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Changelly Safe

Changelly Safe is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers almost 200 different coins with low fees (0%). You can use their simple interface and lack technical knowledge to trade on this platform! In a world where scams and fraudulent practices are commonplace, it’s important to use a reliable exchange. At Changelly, their mission is to provide our users with a secure and transparent platform for trading various cryptocurrencies.

What is Changelly Exchange?

Changelly has a great reputation for being safe and secure in the crypto world. The company behind it, MinerGate, is also well-known among traders as an easy way to get started with mining operations from home!

How Does Changelly Work?

Trade two Ethereum for an appropriate amount of Bitcoin at Changelly! Here’s how it works: first, visit our website and select the trade you’re interested in. For instance, if I wanted to buy bitcoin with euros, all I would have to do is enter “eur” into the search bar on chandelles site alongside my desired cryptocurrency (Ethereum).

It’ll return any matches immediately, so it’s easy as pie. Once found, simply hit the purchase button, which will take me right over through the checkout process, where again, just put down the password associated with the account you just created. That’s it! Will send over your cryptocurrency to you instantly. If you’re new to this, check the “quick tutorial” section located in the upper right corner of the website to learn more about the basics of crypto trading.

Changelly Features

Changelly makes it extremely easy to exchange the major and minor cryptocurrencies of the world. The platform is developed to provide a smooth experience for its users. The interface is simple to understand for anyone new to the crypto-world and has a clean and modern design. Below are the unique features that you’ll find on Changelly.

➤   Ease of use

The interface of Changelly is incredibly easy to use and navigate. You do not need any priority experience to start trading on Changelly.

➤  Customer service

Unlike other exchanges, Changelly is committed to providing excellent customer service. From day one, the company has been providing unmatched customer service.

➤   Security

Security is a primary concern of all users, and we utilize the highest level of security and protection for your transactions and personal information.

➤   Low trading fees

The fees on Changelly are very competitive and almost negligible. You’ll hardly be able to notice any trading fees while trading on the platform.

Payment Methods & Fees

  • Rates for withdrawals and deposits

Changelly does not charge any fees for making or receiving a payment. You can use any payment method supported by Changelly. The most common ones are :

❖  PayPal
❖  Skrill
❖  Bitcoin (BTC)
❖  Wire Transfer

  • Rates for Buy/Sell transactions using Crypto

The rates of individual cryptocurrencies change frequently. They try to keep their rates as updated and accurate as possible, but changes can be inevitable. As a result, they provide and serve the right to cancel any transaction that doesn’t follow the terms and conditions of their exchange rules.

  • Rates for buy – transactions using Fiat

The rates for individual buy transactions using Fiat currency can vary from moment to moment. Typically, you can purchase BTC or ETH for 5-10% of the cost of Bitcoin or Etherium in the market.

Accepted Payment Methods Changelly currently supports the following payment methods :

❖  PayPal
❖  Skrill
❖  Wire Transfer

  • Transaction Completion Periods

The transaction processing time on Changelly is typically 2-3 business days, depending on the currency you’re using.


Pros & Cons


  • Easy access to a variety of cryptocurrencies with low fees.
  • Low crypto-to-crypto exchange fees
  • Offer the best services for traders from all over the world
    High-security standards


  • The platform is not regulated in the United States
  • The exchange rate between Bitcoin and Ethereum is not tightly regulated
  • Few payment options available for trade on this platform

Recommended Changelly Safe Companies


Coinbase is one of the most popular platforms for exchanging and trading different kinds of crypto-currencies and one of the most frequently used by newbies in the field. To register on the platform, you need to provide an email and an account with one of the most popular social networks – Facebook. The platform offers a wide variety of options for trade, from basic to advanced. You can select from a wide selection of popular cryptos and set your conversion rates between currencies.


Binance is among the fastest and most user-friendly exchanges on the market. You don’t need to go through any tedious registration processes or have a complicated social media account to start trading on Binance. The platform is designed for a wide audience with an extremely user-friendly interface. You can start trading immediately with various payment options, including credit cards, wire transfers, and PayPal.


Etoro is a brokerage platform that allows users to exchange different coins and tokens. Unlike other platforms, Etoro does not offer any kind of direct trading. Instead, you place a bet, and the platform will match your bet with a similar one from another user. Depending on the matched pair, you can earn profits or lose money.

Final Thought – Changelly Safe

The future of currency is in the crypto-space. Many people have recently come to understand the potential of a system that can be completely decentralized. In Changelly Safe, you can safely and securely exchange various crypto-currency. This is your opportunity to start profiting from the ever-growing popularity of the crypto-space. If you believe in the power of Crypto, start exchanging your Crypto with other coins and tokens on Changelly now!

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