Jason Bond Reviews

Jason Bond Reviews

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Jason Bond Picks is a subscription-based service that provides trade alerts, market analysis, and training programs. Some people think the stock-picking services Jason offers for subscriptions are the best in the business.

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What is Jason Bond Picks?

Jason Bond Picks is a subscription-based service that uses Jason Bond’s strategy to buy and sell stocks.

The Jason Bond Picks strategy is designed to make easy profits on the stock market by trading stocks that Jason has identified as undervalued and overvalued.

This is a stock picking service that uses a small-cap swing trade strategy to help you generate income. This program was started by Jason and Jeff, who are both experienced traders with years of experience in the financial sector.

Both Jason and Jeff are professionals that can teach you how to do things in the stock market. Ten thousand people have joined Jason Bond Picks since this article came out. Jason will help you make money quickly and less expensively. Jason points out pitfalls that you might want to avoid. He also teaches you how to trade so that you can succeed.

Who is Jason Bond?

Jason Bond, the founder of Jason Bond Picks, is a former teacher turned college dropout who was living paycheck-to-paycheck with a net worth of -$250,000.

Fed up with being broke and under the crushing weight of debt, Jason began looking for ways to increase his income.

He learned about trading stocks and decided to listen to a well-respected stock trader, Jeff Bishop, who became interested in helping him as an apprentice.

Jason assured Jeff that he would also teach other people if he instructs him all about trading the stock market. Jason has an educational background and knows a lot about that too.

After quitting his teaching job in 2011, Jason claims to have made millions from trading penny stocks. He now helps others make money by issuing stock picks through the website of Jason Bond Picks and occasional trading himself. As of 2017, his net asset is $5 million.

Products & Services

Jason Bond Picks Webinar

The Webinar is meant to get you excited about the program. You should know that Jason is energetic, so he may seem like he’s yelling at you the whole time (you decide whether this is good or bad).

A webinar is an excellent way to get an overview of what the course is about. It tells you about Jason’s three trading strategies, and it also has stories of people who have made lots of money from the course.

After the webinar, here’s how they break down the price:

  • Video Training Collection (free)
  • Day Trading Playbook (free)
  • Strategy Course (free)
  • Jason Bond Picks Subscription ($297/ quarter)

This package, which has a regular price of $5,796, will end up being $297. Just remember, the $297 is paid every quarter.

Daily Watchlist

The watchlist is sent to subscribers daily and gives an overview of the trades that Jason is looking at and what his strategy may be. Jason and a few of his traders have also added their comments to what Jason is thinking.

Every morning, you will get an email that tells you what the financial market is like and what he thinks it will do. You can use this information to make trades on stocks.

Trade Alert Service

Jason will send you a text or email each week with ten swing trades. These alerts can come from Jason’s watchlist. Sometimes the alerts are sent out the night before and sometimes the morning of the alert.

Live Portfolio Access

You can get live access to the trade accounts of Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond. If you are a member of Millionaire Roadmap, you can also get access to their live trade accounts.

Jason Bond’s Training DVD’s

Jason Bond says his DVD collection is worth $4,996. He will freely offer it to you if you watch his webinar. There are four DVDs in the collection.

The first three DVDs are by Jason Bond and cover topics on selling naked options, swing trading basics, and trading like a pro. The fourth DVD is by Jeff Bishop about stock options.

Chat Room

The Jason Bond Picks chat room is a place to make good trading decisions and prevent bad decisions. Chat rooms are an excellent way to learn about trading. Other traders share their experiences with you. You can learn and make money quickly.

When you have other investors to talk to, it is easier for you to learn how to trade. They can answer your queries and help you out.

Education Suite

This Education Suite contains over 65 in-depth video lessons for your viewing pleasure. You have 24/7 access to these videos, so you can take them at a pace that works for you and refer back as often as is necessary.Jason thinks you should start with these video lessons before you start trading.

  • Penny Stock 101
  • How To Trade Like A Pro
  • Swing Trade Scanning Made Simple
  • Pay Yourself

Mastermind Meetups

When you sign up for a Millionaire Roadmap membership, you also get access to one of the Mastermind Meetups—a unique event meant to build camaraderie and quicken your progress.

At these events, you’ll meet face-to-face with Jason Bond and other successful students. This event is free for Millionaire Roadmap members and JasonBondPicks.com members—look for the upcoming roadshow in your area.

