’ll never miss another chance to buy or sell at the best possible price again.

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Precious Metals IRAs

If you wish to invest in precious metals online, you may look into a OneGold IRA. They are not a custodian for IRAs, but they do have a list of IRA custodian companies on their website that you can pick from or work with your own preferred company. After you’ve made contact with the IRA custodian firm and established your Precious Metals IRA account, you’ll work with the custodian to fill it (either by bank transfer or rolling over assets from an eligible existing retirement account).

Once your account has been funded, you can collaborate with your custodian and OneGold to add precious metals to it.

The OneGold Pros and Cons


  • Has no complaints so far
  • Low fees
  • The firm is owned by two firms that are well-known in the business.
  • The site is packed with helpful material.
  • The mobile app is helpful
  • You can start with just $1
  • The products are good


  • There may be other choices suited to your unique situation.
  • You must store the precious metals you buy in a vault from the same nation.

Trust Ratings and Reviews

When making a big purchase like investing in precious metals, it’s critical to look at a firm carefully. When you’re considering a major transaction like this, taking the time to examine the company is well worth it. Reading reviews from prior clients is one of the most useful tools for comparing a business and learning more about them.

If you do not know anyone who has worked with OneGold, the best approach to learning more about the company is to go to well-known review sites. The Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, TrustLink, and the Business Consumer Alliance are some of the most reputable review sites.


Augusta Precious Metals

Star Rating

Augusta Precious Metals is a family-owned precious metals vendor and gold IRA provider with roots in the industry dating back nearly 50 years. The firm serves as a reliable ally for building wealth and ensuring a secure retirement by investing in gold or silver IRA. The mission of Augusta Precious Metals is to help investors open a self-directed precious metals IRA and buy gold and silver outside of a retirement account.

If you’re buying precious metals, Augusta’s 7-Day Price Protection Program guarantees that the rate is locked in as soon as you place your order by phone. However, bullion prices are only locked in when the firm has received your payment. On large bullion purchases, Augusta frequently provides quantity reductions.

If you open a gold IRA with Augusta Precious Metals or make another purchase, you may receive up to a $2,000 silver bonus. Premium gold and silver consumers have the option of withdrawing their order within seven days, with no questions asked. As soon as an order is confirmed, subsequent purchases are irreversible.

American Hartford Gold

Star Rating

When buying physical bullion from American Gold, you may choose between direct delivery to your door or within an IRA, 401(k), or TSP. Investors use American Hartford Gold to diversify their portfolios. High-quality gold and silver coins are provided at reasonable prices with a money-back guarantee of 100%.

Gold IRA Custody with New York Gold does not charge fees to set up a Gold IRA or rollover a present retirement account into one. Picking up precious metals from the depository is always free, and it comes with insurance and tracking.

Not all gold IRA companies provide a buyback option, but American Hartford Gold does. The BuyBack Commitment allows customers to sell their precious metals without incurring additional charges for the three-step rapid liquidation procedure.


Star Rating

Goldco Precious Metals, usually known as Goldco, is a precious metals business located in Woodland Hills, California, that was founded in 2006 to provide self-directed precious metal IRAs financed by gold, silver, platinum, or palladium rather than stock and bond investments.

Consumers might find precious metals IRAs to be a more attractive alternative than investing in stocks or bonds when they believe stock and bond markets are excessively volatile. Precious metals IRAs also appeal to individuals who want to invest in something tangible, rather than a portion of a company that may undergo mergers, or the firm itself may go out of business.

Goldco provides IRA brokerage services under Internal Revenue Service regulations. When a client begins withdrawing funds from their IRA, they also purchase back the real precious metals or sell them on the metals market. Goldco, on the other hand, does not offer custodian or storage services, but it will help customers in finding them through its suggested vendors. Goldco is recognized throughout the country and has had a remarkable rise.

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OneGold is a relatively new company in the gold industry. They offer what seems to be some of the best rates on their products, but it’s difficult to know for sure without doing more research. Their website has plenty of information about how they handle transactions and delivery. If you’re looking for high-quality precious metals with options like 24/7 live chat or free shipping, then OneGold might not be your best bet right now.

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