Denmark Frederik VIII Gold 20 Kroners

Denmark Frederik VIII Gold 20 Kroners

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The Denmark Frederik VIII Gold 20 Kroner is a beautiful and rare coin produced during King Frederik VII’s reign. At only about 1/2 inch in diameter, these coins are one of Denmark’s smallest gold series. The obverse depicts the Danish Coat of Arms with a crown above it and the date at the bottom right. The reverse features an image of Queen Margrethe II, Denmark’s current monarch.

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The Denmark Gold Kroner Coin

Denmark Frederik VIII Gold 20 Kroners are an example of Danish royal gold. While they only slightly differ in size from British Sovereigns, the rarity since their printing is much less makes them quite collectible for many coin collectors. They are a highly sought-after investment and offer the most potential for gains. The elegant designs, intricacies of every detail on each coin make them an amazing addition to any portfolio.

Denmark Frederik VIII Gold 20 Kroners History and Background

Denmark’s Frederik VIII Gold 20 Kroners feature the Danish monarch who ruled from 1908 through 1912. King Frederick proved to be a relative of many other contemporary European kings and queens, either by bloodline or marriage. The king comes from the Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksberg family that has produced various royals across Europe for centuries.

The family has a history that dates back to the 800s and is longer than Queen Elizabeth’s. The impressive lineage can be traced back to Hardegon, who conquered this part of Scandinavia in that time period but had been lost for centuries until recently when historians rediscovered it.

The Danish 20 Kroner remains among the most beautiful and historic of pre-1933 gold coins from Europe. The Krone was first minted in the 1500s. Still, thanks to Scandinavia’s Coin Union that took place in 1875 after paper currency crises plagued different countries for centuries, it is now considered a fixed standard with Denmark and Norway.

In the year 1814, Denmark experienced outbreaks of public rioting and nearly collapsed under an inflationary spiral. This resulted from people burning their banknotes in protest against taxation without representation from 1728 to 1814 because any government agency or person did not represent them during this time period.

As such, thanks to currency union and issuance of gold coins starting after the 1800s until 1919, fiscal discipline forced Scandinavian monarchs to become stricter with fixed exchange rates. This still exists today due to its success rate through these years leading up to the 19th century where Scandinavia walked away from the system when World War I started shortly before the 1920-21 global economic crisis.

A few years after Frederik VIII became king, his son Christian X took over. This prince continued to issue these beautiful gold coins with the stamp of the Danish Royal mint. The Denmark Frederik VIII Gold 20 Kroners issued from 1908 through 1912 with a total mintage of 1,175,000 pieces. King Christian X continued to issue gold coins from 1913 to 1917 with an additional 3,668,000 pieces. This means that the total number of coins minted is 4,843,000. The French 20 Franc Angels were made in greater numbers than the British Gold Sovereigns. Over 100 million of them were made, but only a billion of the British ones.

This type of gold is different from regular bullion gold. The coins are collectible, so they don’t have to go through the same government reporting for brokers. They also have less supply than other types of gold, which means that there is more demand for them, and they will be more expensive than regular bullion gold.

Denmark Frederik VIII Gold 20 Kroners Physical Feature

Coin Design

The obverse is the name used to specify the front side of coins. Denmark Frederik VIII Gold 20 Kroners appropriately attribute a portrait of King Frederik VIII on their obverses, with his son’s subsequent coin displaying busts instead. Along the rim in a semicircle, phrases “Frederik VIII,” “Danmarks,” and “Konge” are displayed along one edge for easy reading.

Collectors often neglect the reverse side of coins, but it should not be overlooked because the designs are actually quite intricate. For example, Danish 20 Kroner coin has a shield and crown on its back that can only be seen when light reflects off of the front-side design onto these tiny engraved details.


Denmark had a coin called “Denmark Frederik VIII Gold 20 Kroners” that was a one-fourth ounce of gold and with the 20 Kroner value. There is also the Gold 10 Kroners face value coin, which is smaller than 20 Kroner. The specifications for the 20 Kroner coin are as follows:

  • Mass: 8.06 grams
  • Diameter: 23 mm
  • Thickness: 1.6 mm
  • Gold Content: 0.2592 troy oz
  • Purity: 90.0% gold fineness

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Denmark Frederik VIII Gold 20 Kroners Pricing

Denmark Frederik VIII Gold 20 Kroners are a legal form of currency. Their face value of 20 Danish Kroner is less than the intrinsic gold value, which ranges from $200-300 or more. These world spot prices are what contribute most to its worth, and there is a significant premium for rarity in addition to this historical collector’s appeal because of the historical significance that goes with it.

The price of coins in this market matters for the value of a coin collection and investing. The market value of gold is always fluctuating, and this important global commodity trades six days per week thanks to the international markets in London, Zurich, Hong Kong, New York City. The continuous updating ensures that prices are available every day except Saturday.

Can IRA Accounts Accommodate Denmark Frederik VIII Gold 20 Kroners?

The Gold 20 Kroners are just rare enough to make you wonder if the IRS will let you put them in your precious metals IRA. They are the ones who decide which coins are included. The IRS uses a two-tiered main strategy for regulating which coins they will accept. This includes requiring a gold purity level of 99.5% also a low collector’s premium on top of spot gold prices.

To open up this account, you will need to put at least $5,000 worth of gold into it or a combination of gold and other precious metals. After this point, additional purchases must be at least $1,000. If you already have an IRA, it is easy to transfer your money. You need to tell the person who manages it that you want them to put the money in a new self-directed IRA.

The verdict on these gold coins is that they are 90% gold. Besides that, they have a collector’s premium because of how rare they are compared to other bullion gold coins. While you can’t store Danish gold in your IRA account, they still make an outstanding selection for those particular investors and collectors who value their financial privacy. You can purchase them from world gold bullion shops or websites around the globe since Europe is one place that has a rich history with such coins.

Buying Denmark 20 Kroner Gold Coins

Denmark’s 20 kroner gold coins are different from British gold sovereigns because they are slightly larger and rarer but still a good addition to a collection of European gold coins.

The Danish gold coins were made from 1873 to 1917. They feature three different rulers of Denmark: Christian IX, Frederik VIII, and Christian X. Although production resumed in 1926-1931, no coins were released into circulation for the years 1927- 1930.

Decimal System Gold

Denmark gold kroner replaced the ore as the basic unit of Danish coinage in 1873 when they switched to a decimal system. In the latest system, 100 ore was equal to one Krone. Gold coins were minted in values of 10 and 20 kroner. In the same year, Sweden also changed its gold coinage. They made a 20 kronor coin that looks like the Danish 20 kroner.

The Danish 20 kroner gold coins are a good investment. They offer all the benefits of bullion, but they are also rare.

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Denmark’s 20 kroner gold coin is one of the most desired amongst collectors. It was only issued from 1873 to 1914, a period marked by peace and prosperity in Denmark with stable prices for four decades.

Denmark coinage was the heart of the Scandinavian Currency Union, an almost perfect monetary system. This is why Denmark Gold Frederik VIII 20 Kroners are an excellent choice for history enthusiasts’ collections.

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