Weekly Money Multiplier Review

Weekly Money Multiplier

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Weekly Money Multiplier is an investment strategy from our friends at WeeklyMoneyMultiplier.com that invests your money in safe stocks and bonds but also has the potential to multiply it by up to 10 times! The article reviews the latest strategies for saving more money and making better financial decisions.

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One of the most successful ways to upgrade and improve your investments is with real-time trading alerts. Weekly Money Multiplier is a service that provides these alerts and education to help you make even better decisions. Nathan Bear, the head trader at Weekly Money Multiplier, shares his account with all of their subscribers to see all of the positions in the portfolio.

Who is Nathan Bear?

Nathan joined the Weekly Money Multiplier team in 2018. He helped to grow this service significantly by doing it with more people. Nathan won Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap and turned 30k into a few million before joining the Weekly Money Multiplier team.

His trading style is easy to understand. Users can see what he is doing by looking at the screen share of his trades in the user dashboard. If they want, they can get alerts from him on their phone, email, or SMS messages.

Nathan trades high volumes of options. He likes to trade based on the TPS setup, which means that he trades when a trend is happening, and he makes sure that there is a pattern and then squeezes it. Sometimes Nathan has six or eight positions in his Weekly Money Multiplier account. This is an example of a good option contract.

You need to know the price you need to buy it for, the last price, and your open P/L. The portfolio changes as fast as possible when you click on a box. Nathan talks about his trades and settings all the time. If you want to follow what he is doing, listen to him or look at his charts.

What’s Included with the Service?

Exclusive Portfolio Updates

If you desire to get a head start, it’s important that you get off to a good start. This will help you avoid putting your money at risk. Fortunately, Nathan will give you an inside look at his portfolio. They send you exclusive updates about our stocks so that you can make money from them. You will make more than other traders who don’t have this information, and it will help you get ahead.

People who are starting in the stock market need to do this first. The decision you make now will affect how much money you make in the future. Nathan has a portfolio that you can copy from, which is not common for most people. These updates will make it hard to lose money, and they will help you make more money. You can learn from the pros, so you will be better off than other beginners who want success as a stock trader.

Options Trading Resources for Novices

This resource will help you get started. They will show you how stock option trading works. There are over 21 lessons and 30 hours of video material. Opposite to what people may think, it’s not true that you can learn everything overnight. Please remember that this is not a quick way to make money. This business takes time, patience, and work.

The trading resources will tell you how to pick winning trades. Trading can be hard. Sometimes you will lose money. But do not worry; they will teach you how to break off from losing trades without losing too much money in your trading account.

Nathan Bear’s Video Library

This course will give you a place to learn about trading. You will learn all the available training resources. People who take this course can watch videos of a master trader trade stocks. You will learn about the Fibonacci trading technique. It has helped many people who are new to trading get started. The library also has videos about trading psychology.

After you look at them, you won’t be afraid to be aggressive with your trades. You need to learn how to use Finiz. Watch the video about it carefully. It will help you with the platform and make things easier for you. This will help you when you are looking through the market to find profitable trades.

You will get access to a video about Fibonacci trading techniques that were made by Nathan Bear. The video is high-quality, and it teaches you something new. This technique is good for beginners. It helps them start trading stocks easily. There are trading psychology videos that teach you how to make bold moves in the market.

This will help you have more success in the stock market. Another video that you should watch is called ‘Scanning with Finiz.’ This will help you learn how to use the platform. After watching this video, you can find profitable trades in the market more easily.

Live Trade Alerts

You will get a text message or email with a live trading opportunity. You can tell if it is worth taking the trade by looking for these alerts. Nathan Bear gets the same notifications, so you know they’re good ones. When you sign up for these alerts, they will be sent to your email or phone. These alerts will point out when trading opportunities are good. The same alerts are delivered to Nathan Bear too.

When you want to get alerts, they will come in two ways: by email or by text message. Using your phone, download the app that will show these alerts on your phone.

Live Training Sessions

You will receive invitations to special training sessions. They are led by Nathan, and they will help you become confident in trading options. The sessions occur throughout the year.

Risk Management and Avoidance

Nathan teaches you about trading. He shows you how to do it and how not to take risks. Nathan tells you what will help you be safe and not lose any money.

