Barbara Corcoran Net Worth

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With millions of admirers worldwide, Barbara Corcoran is a highly sought-after businesswoman. She started The Corcoran Group, one of New York’s finest real estate brokerages, and has been involved in real estate since the 1970s.

She also appears as one of the “sharks” on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” where viewers are inspired by her quick wit and audacity. We have compiled publicly accessible data on her assets, liabilities, and investments to answer the frequently asked question of her net worth.

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What is Barbara Corcoran’s Net Worth?

Barbara Corcoran’s net worth is reportedly about $100 million, and this sum represents all of Corcoran’s wealth’s publicly accessible records. This amount has been confirmed by Yahoo! Finance and the South China Morning Post, the latter of which is one of Hong Kong’s most well-known magazines.

Barbara Corcoran Biography

On March 10, 1949, Barbara Corcoran was born into a big family of ten children in Edgewater, New Jersey. Her turbulent upbringing most likely influenced her work ethic and competitive spirit. At 22, Corcoran earned a degree in education from St. Thomas Aquinas College after struggling with dyslexia and failing specific courses.

She began working as a waiter before beginning her career in New York City as a receptionist for a real estate firm. The Corcoran Report, a publication regarding New York real estate statistics in the middle of the 1970s, was how Corcoran succeeded. After splitting with her business partner/boyfriend, she founded The Corcoran Group, a real estate agency headquartered in Manhattan.

Her popularity soared thanks to popular television programs like ABC’s Shark Tank and Dancing with the Stars, followed by several best-selling books that increased her prominence and riches. In 2001, Corcoran sold The Corcoran Group to National Realty Trust LLC (NRT) for $66 million.

How Did Barbara Corcoran Build Her Wealth?

Barbara Corcoran has amassed immense riches through her tenacity, tenacity, and wise investments. She initially amassed wealth by selling her real estate agency. Still, she has subsequently doubled it by diversifying into various revenue streams, including book deals, TV deals, real estate investments, and venture capital portfolios.

The popularity of her best-selling books has had the most significant impact on her net worth overall. She has undoubtedly contributed to her wealth with her three published books If You Don’t Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons On Your Pigtails: and Other Lessons I Learned From My Mom (2003, Penguin Books), Nextville: Amazing Places to Live Your Life (2008, Springboard Press), andShark Tales: How I Built a $1,000 Business into a $1 Billion Enterprise (2011, SPortfolio Trade).

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How is Barbara Corcoran’s Net Worth Calculated?

The difference between Barbara Corcoran’s assets and liabilities is the sum of her net worth. The sale of The Corcoran Group, the properties she owns that are known to the public, and the investments she has made personally and on Shark Tank helped us estimate the value of her possessions.

She owns a sizable real estate portfolio, including a penthouse suite on Fifth Avenue and a 2,7000-square-foot apartment building on Park Avenue. This method has significantly improved her financial situation thanks to the remarkable rise in Manhattan real estate values. The average price per square foot in 1997 was $328; in 2017, it was $1,775 per square foot.

Who Else Invests Like Barbara Corcoran?

Every investor employs a different strategy. Check out these investor profiles to learn more about Barbara Corcoran’s methods and those of other well-known investors:

  • Robert Herjavec
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Want to Invest Like Barbara Corcoran?

Playing it safe didn’t help Barbara Corcoran accumulate her money. Instead, her audacity, calculated risks, and investment diversification allowed her to go from having nothing to becoming extremely wealthy.

The secret to being wealthy is unknown; however, you can adhere to some common sense rules to achieve success more quickly. First, diversifying your portfolio is essential to avoid significant losses during economic downturns.

Fortunately, diversifying into low-risk assets through tax-advantaged retirement accounts allows you to safeguard your capital over the long run. If interested, check out our reviews of the top gold IRA providers or the top Bitcoin IRA firms. These businesses provide affordable solutions that can assist you in preserving your wealth throughout your lifetime.

Pros and Cons Barbara Corcoran’s Net Worth


  • Shows the value of being bold and taking measured risks.
  • Earned through lowering risk, boosting return on investment, and diversified investments
    demonstrates how, with careful management, modest steps may lead to significant outcomes.


  • A lot of effort, commitment, and dedication are needed to acquire wealth in this method.
  • Success is not a given for everyone because it greatly depends on personal choices and tactics.
  • It is only practical for individuals with the required capital or expertise to invest.

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Final Thought – Barbara Corcoran’s Net Worth

The wealth of Barbara Corcoran acts as motivation for everyone aspiring to achieve financial success. While riches can be attained through controlled risks and wise investments, success is not assured and needs much hard work and effort. Anyone can follow in her footsteps and attain financial freedom with the appropriate advice.

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