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Pros & Cons


  • Many trade ideas throughout the day
  • There are videos you can watch on trading.
  • Effective day trading stock scanner stream in a chatroom
  • A large chatroom is well organized and has strict moderation.
  • Secure chatroom software connection
  • Comprehensive program
  • The winning alerts can generate large percentage profits quickly
  • Real-time trade alerts


  • Expensive for most new traders
  • Strict refund policy
  • They don’t have a trial period to test out the service
  • No auto-renew notifications

Subscription Plans and Prices

Day and Swing Trading

The popular package available helps you make money without being glued to your desktop the whole day. As such, it is a good choice for people who have busy jobs. They can trade or make trades every week and grow their net worth. The package costs $399 every three months, so it does not have many features.

Enjoy ten swing alerts every week on stocks under $10, a daily watch list with entries and exits in real-time via text, a 5-20% profit goal based on your intent, text and email alerts to help you stay informed. The service has been shown to work more efficiently for small profits, which are around $100,000 a year. You can also scale the business further.

Long-Term Trading

The long-term trading package is an excellent subscription for professionals with little spare time during the day who are looking to make serious money investing in the stock market. This package costs around $1,999 yearly and comes with much better features than other packages.

For example, members are qualified to three to seven open long-term picks every week, email and text alerts, detailed charts or several stocks selected by Jason, high returns that exceed 100% in months without risk, and penny stock predictions.

Millionaire Roadmap

This is a premium mentorship program that costs around $8,000 per year. This program is all about studying how to swing trade like Jason.

This program offers members access to all of the features on Jason Bond Picks. Members of this receive personal input and mentorship from Jason himself, meetings with his team of mentors, including Jeff Bishop and Alan Marshall, and direct access to Petra Hass.

This way, traders will learn different trading strategies and have the chance to see Jason live from his TD Ameritrade and Etrade brokerage accounts.

How to Make the Most out of Jason Bond Stock Picks?

Here are some things to consider on how to make the most out of swing trading.

The Self Learner Approach

Jason aims to teach you how to pick those trades for yourself. Videos are available that show him scanning, using chart patterns, and much more.

It is recommended that you keep your live trading account offline until you make money with paper. Then read all the blog posts and go through all the videos.

Once you have learned what a trade is and how it can make more money than a monthly subscription, you will make more money.

Great Additional Opportunities

Jason has a team of competent marketers to help you. You’ll get tons of emails after your first purchase or left email and phone number with advertisements for other services!

Jason Bond, one of the most exceptional trading course providers out there, isn’t sitting on his hands waiting for the business to come his way.

Jason Bond is a self-confident stock trader and will send emails to try selling his other products. Basically, he does the same thing that other companies like Amazon do: incentivize you into buying more than you need.

To avoid getting overwhelmed by marketing, learn to resist pitches and stay focused on your plan! Once you subscribe to one of Jason Bond’s courses or packages, don’t let enticing offers sway you. Disable the email notifications in your Raging Bull App dashboard.

The Piggyback / Mirror Trader Approach

If you are trading stocks in the traditional way, then it does not work. But if you do something different, it will be better. The fear of missing out from what is the popular investment is your biggest enemy in this situation. You should prepare well to do this well.

When you notice that a new position was established and then search for the stock’s symbol, it won’t be easy to get a fair price to trade. For this reason, everything has been prepared if you want to have a good chance of making money trading Jason Bond’s trades.

Who is Jason Bond Picks Good For?

Jason Bond Picks is for people who like small caps and penny stocks. You might be more likely to lose money with these types of stocks, but they also have a lot of growth potential. These stocks are usually priced between $1-5.

If you need someone to help guide you or give you advice, this service may be perfect. Jason doesn’t day trade often because he believes his trading approach is best suited to swing trades rather than pattern day traders with complicated trading strategies.

Even if your account balance is only $2,000, you can use his swing trading strategies. It does not matter how little money you have because he says that the lower your target is per trade, the smaller the size of trades you will need.

As a beginner, you need to take the time to go through all of the trading courses and in-depth learning material that is available. You need to have patience and ambition to start trading with a paper trading simulator.

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Is Jason Bond Picks Worth The Investment?

The main point that makes Jason Bond Picks stand out from the crowd is that he shares his portfolio with subscribers. He reveals how much money he’s making and how he’s doing it. This also has a history of making money. Jason’s picks are based on his analysis of the charts and high-volume trades.

Though Jason Bond Picks is one of the best stock-picking services, trading with real money will not provide identical trades as those of other traders.

Though good information could be found on its site, simple strategies for picking and trading stocks need to be created to produce no fraudulent behavior.


Jason Bond Picks is a great stock trading program, and if you can lay your hands on it, you will learn all sorts of things that are not found online. However, the program requires dedication from its users, as it isn’t an easy way to make money quickly. The fact is if you watch all the videos and go to the chat room, then in a couple of months, you will know how to do it yourself.

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