Johnson Matthey Silver Bar

Johnson Matthey Silver Bar

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Johnson Matthey is a British conglomerate that was founded in 1817 and has since been involved in precious metal production. Johnson Matthey Silver Bars are one of the most recognizable silver bullion products on the market today, with Johnson Matthey being one of the most trusted names in silver production. Johnson Matthey Silver Bars come in various sizes, from 1 gram to 10 ounces, making them perfect for individual investors and larger institutions alike.

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Development, Introduction, and History

Johnson Matthey opened their doors in 1817 but didn’t become a major part of the precious metals scene until 1946. Then they made an agreement with the British government to make all silver coins for them. Johnson Matthey bullion has been known for its quality and variety ever since.

Though they also produce Gold Bars, Johnson Matthey is better known for their silver products. The JM brand is well-known for the authenticity of its silver products. The variety in size and multiple minting locations makes each piece unique, which adds to its already high credibility among buyers.

In the 1800s, Johnson Matthey silver bars were produced at various refineries in Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. These different mints produced all manner of weight denominations, designs, and levels of refinement in their products.

Struck silver bars, made by pouring molten metal into molds and then stamping the mold with a die to produce uniform shapes, have not been manufactured since they last released new products in the late 1980s.

Johnson Matthey Silver Bar Physical Characteristics

Bar Design

Variety is what sets Johnson Matthey bars apart from any other. Most are designed with a fairly plain pattern, but some have unique and attractive designs for all kinds of special occasions.

In contrast to the expensive, intricate minting process used for other forms of gold bullion, Johnson Matthey gold bars are often simplistic. However, oddly enough, the design of the bars isn’t uniform at all. Depending on your standards for a polishing look and feel, you can find more showy designs out there.

Perhaps the identifiable Johnson Matthey bar is the flat 1 oz bar. Minted in a rectangular shape, this front (“obverse”) side of the bar carries initials “JM” next to their logo containing two crossed hammers. The full name ‘JOHNSON MATTHEY ASSAYERS & REFINERS’ reads underneath that, followed by silver fineness ‘FINE SILVER 999.’ After weight (‘1 OUNCE TROY’), some bars carry unique serial numbers though not all do.

Johnson Matthey does not mint or manufacture gold or silver bars but instead “casts” ingots.


Too many variations of Johnson Matthey Silver Bars exist to cover them here efficiently. A website may contain a variety of products. It can be hard to know if the product is authentic because there are many different types of products.

Aside from weight and shape, all of Johnson Matthey’s silver bars are .9999 (99.99% pure).

Types of Silver Bars Produced

Johnson Matthey’s refinery makes two kinds of bullion bars, Cast and Minted Bars.

Cast Bullion Bars – are created by pouring precious molten metal directly into a mold. They can have an uneven surface and some small pits or grooves around the edges and company markings that look sunken in from being stamped on with tools like hammers or presses.

Minted Bullion Bars – come from cast bars that are rolled into uniform thicknesses, so they all weigh and measure out evenly when cut by dies. All surfaces will be smooth because this process is done using high-pressure presses, which engrave company marks onto these beautiful pieces of gold or silver.

Johnson Matthey Silver Bar Benefits

Johnson Matthey is a trusted brand that produces some of the world’s most valuable silver bars. Beyond its technical benefits, often overlooked are the many financial advantages to owning this precious metal, such as diversifying your portfolio and hedging against inflation.

Companies traded on the stock market may be here today and gone tomorrow, but silver is a hard commodity that will never disappear. If you are anxious about your paper assets in your retirement portfolio, it may be time to consider some gold or silver.

For this reason, some people see silver as a good hedge against inflation. As the U.S.’s national debt continues to grow and more money is printed, it’s clear that our currency will continue to lose its value over time – which makes investing in silver all the more worthwhile.

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Johnson Matthey Silver Bar Pricing

These silver bars are not used as legal tender and therefore carry no transactional value. Still, they contain certain advantages over silver coins as an investment opportunity in physical silver because there is less risk involved when shipping them around the world than with bullion coins due to their size and weight.

Silver bars are an outstanding way to invest in silver. The mintage of bullion bars can be much lower than the minting cost of coins, which means that market price tends to stay close to spot prices for silver. With these savings on production and shipping costs, you will have a valuable asset and save money while doing so.

The market price is used to evaluate the worth of an investment portfolio. Since silver prices shift daily, the value of Johnson Matthey Silver Bars will also fluctuate on a day-to-day basis.

Johnson Matthey bars are the go-to for cost-conscious investors. The low prime costs of most Johnson Matthey bars result in their silver bars carrying some of the lowest premiums over spot price in the bullion market.

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Investing in Johnson Matthey Silver Bars Through an IRA

The IRS allows people with Individual Retirement Accounts to invest in precious metal bullion. You can do this if you meet the specific requirements. Often referred to as a “precious metals IRA,” these accounts are self-directed, and only approved bars and coins can be included.

These silver bars can be a part of a precious metals IRA. The price of silver is much lower than the price of gold. Silver might be a good alternative for someone who wants to buy precious metals because it can be less expensive.

Johnson Matthey Silver Bar meets Internal Revenue Code section 408(b) ‘s requirements for minimum purity. To invest in an IRA, you must have a minimum of $5,000 to start. Each time you make a purchase, it needs to be at least $1,000.

When you purchase Johnson Matthey Silver Bars (or any precious metals designated for an IRA), the IRS requires that such metal be held in a qualifying “depository.” The depository is responsible for the safekeeping and security of the precious metals.

Those who have an existing IRA and are looking for a way to add precious metals, such as silver or gold, can either transfer funds from their current account to a precious metal IRA or roll over the assets into a new IRA.

Johnson Matthey bars are one of the most liquid assets in the precious metals market, with dealers across the world able to buy and sell these bars. Such organizations recognize their bars as COMEX, LMBA, and APMEX. It’s recommended that you buy directly from reputable sellers or on Johnson Matthey’s website when possible to avoid buying any fake silver bars.

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If you’re looking for a way to diversify your precious metal investments, Johnson Matthey Silver Bars are an excellent choice. Their minimalist design ensures that the focus remains on the pure silver inside. That said, it is essential to consider that these bars have been known to fluctuate in value due to market conditions and other factors which may affect their worth at any given time.

To ensure you get the best price possible when investing in this bar of pure silver, be sure to compare prices with reputable dealers before making your purchase to not overpay or underpay by too much!

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