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Dupont Retirement

The future of work is here, and it’s all about the benefits. DuPont Retirement has been working to preserve and enhance your earned pension healthcare benefits and other benefits for more than 50 years. So you can spend your retirement years traveling, playing golf, or just relaxing with the family.

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Dupont Retirement Savings Plan


To be eligible for the Dupont Retirement Savings Plan, you must be a DuPont employee and have worked for the company for a minimum of one year. DuPont employees who are eligible to participate in the Dupont Savings Plan include the following: 

  • Retired employees who have participated in the Plan for at least one year, 
  • Retired employees who are eligible to participate in the Plan for at least one year, 
  • Your eligible dependents 
  • Your spouse 
  • Your child under 19 years of age 
  • Your legally recognized domestic partner 
  • Your legal guardian 
  • Your legal representative 
  • Your physician 


Simply visit your local DuPont office and fill out a form to enroll. You may also complete and mail in a form if you want to enroll online. You will need to provide your social security number, birth date, and contact information. 

Employee Contributions

  • Amount of Employee Contributions 

Your employer match rate is 4%. It means that for every dollar you contribute or share to the Plan, DuPont will contribute 4 cents, up to the full 4% match. The match will not be applied to the first $10,000 you contribute to the Plan. 

  • Change in Amounts of Employee Contributions 

Your contributions to the Plan are subject to the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) annual limit on employee contributions to 401(k) plans. This limit will not change from one year to the next, and currently, this limit is $17,000 per year. 

  • Collection of After-Tax Contributions 

The Plan provides the choice of collecting after-tax contributions from your paychecks. Your after-tax contributions are calculated based on your total compensation and deducted from your gross pay before withheld taxes. If any, the additional amount that you contribute after taxes is withheld is added to your account. 

  • Voluntary Suspension of Employee Contributions 

The Plan provides for a voluntary “payout” the Plan, a process by which you can suspend your employee contributions without penalty. There are two ways to payout, and you may apply online or at any DuPont office. 

Company Contributions

  • Matching Contributions 

The Plan matches any contribution you may make to the Plan. DuPont will contribute 4% of your eligible compensation, up to the full 4% match. The match equals 100% of the first $10,000 in contributions you make and then progressively reduces to 50% of the next $10,000 in contributions. The match applies to both after-tax and pre-tax contributions. 

  • Retirement Savings Contributions 

The Plan allows you to make both after-tax and pre-tax contributions. You may also elect to withdraw your contributions at any time without penalty. However, any earnings on your contributions will be subject to taxes and a 10% early withdrawal penalty. 

Participant Loans

  • Determination of Borrowable Account Balance 

The Plan provides a determination of the borrower’s account balance each business day. You may borrow up to the amount contributed to your account to the extent that you cannot withdraw it. 

  • Amount of Loan 

You may borrow only the amount contributed to your account to the extent that you cannot withdraw it. The maximum loan value under the Plan is $50,000 (the “Maximum Loan”). The Plan provides a 10% loan origination fee and a 25 basis point transaction fee (the “Origination Fee”). The terms of the loan may be changed only with the prior written consent of the Plan fiduciaries. 

  • Interest 

Interest on your loan will accrue daily and will be compounded monthly. The interest rates applicable to your loan are determined based on your age, index level, and loan principal. Interest will be simple interest at a rate equal to the discount rate determined under the Plan. 

  • Term of Loans 

The term of your loan is one year and will commence on the date your loan is disbursed. You must either have repaid the amount borrowed plus interest or repaid the principal at the end of the term. 

  • Repayment 

You must begin making interest payments on the date your loan is disbursed and pay the principal amount by the dates specified in the loan agreement. If you default on your payments, you will be subject to a loan collection fee of 5% of the unpaid balance, and, in addition, the Plan may refer your loan to a collection agency for collection at no additional charge. 

  • Deemed Withdrawal 

 Any portion of your loan that remains in your account for 60 days or more is deemed to have been surrendered and you will be deemed to have withdrawn it without penalty.


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  • General Conditions 

Your loan will be available for withdrawal only by certain methods and in the manner described in this section. You may apply at any DuPont office or by telephone. If you request to withdraw your contributions by any other method, your request will be rejected. This section describes the methods of withdrawal and the circumstances under which DuPont will permit such withdrawals.

