Prudential Financial Retirement

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Prudential Financial Retirement

In order to have a successful future, it is imperative that you plan for retirement. With Prudential Financial Retirement help in mind- whether as an individual or institution – there are many ways your finances can be improved! So, let’s look at what retirement means to you and your financial situation.

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Prudential Supplemental Retirement Plan

The Prudent Insurance Company of America established the Prudential Supplemental Retirement Plan in 1996 to provide unfunded supplemental retirement benefits for eligible employees who have contributing jobs with eligible employers. They have over 15 years of experience in providing these supplemental benefits and have the expertise needed to ensure that your supplemental benefit is handled correctly. The Prudential Supplemental Retirement Plan (SSRP) is for those who qualify to receive supplemental benefits to the extent that their Social Security benefits are not enough to cover their living expenses.

Supplemental Benefits

✅   Eligibility 

The SSRP is for employees covered by group life, health, or accidental death and dismemberment insurance plan in which the same employer has employed the same employer for at least 10 years. 

✅   Amount 

The benefits of the amount depending on your employer’s amount of coverage. The Prudential supplemental retirement benefit is a fraction of the amount you would receive from Social Security (the Base Amount) for a given age and year and is based on that Base Amount. The benefit is a fraction of your base amount based on your age and year, and the fraction is multiplied by your Base Amount.

Special Early Retirement Benefits

✅  Eligibility

Under special early retirement conditions, the Prudential Supplemental Retirement Plan is provided as an additional benefit in the event you retire before reaching retirement age and are eligible for Social Security and are not eligible for an annuity or deferred annuity under the regular retirement plan.

✅  Amount

The Prudential supplemental retirement benefit for special early retirement conditions is an additional benefit of 1/2 of your regular benefit, or $18,000.00 for the year. This benefit is payable for up to 7 years. You continue to receive this benefit for up to the full seven years, at which time it reverts to regular retirement benefits. The payment may be made directly to you or your beneficiary.

Dual Benefits

✅  Applicable Provisions 

The Prudential supplemental retirement benefit plan provides a benefit where you must participate in the regular retirement plan and the Prudential supplemental retirement plan. 

✅  Application of Qualified Plan Limitation to Dual Benefits 

If you have dual benefits under the Prudential supplemental retirement plan and the regular retirement plan, you cannot obtain more than $35,000.00 in benefits under both plans.

Payment Of Benefits

✅  Time and Form of Distributions 

The Prudential supplemental retirement benefit is payable monthly or annually regularly. The payment of benefits will be made for the life of the beneficiary. 

✅  Accumulation and Payment of Annuity Payments 

If you elect to receive annuity payments,  make sure you receive your payments throughout life, unless both agree on an alternative arrangement. If you wish to receive your payment in a lump sum, you can receive the annuity payments in a lump sum or may take the payments in a series of monthly payments.

✅   No Change in Status 

If your retirement is caused by involuntary separation or if your employment is terminated, your supplemental benefit is unaffected. If your employment is terminated for some reason, you will receive regular retirement benefits from Prudential. 

✅  Special Transition Elections 

If you are eligible to receive an annuity payment, you may have the option of a special transition election. This option may be available if your supplemental benefit is subject to a “payable at any time” election. Whenever you are not satisfied with the level of your supplemental benefit, you may request and be granted a chance to elect a payable at any time benefit. 

✅   Annuity Form of Payment 

If you elect to receive an annuity, the payment of benefits will be through a variable annuity with Prudential. The variable annuity will provide the payment of annuity benefits based on a formula outlined in the contract. 

✅   Pension Make-Up Payments 

If you die before collecting your benefit, your benefit will be paid throughout your spouse’s life. If your spouse dies before receiving benefit payments, your dependent children will receive benefit payments. Your dependents will not be eligible for benefits if you do not have any when you die.


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Administration of the Plan

✅  General Powers of Administration 

The Prudential supplemental retirement plan is administered by Prudential and is regulated by the IRS. Prudential protects your benefits. Prudential has the sole right to determine how you will pay your benefits. Prudential has the right to make any distribution necessary by providing you with a written distribution request. The written distribution request will provide the amount and how will pay the amount. 

✅  Claims Procedure 

The Prudential supplemental retirement plan has a claims procedure. The claims procedure is initiated by you or other persons having a claim for benefits. You or the persons responsible for the claim must submit a claim to Prudential. The claim must be made in writing. Your claim must be complete and include all the information necessary for Prudential to determine and pay benefits. 

✅  Indemnification 

Prudential is indemnified by its agents and their beneficiaries. However, Prudential’s total liability for the claim or payments (including the amount of any benefit, tax, or other charges to which it is entitled and payment of the proceeds of any settlement) shall not exceed and over the face amount of the certificate or contract or $50,000.00, whichever is less. 


Amendment and Termination

Amendment to the Plan This plan may be amended by Prudential. Prudential may terminate your participation in the plan by providing you with written notice. The notice must be sent at least 60 days before the effective date of the termination. Termination of the Plan This plan may be terminated at any time by Prudential.

Prudential may terminate your participation in the plan at any time. Prudential may terminate your participation in the plan if:

1. You fail to pay any premium due under this plan
2. You fail to file a form as required by Prudential
3. You fail to report an accidental death or any retirement claim
4. You change your address without notifying Prudential, or
5. Prudential determines that you are not qualified for the plan.


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Final Thought – Prudential Financial Retirement

This Prudential Financial Retirement is offered to you in connection with the purchase of the Prudential Stock Fund. The terms and conditions of this plan are outlined in the certificate of participation. Your rights under this plan are described in the “Plan Document.” The “Plan Document” is a part of your certificate of participation.



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