Chat Room

Participants of this platform have access to many resources, including a chat room where they can make connections with others in the trade.

Time Frames

In this lesson, Nathan drills in on a set of principles that he uses every day to make his entries and exits in the markets. You realize that the higher the time frame, the holding period will be longer-term. For example, if you are using a day trading strategy, your holding period is just one day.

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How You Can Benefit from the Program

This program can be helpful for you if you are trying to do something in the stock market.

  • This will be for people who want to learn about stocks. There is someone here who is really good at it, and they have made instructions that are easy to follow.
  • The videos will teach you the basics of trading. When you are ready, there is another level that will teach you more about the trade than what beginners learn.
  • The live training sessions happen every day to learn new things and keep doing what you already know.
  • When you get access to Nathan’s portfolio, you can copy his moves. He has strategies that make him a good investor. His strategies rarely fail, and so they will make money for you too.
  • In the end, you will become better at avoiding and also mitigating the effects of the different risks in the market.

Pros & Cons


  • The course has advanced trading strategies. They are easy to follow.
  • You will get to see what Nathan Bear trades with his trading portfolio.
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • There are not too many complex things in the alerts. They are easy to understand and set up.
  • Access to the RagingBull network of services on a single dashboard
  • Easily accessible customer service around the clock
  • The moderator’s trading account screens are always available to see.
  • Market moving alerts can reap fast profits for the nimble.


  • The price of the course
  • Oversaturation of marketing for other RagingBull services
  • Risky trades must be managed carefully. When you do not act, you are still making a choice.


Now that you know what this program is, you are probably wondering how. Let us talk a lot about costs. It is not cheap. This may be because the program has many different features that other programs have and that does not have you won’t find in other programs. Two things will calm your nerves about pricing.

First, the developer is confident with this plan because they offer a guarantee – if you don’t like it, you get the money back. Second, there are two different packages to choose from so that you can find one that works for your budget and needs. This means that you can select a plan which will depend on your budget. The plans available are the lifetime subscription and quarterly plan.

Quarterly Subscription Plan

If the lifetime plan is too expensive, here is what you should do. In this plan, you pay $499. With the one-year plan, you will get access to the platform’s features for a period of 12 months. Once this time passes, you can renew for another year or choose a lifetime subscription. You can buy both of the plans including live training sessions, real-time trading updates, and live access to Nathan’s portfolio.

These are important things to have in trading. You will also get text and email alerts. And Nathan promises that with both plans, you will have at least 12 successful trades in the first year of your subscription. If you are not happy with what you are getting, they will give you your money back.

Lifetime Plan

We think that this offer is the best. It would only cost you $1497, which is less than the original price of $5898. You will save a lot of money by joining this plan. When you pay this fee, you get to use all the resources that come with this program. You won’t need to pay any more money after that.

Who is Weekly Money Multiplier for?

This site only makes bets that are risky. They make money by selling things that people need for trading stocks. This means that there are more big rewards if you win, but there is also more chance of losing your money and everything. If you know how to trade, then this site might be good for trading with these alerts. The site has a good organization that is likely to appeal to new people who want to build their skills.

As a newbie, you need high levels of patience and discipline to get good results with this system. Options trading is volatile, and winning positions can change from green to red quickly. If you hold them overnight, the risk may rise even more.

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Is Weekly Money Multiplier Worth It?

In fact, the Weekly Money Multiplier is the best options trading service that has been reviewed so far. During summer 2020, he alerted 67 100%+ winners and even one 1,097%+ winner during 66 days of trading by trading simple options strategies with high-liquid large-cap stocks.

The Weekly Money Multiplier is a program that teaches people about options trading. It teaches you how to trade in a way that is easy to understand for anybody. There are no guarantees when trading, but this method comes the closest.

So unless you don’t want to make money, this program is for you. Suppose you are Jeff Bishop’s student and learn about the methods he uses to make money. Bishop is a very successful man. He has taught people how to be successful, and some of those people have become successful, too.


Most people who start trading lose their investment. You need to understand how to trade in order for it to be a success, and this program helps you with that.

Nathan, who was a former struggling trader, created this program with the help of others to overcome his shortcomings. If you have enough money, it might be worth joining this program.

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