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Mary Meeker, a venture capitalist, is one of the most influential figures in technology investment. Be an illustration, and Meeker was referred to be the “Queen of the Internet” in a 2018 story in the prestigious New York Times. Meeker is known for her ability to make astute investments in tech startups, including Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Instacart, Square, Airbnb, and Spotify, that would later generate enormous returns.

Meeker, regarded as one of the world’s top venture capitalists, is frequently listed on the Forbes “Midas List,” an annual listing of the most significant venture capital investors. She also received the #84 ranking on Forbes’ annual list of the World’s Most Powerful Women in 2021.

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Undoubtedly one of the top venture capitalist investors in the world, Mary Meeker has an impressive track record. Not to mention her tremendous influence in the field of technology investing. Every year, Meeker’s eagerly awaited Internet Trends Report makes headlines and is regarded as a bible for Internet investors.

At Sophisticated Investor, we sought to find Mary Meeker’s net worth in light of her undeniable influence and outstanding accomplishment as a venture capitalist. People have been speculating about Meeker’s wealth for years because of her history of placing wagers that resulted in enormous profits. We’ve put out a profile of Meeker below using all the data that is publicly available and estimations.

But it’s essential to remember that these are just estimations, so they might not accurately reflect Meeker’s net worth. However, every publicly available estimate has a source, and thus this indicates a range of her fortune.

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What is Mary Meeker’s Net Worth?

Mary Meeker’s net worth is estimated to be over $250 million. This sum was mentioned as her “real-time net worth” in a recent Forbes profile. Thus it is most likely accurate.

Canva and Plaid, two of her portfolio firms, were valued at $40 billion and $13.5 billion, respectively, just in 2021.

Mary Meeker Biography

In Portland, Indiana, Mary Meeker was born in September 1959. Meeker received her MBA from Cornell University after earning a psychology degree from DePauw University. In 2000, DePauw University awarded her an honorary doctorate.

Meeker worked as a financial analyst on Wall Street after graduating from college. Over the years, she worked for several prestigious companies, including Saloman Brothers, Cowen, and Morgan Stanley. Meeker co-authored what would become known as her yearly Internet Trends Report in 1996, while Morgan Stanley still employed her.

Even during this time, she was praised almost universally for her exceptional prescience in spotting internet and technological developments. Fortune listed Meeker among “the smartest people in tech” in 2010.

Meeker led roughly two dozen investments while working as a venture capital powerhouse Kleiner Perkins partner from 2010 until 2019, including those with Slack, Houzz, Instacart, Square, Airbnb, and Spotify.

Meeker quit Kleiner Perkins in 2018 to create Bond Financing, her venture financing company. Canva and Plaid, two of her portfolio firms, were valued at $40 billion and $13.5 billion, respectively, in 2021.

How Did Mary Meeker Build Her Wealth?

Mary Meeker amassed her wealth by placing wise bets on tech businesses that would later yield huge profits. She is a well-known venture capitalist in the internet sector and has invested in companies like Spotify, Slack, Houzz, Instacart, Square, and Airbnb.

Additionally, Meeker made an early investment in Twitter and Facebook.

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How is Mary Meeker’s Net Worth Calculated?

In essence, Mary Meeker’s net worth is determined by deducting her obligations from her assets. She has facilitated investment arrangements for some of the most well-known digital companies throughout her distinguished career as one of history’s best-performing venture capital investors.

Who Else Invests Like Mary Meeker?

Different investors have different styles. Check out these investor profiles to compare other investors like Mary Meeker:

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Want to Invest Like Mary Meeker?

It is safe to assume that Mary Meeker has a flair for predicting the next big thing in technology and online. Therefore, the average investor may have a smaller net worth than Meeker’s. However, a diversification-focused investment approach can help you grow your retirement fund.

A wise investment strategy involves a diverse portfolio incorporating alternative investments like precious metals and cryptocurrency. Self-directed IRAs are a great way to get exposure to both assets. To learn more about these retirement account types, check out our reviews of the Top 5 Crypto IRA firms and Precious Metals IRA providers.

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Pros and Cons Mary Meeker’s Net Worth


  • A venture capitalist with a strong reputation and a proven track record
  • An early backer of numerous tech firms, including Uber, Airbnb, and Slack
  • She is known as the “Queen of the Internet” for her proficiency and accomplishments in investing


  • Some of her investments, including Groupon and Square, have yet to perform.
  • Her profitable ventures frequently depend on chance or close friendships rather than making decisions based on solid data.

Final Thought – Mary Meeker Net Worth

Mary Meeker’s wealth is a credit to her astute investing, willingness to take calculated risks, and aptitude for spotting profitable businesses before they become well-known. She has undoubtedly earned her reputation as one of the world’s best venture capitalists thanks to many accomplishments. Despite her setbacks, she is still a great addition to any portfolio due to her ability to spot opportunities.

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