  • After-Tax and Rollover Contribution Accounts 

To access your after-tax and rollover contributions, you must first request them in writing and sign the enclosed IRS form entitled “Withdrawal of Before Age 59.5.” You must mail or hand-deliver the form to DuPont at your expense. You will also need to pay any tax due on those contributions. (Please note that you may not access your after-tax and rollover contributions until you have had them for at least one year. 

  • Matching Contribution Account. 

Upon written request to DuPont and payment of the required tax, DuPont will credit your matching contribution account with 100% of the first $10,000 in after-tax contributions you make to the Plan. You will then be able to take out your contributions without any tax liability and with a 10% penalty for early withdrawal. It would be best to make at least the minimum required contributions to your account to qualify for withdrawals under this method. 

  • Retirement Savings Contribution Account. 

In writing, you must request this method and pay the required tax before DuPont honors your request. You will then be able to take back your contributions at your request and with no penalty. The number of your contributions will be the sum of your compensation, the applicable matching contribution, and the applicable DuPont contribution. 

  • Before-Tax Contribution Account and Roth 401(k) Account. 

You must contact the Employee Benefits Administration and complete IRS Form 5498 to request these types of contributions before they are made. These contributions are made “after-tax,” You will not pay any tax on them when you make withdrawals. Your account balance will not be subject to tax when you make withdrawals for this method. With this method, DuPont will roll over to you any earnings that would otherwise have been vested but have been in the account for less than five years. 

Vesting and Termination of Participation

  • General Conditions 

Your ability to make contributions to the Plan and elect to participate in the Plan may not be revoked or suspended for any period. You or DuPont may terminate it without any further action or obligation on your or DuPont’s part. If you participate in the Plan, you may terminate your participation by giving written notice to DuPont. 

Any contributions you have already made to the Plan will be returned to you, less any taxes withheld. Any interest earned on your account will be forfeited. You will have no continuing interest in the Plan upon the termination of your participation. Suppose you terminate your participation in the Plan. 

In that case, you must return any contributions that have not been forfeited, along with a copy of all materials constituting your part of the Plan. Upon return of your contributions, DuPont will return any interest which would have been earned during the period of your nonparticipation. You must satisfy any minimum contribution requirements upon your termination of participation. If you terminate your participation in the Plan, all of your contributions to the Plan will be forfeited and no longer available to you. 

  • Distribution of Accounts 

If you are an employee of DuPont at the time of your death, your interest in your account will be paid to your legal representative(s) as provided under the Plan. Upon termination of your employment with DuPont, you will have no further interest in your account nor any right to direct any portion of the proceeds out of your account upon your death. 

  • Periodic Payment Options 

Instead of making a lump-sum payment at the termination of your employment, you may elect to receive periodic payments over some time. Please note that if you make this election at the termination of your employment, you may revoke that election before your death, and all interest will cease. 

  • Breaks in Service and Loss of Service 

Pay Under certain circumstances, you may lose some or all of your contributions to your account if you separate from DuPont for more than 12 months but not more than 24 months. You may request a break in service by written notice to DuPont. Upon written notice of a break in service, you may choose to receive a partial distribution of your account. 

  • Restoration of Service 

You may restore your membership in the Plan upon written notice to DuPont. Upon restoration of service, you will be reinstated as a participant and entitled to all vested benefits. You will then be required to resume making contributions and be subject to all terms and conditions of the Plan, except those relating to the form of payment, which will be subject to further agreement. 

  •  Restoration of Forfeited Amounts upon Reemployment 

If you rejoin the Plan after a break in service, you may be entitled to a restoration of forfeited amounts upon reemployment. DuPont will determine whether the amount of any restoration will be refunded or applied to your account. 

  • Missing Participants

If you fail to enroll in the Plan and your eligible employment is with DuPont, you may be required to make your contributions. If you fail to contribute regularly, you may forfeit some vested benefits. For more information on hours, participation, and contributions to the Plan, speak to your Benefits Representative or review the Plan Document.

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Final Thoughts – Dupont Retirement

DuPont has been working hard to preserve and enhance your earned pension healthcare benefits and other important perks that come with past employment. So you can spend the next few years traveling or playing golf without worrying about how much money is in retirement!

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