Jim Cramer Net Worth

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Jim Cramer is a hedge fund manager, author, and entrepreneur best known for hosting CNBC’s Mad Money. He is one of the founders of the stock market website The Street and has appeared on numerous TV shows.

The well-known TV analyst holds a law degree and launched the Action Alerts PLUS fund, which is active in philanthropy. This fund purchases equities intending to give dividends or earnings to charity. His riches are partly a result of his long history of stock market investing.

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Publicly accessible information was gathered to estimate Jim Cramer’s net worth that, most likely represents it accurately. Estimates, while not necessarily conclusive, aid in accurately portraying his wealth.

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What is Jim Cramer Net Worth?

According to estimates, Jim Cramer is worth $110 million. He founded TheStreet, has hosted Mad Money on CNBC since March 2005, and was a successful hedge fund manager for some time from 1987 and 2000.

Cramer was the second-largest shareholder when TheStreet.com, a website for stock investing, was sold to Maven Inc. in 2019 for $16.5 million in cash. His TV hosting earns him about $500,000 a year, and his books, like Jim Cramer’s Real Money, have been well-received. Considering everything, this sum is a reliable estimate of his net worth.

Jim Cramer Biography

Cramer was born in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, on February 10, 1955. Even as a young child, he showed an entrepreneurial sense by selling ice cream at Philadelphia Phillies games. He worked as a reporter for the Tallahassee Democrat and Los Angeles Herald Examiner following his 1977 graduation from Harvard with a degree in government and while serving as editor-in-chief of The Harvard Crimson. He later returned to school and graduated from Harvard Law School in 1984 with a doctorate in law.

When Cramer’s first client and Harvard Law faculty member Martin Peretz handed him $500,000 to invest in the stock market, it helped launch his career and reflect his passion for stock market investment. Due to his achievement, he was able to work as a stockbroker for Goldman Sachs before starting his hedge fund, Cramer & Co., in 1987. By 1997, this fund had grown to oversee assets worth $250 million from 70 clients.

He and Peretz created TheStreet.com in 1996, an online resource for stock market information and financial guidance. Cramer reportedly made over $10 million annually when he quit the hedge firm in 2000.


Cramer Personal Life


Cramer wed Lisa Detwiler, a real estate broker, as his second spouse in 2015. He previously wed Karen Backfisch, and they have two kids. In 2009, after she had worked at a hedge fund, he and Backfisch got divorced.

Cramer frequently thanks Backfisch for helping him succeed in-stock selection. Backfisch allegedly prevented the fund from failing by persuading Cramer to sell positions before the selloff started in 1987 when he founded his hedge fund and the stock markets experienced the “Black Monday” catastrophe.

How Did Jim Cramer Build His Wealth?

Cramer started hosting the nationally syndicated radio program Jim Cramer’s Real Money in 2001. Following this achievement, he made his television debut on Mad Money in 2005, which was well-received because he delivered his observations positively. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, NBC Nightly News, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart all had him as a guest.

Cramer, well-known for his upbeat demeanor on Mad Money and sometimes spotted around the studio with his shirt sleeves turned up, employed props to simplify complex ideas. Unfortunately, when the full scope of the financial crisis was revealed in 2009, he and other stock analysts faced harsh criticism for failing to alert the public to an oncoming recession.

CNBC introduced Squawk on the Street in December 2005. It originally aired for one hour, but due to its popularity, it was expanded to two hours. Crammer joined as a co-anchor for this first hour, which airs from 9 to 11 am ET.

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How is Jim Cramer Net Worth Calculated?

When Cramer managed $250 million of the fund’s assets from its founding until 2000, Cramer & Co. consistently outperformed the S&P 500. With an average return of 15%, Cramer & Co. would have earned $7.5 million in profit-sharing fees and $5 million in management fees under a typical hedge fund fee structure of 20/2. On average, they made $12.5 million a year from this, with Cramer taking home a substantial portion as a key shareholder.

His reputation increased because of the success of his CNBC programs like Mad Money; sources have his annual income at roughly $500,000. Additionally, when TheStreet was sold, he received an extra $16.5 million for his 35% ownership stake. Thanks to all of these revenue streams, Jim Cramer’s estimated net worth is above $110 million.

Investment Style

As a well-known contrarian investor, Cramer frequently profits from others’ overreactions, as when he purchased Phillip & Morris for $10 million and made a profit of over $1 million following the stock’s $10 billion loss in a single day as a result of a poor court decision.

Additionally, he made investments in small-cap stocks, with half of the money from his clients going there while the other half was used to manage up to 200 trades a day with 5 staff members.

Although Cramer’s style may appear unpredictable, it is dynamic and chameleon-like, acting following each circumstance. According to Alan Deutschman, each circumstance is carefully studied before a judgment is made, which gives Cramer great investment prowess.

Jim Cramer Views on Alternative Assets

Jim Cramer is well known for his interest in alternative investments, especially gold, and cryptocurrencies, and he has covered Bitcoin on several of his programs. He produced a three-minute video in 2021 about how to deal with Bitcoin when it hit all-time highs.

Furthermore, Cramer admitted he owns a sizable amount of gold and refers to himself as a “gold bug” in an interview with Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony Pompliano.

Who Else Invests Like Jim Cramer?

Different investors have different investing philosophies. You can review some of the investor profiles given below to compare other investors to Jim Cramer:

  • Michael Burry
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Want to Invest Like Jim Cramer?

To invest as Jim Cramer does, you must be able to spot the times when the markets are overreacting to news releases and are, therefore, an excellent time to buy companies. As Cramer acknowledged, investors frequently react emotionally to news headlines and grossly exaggerate the impact such events will have on a stock’s price.

Create a Self-Directed IRA immediately to use your investing plan and take advantage of tax-deferred gains. Additionally, holders of this particular investment account can invest in gold and cryptocurrency.

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Pros and Cons Jim Cramer Net Worth


  • It enables investors to access Cramer’s investment guidance, contributing to his extraordinary success as an investor.
  • Net worth offers a wide range of goods and services that can aid people in comprehending marketplaces and making wise financial decisions.
  • On his website, he also provides a thorough list of equities, mutual funds, and ETFs that may be utilized to diversify any portfolio.


  • Some people may find their expenses prohibitive because they must pay monthly fees or membership costs to access particular products or information.
  • If you take all of his advice, you can take on more risk than most investors would like, which could lead to losses if done incorrectly.
  • His use of colorful language and encouragement of “gut feelings” when some may perceive investing as unprofessional or lousy advice instead of rational choices based on current market information.

Final Thought – Jim Cramer Net Worth

The wealth of Jim Cramer can be advantageous and disadvantageous for investors. Investors can get beneficial knowledge that could be the secret to successful investments by utilizing his extensive goods and services, particularly his stock recommendations.

But consumers must remember that there is a risk involved in taking all of Cramer’s recommendations. They should always research before investing to ensure their portfolios are balanced and diversified.

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